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Please check your local laws and be a responsible pet keeper. Please understand that a minimum order is a must if I want to keep the level of quality. Pressing any of the "Add" buttons submits. For snails, cork flats should be elevated at one end by a rock or another piece of wood to accommodate their shell. Size: 1.5" Approx. Many terrestrial slugs and snails are omnivorous detritivores, and as such, are high bioload animals -- they eat a lot and poop a lot. Show only available items.

Screen can be easily attached with hot glue. If melting the plastic, be sure to wear a properly rated respirator and work outside in a well ventilated area. For a very small (under 1”), single slug or snail, a large (gallon or larger) canning jar can work as temporary housing, but they should be upgraded as soon as possible. Leaf litter, such as oak or magnolia, is also useful, as it helps retain moisture in the substrate.

Archachatina Marginata Rhodei Albino Juvenile Snail, Cornu Aspersm (Helix Aspersa Maxima) Silver Adult Snail, Achatina Fulica Wild Caught Albino Nigeria Baby Snail, Archachatina Marginata Albino Baby Ovum Snail. Some lay in one hole, others dig several holes and distribute their eggs. I will be happy to help if I know how. It includes two plastic hamster hides, one of which is stuffed with damp sphagnum moss. 60-75 degrees, depending on where you got your slug or snail, is a good bet.

Many are classed as pest animals. They ripple along using contractions of their foot. Represent our hobby and show your love for bugs! Like other mollusks without a shell, they can squeeze through mind-bogglingly small holes. Escape proofing is an important consideration, particularly for slugs. Be sure to look up your local laws on the subject. Cookies are disabled.

Roaches make great pets and convenient, odorless feeders.

You need not be limited to naturalistic decor, however. Large enclosures are easier to clean, and also provide enough room for the mollusk to exhibit natural behaviors. Plastic tubs may crack when cutting with a knife or drilling, so working slowly is recommended. In bioactive enclosures with a large enough substrate area to support the inhabitants, with a healthy clean up crew, the clean up crew will keep the substrate fresh for years. If you find your slug contracted, buried, and surrounded by mucous, it may be estivating or hibernating.

Many slug and snail species are simultaneous hermaphroditic, able to produce both sperm and eggs at the same time.

Slugs and snails need to be kept humid and can dry out easily. Because of this, any pair can breed. Higher spikes (such as when misting) are fine. In some species, they are sequentional hermaphrodites, meaning that they will produce sperm in one mating, and receive sperm to fertilize eggs in another mating. They shed debris behind them in their mucous, leaving a trail which varies by species. For care and keeping of Giant African Land Snails, I suggest finding a species-specific caresheet! CONTACT.

Banana slugs are usually bright yellow (somewhat resembling a banana) although they may also be green, brown, or white.

Ceramics work very well but glazes should be food safe, and avoid copper glazes and metal lusters.

Max. To peel them off, spray them with your misting bottle, then gently slide your hand under their heads and body.

You should mist the enclosure daily. There is no smell in the place where snails live in.

Please review our Terms and Conditions page before you place your order.

Snails are my hobby, not a business, and their well-being is my top priority. I live in Prague, the Czech Rep. A pick-up can be arranged at ŽIVÁ EXOTIKA fair in Holesovice, Prague 7 (this event is held once a month). Seahorses are wonderful to watch in your saltwater aquarium. Do not use chemicals or soap the habitat or on decor.

They process leaves, animal droppings, and dead plant material, and then recycle them into soil. In certain species, such as banana slugs, apophallation is common. Call us 608-221-0094 You shouldn’t have a much space and special equipment (unlike other exotic animals). Do not use hairsprays, spray cleaners, or other sprays around your slugs and snails (even in the same room).

Gallery Detail.

You can also use fake plastic or silk plants (also sold at pet stores), an easier and less chompable choice than natural plants. Snails are incredible animals to be easy cared as your pets.

The treatment chemicals in tap water, such as chlorine and chloramine, can kill slugs and snails.

Glassware is also a good and safe choice. Copyright © 1997-2020

An alternative to touching the slug is using a piece of bark or large leaf to move them.

Do not underestimate a slug’s strength or squishability.

Sea Sheep This is, without a doubt, one of the most adorable sea creatures I have ever seen - and it's a slug! Bugs In Cyberspace YouTube Channel. Slugs and snails seem most partial to soft fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, summer squash, and zucchini (sliced); leafy greens like lettuce, mustard greens, and dandelion greens; and fruit like strawberries and peaches. I see every snail as a living piece of art.

It will mist your slug on a timer, freeing you from the chore. MY SNAILS. Hot, dry weather will cause slugs and snails to die, or to go into estivation (inactivity during hot weather, sort of a summer version of hibernation). Hot, dry weather will cause slugs and snails to die, or to go into estivation (inactivity during hot weather, sort of a summer version of hibernation). This is the place to come and have off-topic conversations. It can be used diluted as a mild disinfectant. Keep in mind many slug and snail species have absolutely tiny offspring, which can get out of the tiniest holes.

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