News: ramy pilot script

Sometimes there can be longer blocks of description, given the visual nature of the show. [Laughs.]

But I’m just… do we really need more—like it—at a certain point, it starts to feel boring to me.

Y'know. Y’know, to bring a relatability as we look as this Arab Muslim man; this Arab Muslim family. What’s even more helpful is specifically reading pilot scripts, if not for the sole purpose of showcasing the many ways you can set up your world and your characters for your own spec pilot scripts that you are developing and writing. Ramy the character is a practicing Muslim. It’s—it’s a really… it was a really, um… difficult thing on a level—continues to be a difficult thing. Y’know?

Writing a pilot is one of the toughest things a TV scribe can do. And so we’re catering to that. Our buddy Cal Colidge. That opening scene is killer. I don't know if you're looking for detailed feedback, but if you are, you can PM me.

And I got the opportunity to direct one of them in the first season, which was one that I wasn’t in. **Note we only have 1 script from Ramy in the library; episode 1-4 “Strawberries” so formatting tips are based on this one script.

It's your first episode, so you have to introduce your central character and core cast, build enough of your show's world without overwhelming the audience with backstory, create an episode "template," and communicate the show's tone.

Like, I am going to do this thing that, um… has really just been mine. Press J to jump to the feed. One question he struggled with early on in making the show: would he be comfortable praying in front of a camera? Steve is mainly doing standup at some random spots in Jersey and then at our annual charity show, the one that we really kind of got started. ‘Cause this isn’t a joke. The real-life inspiration for him, y’know, he plays a Sheikh that… Ramy meets and… the inspiration is the… teachers that I have met in my life. And I think, too, so many of the conversations that I’ve been able to have with… the various… people who… watch this show and are Muslim? I’m—I’m not leaving the mosque. Pilot Scripts.

Y’know? You captured the character's voices and struggles. The show also features witty dialogue that references pop-culture, past and present.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Stream or download episodes directly from our website, or listen via your favorite podcatcher! **Like Ramy, we only have one script from The Twilight Zone, episode 1-3 “Replay” so formatting assumptions are going off of this one script. And so we’re kind of working in this way that I think was… he’d also just come off True Detective. Crossboarding situation. The, um… Toy Story moment is definitely a moment I love and it’s cool that you pointed it out, because it’s actually that moment was born on set. Can we make that? But it also really is not afraid to go to some very serious and dark places? Like, you—it just looks so bad. He’s being interviewed by my good friend and cohost Jordan Morris.

And we lived close to each other and so… yeah, we just became really good friends. —and kind of going down the middle of the street and like, that’s— [Laughs.] That’s what’s interesting.

That’s all—that’s our main duty. [Jordan laughs.] He has muscular dystrophy. THE “BENCHMARK”SITCOM PILOT (32-38 pages / Teaser + 3 Acts).

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