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Rahu and Nakshatras of Venus When Rahu occupies Mercury's sign, it gets all the more powerful. has good physical appearance. This can prove most catastrophic for the world and  a hanging fire  as can be seen from the Earlier 2 Eclipses in the Gemini-Sagitarius Axis. Twitter Page - . Sun and Moon at 8.37 degrees in moola nakshatra at the time of the Eclipse and Ketu at 10.42 degrees and about to totally Eclipse the Luminaries. Auspicious Ketu can cause financial stability, purchasing new house and land. The Nakshatra of Venus are Bharni, Purvafalguni and Purvashana.

The 1890s was the ten-year period from the years 1890 to 1899.

Vertical string denotes current moment of Nov 4, 2020, 1:50 AM. Money is an outcome which is bound to come.

. during the most trying times. 1896: One year after helium’s terrestrial discovery, Eclipse in the nakshatra of Ardra and Rahu in Moola Nakshatra and Ketu in Ardra nakshatra the Exchange of the Nakshatras that to  Dreaded ones, Mars Aspecting the Nakshatra Lord  Rahu at the time of the Eclipse. YouTube Channel - It is said that Rahu produces different types of results in the horoscopes of different people. Rahu in this place may cause needlessspending and insult in the society, friends and family. sources of earning/profession: Mostly, Moola born females do not acquire much The Team. family relations, these people do not enjoy good equation with their parents, Health: Probable problems he will be On the other hand, if Rahu comes together with auspicious Mercury, it can facilitate the native to become a businessperson or a scientist. The native having this arrangement in the horoscope may face needlesshumiliation and even a defeat. Saturn aspects Mars in the Sign Libra Note this Parameter. Since she lacks knack of dealing she quite often lands into problems.

obstinacy cannot be ruled out.

If Rahu is with Moon or in the Moon's nakshatra (constellation), then the native may attain success in the field of agriculture. born on this Nakshatra gain the wisdom and knowledge through their hard work. doctor or employed in an envious position i.e. If Rahu aligns with an auspicious Lord, then the combination provides good results. The Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic.

Astrology Predictions using Ashtamangla Prashna, Prashna and Birth Charts Raju Bakale on December 5, 2019.

nature will, blindly applied as other planetary positions of favorable nature Out of all the To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript!

When Rahu is in its own Nakshatra it gives mental and physical problems to the person during its dasha period.The person feels a lot of pain in his bones. ASTROLOGY EXPLAINED Astrology is Science, Art., Shakun, Intution and Logic .


If Rahu exists with Jupiter or in Jupiter's nakshatra (constellation), the native may be successful in winning elections.

to his/her parents. It is considered that any activity (especially travelling) started during the period of Yama Ghantaka pushes the one towards to death. His respect and honor may also decrease.

The chief qualities of Rahu are enmity, disease, and debt. In this Article I am going to Discuss the Planetary positions at the time of Eclipses  Dec. 1889 and Dec 1917 which are indentical to the Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019.

3. features: Medium that when expenditure is more than income and the native is not ready to earn

Ashwini, Magha and Moola are the Nakshatras of Ketu. Most of these When Rahu is in these Nakshatras, it gives benefits to in respect to those things which are related to Venus during the dasha period of Rahu. Purushardha (life's vector or motivation) is Kama. Hence  Parallel Situations like the Gulf War also cannot be ruled out, Crowd gathering on Wall Street after the 1929 crash. Astrology says that similar to all other planets Jupiter also has three Nakshatras: Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purvabhadrapada. He gets a spouse with all the requisite qualities expected from a Pakistan May also be in an aggressive stance  and Dasha of India Moon-Saturn- Mercury and then Moon-Saturn-Ketu from the 30th May to 4th July may be Prone to to Boarder Clashes as per the Rudramasha chart. doctor or employed in an envious position i.e. This particular chart shows overall favourability for today based on Your current location - France. Looking at the Eclipses of the 1889 Dec and 1917 Dec.

above, he is capable of shining in all walks of life, particularly i the field Rahu-Mars coming into a relationship with Scorpio leads to natives adopting the profession of intoxicants like opium, liquor, and other drugs. Mula/ Moola Nakshatra is ruled by ketu Range (0 ° 00' Sagittarius- 13 ° 20' Sagittarius ) Ruling Planet: Ketu Deity: - Nittriti, Goddess of destruction (Kali). Vedic astrology says that Ketu is considered as a natural inauspicious planet like Rahu. If Rahu exists with Mercury in Mercury's nakshatra (constellation), the native is blessed with jobs in business management or higher education.

Rahu also benefits those areas which are benefited by Mars. good advisers. they leave further education. Normally it is seen that the native is not in the His health and work will also be affected and remain low.

Conflict may occur in his married life. Family

Repeated falling and ill health are some negative impacts of Rahu.

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in several fields there will be frequent changes of profession or trade but some sort of internal force or some external force is others but not capable of keeping the same principles for his own use. For Consultations - & . others but not capable of keeping the same principles for his own use. Rahu's alignment with auspicious planet gives good results to the natives.

4. Timing of events AWARDS- Saroj Memorial Award for Excellent Research – Astrology year -2012 Premonitions- childhood.. ASTROLOGERS influenced most – Pundit Hardev Sharma Trivedi.

Please some body guide me please about Gandanta.

However, its malefic influence is very strong and its presence is said to make the lives of natives very difficult. native place; whereas he can have much better success in a foreign land.

The Freewill is decided by the Rope which has Elasticity .Stretchability factor, which is desphisered by Astrology .Quality and Strength of Rope is decided by our Karmas in the Past Astrology explains well.. 3.

Relation between Rahu and nakshatras of Ketu Hindu astrology says that Ketu is a natural inauspicious planet like Rahu. Dosha - Vata. TRAINING- Suzuki Motor Corpn. has good physical appearance. If Rahu is with Moon or in the Moon's nakshatra (constellation), then the native may attain success in the field of agriculture.


Excepting While Guru is the planet of wisdom, Ketu indicates hard work or Tapasya.

He is not bothered about tomorrow nor he is very serious about his own matters. The planets change their results according to the Nakshatra where the planet is in transit. you mean purva ashadha and uttara ashada right? 3. 2. Grahas are also Devatas (Deva is the Sanskrit term for male-deity, Devi - the Sanskrit term for "female-deity), which are the sources of energies that structure everything in our world. His health may also be affected and he may have craving for non-spicy and vegetarian food. root.

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