News: prefontaine vs without limits

I also like the fact that it is inclusionary of Pre’s father and the pseudodocumentary style utilized with Pre’s contemporarie’s recollections I think really help define his character and the impact he had on the people who knew him.

You will not be hearing from Movie Smackdown again. But Leto’s Pre is a warm, life-loving character that has actual hints of “Godliness” – I was riveted to his Character Portrayal before I knew the story was about someone who lived. I will need to rent Without Limits. haha. About a decade after this doppleganger box-office match-up, my wife and I had a Hallmark Channel film shooting out here in Los Angeles, Chasing a Dream, about a high-school athlete who decides to go for a sub-four minute mile. Here’s how they put it: “There are distinct differences in the films, because each story’s point of view comes from a different track coach and a different girlfriend, all of whom claim to be the biggest influence on Pre’s life. I can understand why both films decided to include serious girlfriends in major roles, but WL loses big time with me for having Mary in the film all the way to the end and especially such a focal point at the last party. Prefontaine vs. Each had strong and weak points. Without Limits captured his spirit.

Write something now please about Chariots of Fire and how Eric Liddel had 6 months to prepare for the 400m (not 10 days as in the film) after discovering the 100m Heats were on a Sunday and all the other changes.

There are still many shoes, race medals, and candles that are placed there every day by people. If I managed to get a trophy or medal here or there, well it was humbly appreciated, but not expected. Both movies have jogged the idea that desire is as important for achievement as talent. great review. Go Pre!, we used to yell when he ran. Falling Skies (TNT), Avatar (2009) -vs- Dances with Wolves (1990), Alice in Wonderland (2010) -vs- Avatar (2009). Pre is a real hero for me. Anyways a few weeks ago I starting buying every DVD I always wanted but didn’t own….so I bought Prefontaine on ebay last week, thinking I was buying Without Limits.

Using my own interpretation, another underlying message could be to challenge runners to use themselves as a tool for success: not a GPS, hundred of dollars invested in gear, etc. Oh, btw: the real Mary wrote a book, or is writing one, so she must’ve been somewhat important to him. Very good analysis–thank you.

This film came from a team that included Tom Cruise as an executive producer and writer-director Robert Towne (Chinatown), plus a great performance as Pre by Billy Crudup and a nuanced one from Donald Sutherland playing Bill Bowerman, Pre’s college track coach. (They had a budget 4 times ours and a much longer shoot and finish schedule.)

He's also a member of the Directors Guild, Screen Actors Guild, and a past enthusiast of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. And I do apologize for all those commas.

I don’t imagine too many people are ever going to watch both of these films so our Smackdown answers a practical question: if you want to see one single film that captures the truth and character of Steve Prefontaine, which one should you see? was the far better movie. I just watched "1 Mile From You" and someone told me about these 2 movies about true story of runner Steve Prefontaine. Our local video store is terrible about getting sports films, so now I know which one to badger then about! Leto was awful, I didn’t believe his performance for a second. :)~RR, Here's what I love about Pre - not just his awesome athletic skill - but his attitude. GO PRE! I saw both movies and there was no question the movie Prefonatine The story is so inspirational to any runner. The next time I went jogging I found myself going much faster.

But I stuck in the DVD and gave it a try. This real-world decision, though, is a very tough (and sure to be controversial) call for me but if you’re going to see just one, it probably should be Without Limits because it most accurately captures the inside passion that made Pre the champion he was, even if it gets a lot of the other facts wrong. Oh, well, my name didn’t make the credits (The Masked Nobody), but I did get a personally autographed photo of R. Lee, and some shots of all of us at dinner together- R. Lee in his bathrobe, if you can picture that one, . I am going to add it to my queue on Netflix.Gee, looks like I am expecting a big bill from you huh? Later, I watched Without Limits as well and ran a bit faster. That usually is more fitting :), Interesting comments, Andrew. Perhaps one day I can shake your hand), Respectfully I Remain,

The next day, there was a photo in the Eugene Register-Guard that showed him finishing, and my foot was just in front of him.

I hope you’ll come back and comment on more of our Smacks! What have we been doing, working in Hollywood all these years as creators and producers of television series and feature films, when it is now, suddenly, crystal clear that we know little or nothing about what makes a good movie?

Was I ever wrong! To be honest he is a big part of the reason I am a runner too. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.”. So given that this was based on a true story, Without Limits loses points for going in that direction.

Most of the movie going public with little connection to Oregon really don’t care about this inaccuracy. What were they talking about when they kept referencing (and showing flashbacks) to something that happened to him in the woods and enduring the pain? New Start Thread.

In 1984-86 I ran or raced nearly every Saturday and Sunday from September until December. Today my husband, who incidently was a track and field runner in high school, watched Without Limits, and was captivated by the story, however, I did not know Mr Steve, nor was I aware of his death as I watched the story, hoping after he had turned down the pros, he would go on to the olympics, and then when I saw that car he was driving and that road, I knew what was coming up, and I hated that!!!! My uncle, who is the age Pre would be, said Pre even ran backwards a bit during a race at my high school back in the day. After Prefontaine bombed at the box office in 1997 with a poster that emphasized running, it looks like 21 months later the film producers of Without Limits decided to go with romance.

I was with the Kim Brooke agency. This reminds me that I really should buy Without Limits.

It is wonderful to see that you have now offered it here and others can read, think, learn, and respond. By the way, the photo you see on the above right, that’s Pre as a high schooler at the State Championship race I saw him win on May 24, 1968.

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