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Rex‘s costume is bulky and at times very mechanical, but time has given his appearance a whole new appeal and charm. This may well be the case; but it’s a very, very funny footnote, never ceasing to entertain throughout every woefully, wonderfully misjudged minute of it. Digg. He’s attacked a young teenage couple, eliminating the young teenage boy and ignoring the teenage girl. Such stones were thought to encourage human, agricultural and animal fertility.


‘What the hell’s going on?’ Some people are killed outright, apparently as food, others it possesses, this woman… no idea but, it gives her terrible mood swings. He returns to the window and asks the priest “What does this window represent?”  To which the priest responds, “Nothing. Leaving our hero with a desperate need to assert his masculinity. Posted by Rachel Reeves | Apr 17, 2019 | Retrospectives |. With Features, Editorials and Reviews from our amazing team of Contributors, as well as candid and comedic discussions on our top-rated horror podcast! Something to think about. From the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network; The Nightmare on Film Street podcast is a candid, comedic take on the genre from hosts Jonathan DeHaan and Kimberley Elizabeth. Stylistically, each project is far removed from the other; Underworld is a hi-tech, high fashion horror thriller with film noir elements, Rawhead Rex is a pastoral horror film set against a countryside backdrop and dealing with the … I couldn’t stop him, but you can kill him’ Leaving aside the fact that the name rawhead is supposed to be derived from a face like raw meat, this looks like a refugee from Warcraft. Best to just embrace the absurdity and go with it. But alas, was not in the script I guess. For example, Robert Egger’s The Witch (2015), The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Ari Aster’s upcoming Midsommar. ‘Rawhead! Slap on a healthy portion of equally unconvincing gore and stunts, one of the most flagrantly gratuitous topless scenes from all 80s horror (yes, that’s saying something), and a finale which makes very little sense no matter how heavily under the influence the viewer might be, and it all adds up to some prime Friday night fun. But either way, we get the impression that Rawhead Rex ultimately boils down to nothing more than a funny footnote in the annals of 80s horror. After all this he still doesn’t get it.

He attacks a trailer full of adults, singling out a single, voluptuous young woman, ripping her clothes off in a sexually aggressive manner. I think it’s the gate that really ruins it, but whatever the case, this should be gut-wrenching and it just isn’t.

Exclusive bonus content available on Patreon. Rawhead Rex is released to UK Blu-ray on 14th May from Arrow Video, and is available now on Arrow Video’s Amazon Prime channel. This energy, this divine feminine energy, is the only thing that can defeat Rex. It is a movie that deserves to be entered into the folk horror hall of fame and an early glimpse at the genius of Clive Barker and what was soon to come. If there’s one scene in the film unlikely to be forgotten, it has be Declan’s – ahem – baptism as a devotee of Rawhead. As Howard is forced to physically battle Rex, she picks up the figure, holds it over her head, and begins to channel the ancient feminine spirit. ‘When’s he’s finished with you what will he do with you?’ ‘Kill me. Where Barker’s original tale from Volume 3 of the Books of Blood was set in a village near London, the movie shifts the action to rural Ireland (reportedly for tax reasons). A question that dogs Rawhead Rex.

Every now and again a breeze will catch an ember causing a small flame to ignite, but moments later the seemingly growing fire settles back to a glistening glow. On multiple levels this sets the stage for what is about to unfold. The power comes to her naturally as it is innate in her being. It is under such a stone that Rex (an ancient folk legend himself) has been trapped and subsequently released by the unwitting farmers. Both the verger and the chief represent symbols of historical patriarchal authority and therefore it makes sense that Rex would hold power over these two men. It also raises the question of; why the boy and not the rest of the family? ReddIt. While Howard continues to search for answers, Rex has been busy causing chaos and exhibiting inflated traditional male characteristics. Luckily, Howard‘s wife Elaine, concerned for her husband’s safety appears just in the nick of time. Rex‘s physical appearance also helps contribute to its folk horror status as Rex is clearly more than human and very clearly male. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. In the case of Rawhead Rex, the film is set in a rural Ireland and follows the American historian Howard Hallenbeck (played by David Dukes) and his family as he researches historical items of religious significance. For example, even after Elaine has embodied this ancient powerful spirit and defeated this creature that countless men could not, she immediately crumbles and runs to her husband, bursting into tears. VK. We open on a farmer trying to shift an ancient standing stone from one of his fields. This sub-genre that seems to ebb and flow with the decades is the fascinating and persistent genre of ‘folk horror.’  While titles like 1973’s The Wicker Man and 1971’s The Blood on Satan’s Claw may immediately come to mind, there is one often overlooked and easily dismissed film that deserves a bit more attention; George Pavlou’s 1986 film Rawhead Rex. Starring David Dukes, Kelly Piper, Hugh O'Conor, Ronan Wilmot, John Olohan, and Heinrich von Schellendorf. He especially became known for his Books of Blood series and it’s no surprise that filmmakers soon came to call upon Barker’s material.

The energy overwhelms and contains Rex and he simply can’t fight back. There’s no slow, low shots of his legs. I hooope!’ The only weapon that works against the demon, discovered in the arc of the covenant which everyone forgot was in the church, is a pagan fertility symbol. One, is the location where the story takes place.

We are immediately and fully shown Rex and all his gnashing glory as he claims his first victim, the very same farmer who granted him his freedom. In fact, you could even say that because Barker had so many issues with Pavlou’s execution of these films, that’s why Barker took on the role of directing himself with his next film adaptation, Hellraiser in 1987. In my opinion, Rawhead Rex is an example of how fine the margins can be in horror, between scary and funny. I’m bored’ The problem with Rawhead Rex is that it advertises itself as more than a monster movie and moments within the film back that up . And hit it with a shovel. As Rex begins his rampage he comes across a home belonging to a man and his wife. While early folk horror was most often set in rural England we’ve seen this shift and broaden recently. A fairly solid point about Rawhead Rex is made in the accompanying press release for Arrow’s new Blu-ray edition. While Rex quickly and easily disposes of the husband, he struggles when it comes to the wife. No focused close up shots of his back breathing heavily. Again, this certainly seems to be what the cast are doing, and any attempts to inject some real pathos into proceedings (take David Dukes’ cries of paternal despair as he struggles valiantly with a turnstile) only serve to make the whole thing ever more ridiculous. Hallenbeck suspects the local church was built on the site of a temple venerating something much older than Christ, something which the current clergymen would rather he didn’t find out about – and his suspicions would appear to be confirmed by the sudden emergence of a horrifying flesh-hungry giant terrorising the locals.

No one seems to be having more fun than Ronan Wilmot as the deranged Verger Declan, driven mad by the influence of his new god Rawhead, joyous in his rejection of his old Christian ways. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s long been said that Clive Barker, who wrote the screenplay from his own short story for director George Pavlou, was so appalled with the resulting film – not to mention their earlier collaboration, Underworld (AKA Transmutations) – that he decided he would no longer put his work in the hands of another director, and opted to personally take the helm on his next film, 1987’s Hellraiser. ‘I stood there and watched him do it’ You did, didn’t you. The figure, surrounded by children would seemingly represent the way to defeat Rex and yet, no one seems to pay it any notice.

And then we have a window, with a figure, surrounded by children who would appear to hold the key to defeating said beast.

To satisfy the ‘folk’ aspect of folk horror, a film needs to have a rural setting. She leans against Howard as he physically holds her upright and escorts her out of the graveyard. He is after all a pre-Christian pagan creature over which the church would hold no sway. Is there any connection between the murders?’ ‘Yes, they’re all dead.’ *Siren that sounds like ice cream van speeds past* He’s not going to sell much ice cream going at that speed is he? And now, to cut and paste the same line we’ve been slapping on the end of these reviews for the best part of a decade: it’s another great edition from Arrow Video. While he may not be god like the young verger proclaims, Rawhead Rex is indeed a pretty fun romp in the Irish countryside. Soon, he gains a disciple of sorts from a young verger at the church, baptizing him with literal piss in the church graveyard. What’s the problem? First up, a synopsis courtesy of IMDB: Ireland will never be the same after Rawhead Rex, a particularly nasty demon, is released from his underground prison by an unwitting farmer. The film follows Rex's cross country rampage, while a man struggles to stop it. Directed by George Pavlou. Rex cannot touch the woman.

Is this perhaps because historically men have failed to see women and acknowledge their worth, contributions and unique power? Rex murders the elder priest, showing no regard for the church. Is it because the natural abilities and power (specifically childbirth) that women possess remain elusive to men? Cornering Rex in the church’s graveyard, Howard tries to wield the ancient weapon doing his best to mimic the figure in the window. In so doing, he unwittingly releases the monster of the title, a carnivorous beast which has been buried there for untold centuries. Tumblr. Small wonder, then, that – not unlike Lifeforce – Rawhead Rex comes off as high camp B-movie horror with a bit of perversity and blasphemy thrown in just to tart things up a bit. But this side of things is so unexplored that an explanatory line has to be dropped in, during the big climax, just to explain what’s going on. Where Barker may have envisaged a ravenous, spiny, razor-toothed, nine-foot phallus (yes, he’s called ‘raw head’ for a reason – one wonders if this was one of the titles the author dreamed up whilst under the influence of special cookies), what we actually have here is actor Heinrich von Schellendorf (in his sole screen role) snugly squeezed into a rubber suit and mask with a fixed expression, swirly red LEDs for eyes, and heavy metal-influenced hair and dress sense, somewhere between a Power Rangers bad guy and a member of Gwar.

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