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– marathon man Chicken Master: (Derived from winner-winner chicken-dinner) Getting rank 1 with 5+ kills. Thank you for subscribing. Each tier has five divisions within them, with 5 being the lowest and 1 the highest. Every time I have gotten it I have had full bags. Survivalist: Getting 25+ min survival time with low kills and low damage.

The Chicken Medal festival is live in PUBG Lite, and the developers are giving free exclusive rewards to their players.. Your email address will not be published. – armor expert I just got a suicide squad medal for playing the whole game without helmet, downed twice before I died due to the play zone. Sry, Pretty sure nugget dinner is for winning an arcade game. Marathon Runner: Covering long distance by vehicle.

Dead-eye: Kills via accurate shots in long-distance sniping. “Conquer” isn’t a medal, it’s the final rank you can get lol. – gunslinger This page was last edited on 15 April 2018, at 15:07. PUBG has six ranking tiers starting with Bronze and ending with Master. Tactical Expert: Surviving in a match without any kill/s. Road Rage: Getting 2+ kills by running people over with a vehicle.

Wabbit Hunter: Getting 2+ kills via shotgun. Minecraft Villager Jobs: A Complete Guide to Villager’s Profession. Golden Boy: Winning doing 0 damage and taking 0 damage. Masochist: Doing damage to yourself by the grenade. In Chinese version it is possible to get more medals. It has to do with your bags. Suicide Squad: Dying by blowing yourself up with a grenade or committing any stupid activity that can get you killed (running in an open field when enemies are around). While finishing every match of PUBG Mobile at the end you’re honored with the one or more Medal/s (Title/s) at the end of the match session, what are they, ever thought? Marathon Man: Covering over 1000+ meters distance by feet. This means there are 30 ranks in total if you exclude unranked from the list. Cannon Fodder: Player regarded merely as material to be expended in the match. This helped a lot since I got the following 9 medals in 1 game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Terminator (without gold lining): Killing the last person alive and getting rank 1. Long Bomber: Getting head shot kills over a large distance by any gun. Prone to Prone: (Prone also means lying down flat) getting 2+ kills in “lying down position”. Berserker: Doing damage over 800 with 3+ kills and survival time over 20+ min.

Helpless: Getting knocked out 3+ times in-game.

PUBG Mobile’s Medal List and Meaning. I still don't know meaning of all the medals , these are just assumptions. Either dying with a full pack or having a full bag most of the game.

Gladiator: Getting 2+ kills via the use of Pan, Crowbar, Machete, Sickle aka melee weapons. It is mostly when one shot with 8x Scopes full capacity. Flying Fish: Falling from a height inside water 2+ times. Freeloader: Surviving in squad or duo throughout the game with 0 kills and getting good rank (generally rank 1). – scavenger, There is maximum of 8 medals it can be more than, 8, idiot. Required fields are marked *. PUBG Mobile Rank List With Points. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. OFFICIAL SUBREDDIT FOR PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE VERSION DEVELOPED BY TENCENT FOR BOTH IOS AND ANDROID. PUBG Mobile is everywhere now so you might have come across one of them while playing. Since I had never counted how many medals I got in single match; I’m not sure about the limit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not sure which criteria I satisfied. Suicide Squad- Killing yourself with a grenade. I just got suicide squad for killing people from outside playzone, than died due to the playzone, I got "Vision d'aigle" (eagle sight) today Wild Shot: Doing overall damage of less than 10 throughout the game i.e 0 kills with a random hit ( or 1 kill if a headshot). Too Soon: Dying or getting killed within 3 mins of landing. So there are basically 26 of them … I've uploaded the images, Check it out !!! I think the limit is only for Global version only. I got a "Golden Boy" medal after winning without damaging anyone, taking any damage, or even picking up a weapon. Thanks for being a visitor , hope this helps XD

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