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Luster is earthy to dull or vitreous and waxy. Planet - Venus & Neptune They credit the stone with treating infections of the throat and lungs. Element - Earth/Air/Fire

Both shapes lend themselves well to providing the appearance of a larger gem while keeping cost down. Mojave turquoise bears similar qualities to Neyshabur turquoise. For this reason, government bodies are exploring ways to modernize mining methods. Join these and many more wonderful people. Named for its highly regarded origin, Peruvian Chrysocolla is an attractive, blue and green opaque gemstone that displays a variety of colorful designs due to the oxidization of copper, iron and manganese. But the protective energy of the Turquoise crystal stone isn’t just a myth or ancient lore – it is still equally as powerful and effective today.Â.

On the other hand, the stone was thought to indicate general health. Despite this, fewer than 25 turquoise masters remain. At all times in history Turquoise was worn as protection to ward off the influence of dark and evil powers.

Whenever you need an extra dose of spiritual protection, hold your Turquoise in your hand and visualize negative energy leaving your mind, body and spirit.Â, Place: To complete your crystal practice, place a Turquoise crystal in your space. All three stones are very blue, with the color of Sleeping Beauty and Neyshabur rivaling one another. This ideal color reflects the hue found at the very top of the sky, known as ‘samt al-ras.’.

In crystal healing, the Turquoise crystal stone meaning is associated with personal protection, making it a popular protective shield for ancient warriors heading out into battle. It contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and alleviates cramps and pain. It stands alongside tanzanite and zircon as a symbol of this winter month.

This is why Turquoise makes such a strong protection crystal – it not only removes negative energy, but also replaces it with positive vibrations. Turquoise Stones... Aid Truthful Communication, Boost Psychic Abilities. Besides dispelling the ‘evil eye,’ these rocks were also thought to cure ailments of the eye. Turquoise is also a traditional gift for the 11th wedding anniversary. Is taking care of yourself falling to the bottom of your to-do list?

Have you been putting off important appointments or action items related to your well-being? Healing properties of Turquoise. Thanks to Mother Nature, every stone will be unique and special! In the case of the ancients, it served as a bodyguard against invading marauders and other challenges of antiquity.

Peruvian Turquoise is an important ornamental mineral for jewelry and adorned the ceremonial dress of early native Inkas. They lead the world in quality turquoise for centuries, without peer. Its name comes from the Greek chryso (gold) and kola (glue), in reference to a material once used to solder gold. On the spiritual side, turquoise combats feelings of depression and promotes self-confidence. Look for interesting arrangements of turquoise and pyrite when choosing a specimen for your collection. For centuries, turquoise was a stone many aspired to own. Turquoise purifies lungs, soothes and clears sore throats, and heals the eyes, including cataracts. Turquoise is a zodiac stone for Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. Over time, the pyrite material may develop a gentle patina from normal wear. Persian turquoise may also be called Neyshabur turquoise, named for the locality in which it’s found.

His interests were wide ranging, including a surviving work, ‘On Stones’. The blue hues of this stone specifically harness the energy of water, the life-giving element that represents vitality and rejuvenation. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

The North American Indians, who are still producing quite a few pieces of traditional silver jewellery set with Turquoises today, believed that the gemstone the colour of the sky would establish a direct connection between the sky and the lakes.

Everything you need to know about clearing and cleansing your crystals, your space, and yourself (plus how to do it!). They were also believed to keep horses healthy and calm. The flat bottom lets it sit correctly when placed in turquoise jewelry. Coming soon!

Because the Turquoise crystal healing properties are so programmable, you can program your stone with whatever goal you are working on and your stone can act as your very own personal health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach, or any other supportive guide on your health journey.

There is a great deal of concern about lost profits from damaging the viable rough material and modernizing the mining and export process to compete on a global scale.

Finally, Persian turquoise was supposedly a signifier of air purity. Delicate veining, caused by impurities, is desired by some collectors as proof of a natural stone. Chrysocolla first appears in the writings of Theophrastus in 315 BC. They carved the stone into symbolic jewelry and statues, such as their scarab pectorals.Â. With its rich history and timeless appeal, Shop LC is your guide to Neyshabur turquoise.

}. Find ovals in sizes up to 20mm by 15mm and pear-shaped stones up to 16mm by 12mm in size.

Turquoise is found in Africa, Belgium, China, France, Iran, Mexico, the United States, and many other places. Since at least the 15th century, and perhaps even earlier, turquoise has been a birthstone of some sort. The water-like qualities of this stone also guide you to a state of calm and tranquility, which can aid in stress-relief and the elimination of negative energies.

Hibiscus Moon 2020-07-30T12:06:58-04:00 21 Comments. Finished stones possess a waxy luster, and the pyrite will sparkle with its shine. Turquoise would remain bright and blue when she was loyal. Neyshabur turquoise occurs in bigger carat weights, but the demand for the stone translates to a higher price per carat. Pre-shaping is the process of roughly forming a stone into a mockup of its final polished shape. By continuing you agree for us to use cookies to ensure the marketing that we provide is relevant to you. The mines are nestled near the city of Nishabur. The pyrite inclusions in Neyshabur turquoise are one such quality that sets it apart from other turquoise stones found at Shop LC. Adored for centuries, Turquoise rocks have been carved and set into everything from royal thrones and daggers to jewelry and cups. Artisans would use this material for inlay and other jewelry, or it was traded to Europeans for jewelry use.

Since antiquity, their culture has employed many methods of describing color grade and stone quality.

Color is a unique green-blue but can vary widely from more blue to more green, often in the same specimen.

Also subdivided by variations of color or blemish, these stones were used in large items such as amulets and bracelets. Theophrastus, a Greek native of Lesbos, was the successor to Aristotle. Dealers consider even distribution of color and pyrite to be the most desirable, but individual tastes may vary. If you need a little help bringing your health and wellness to the forefront, call on your master healer: Turquoise crystal.

The name ‘Chrysocolla’ was revived in 1808 by André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers. Turquoise is an 11th Anniversary gemstone. The Chrysocolla crystal healing properties are perfect for those looking to make a change, but apprehensive about what that change might look like. The value of colored stones is typically determined by a combination of its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Peruvian Chrysocolla are rare blue and green gemstones from Peru’s famous Lilly mine. Persian turquoise continues to be held in high-esteem by Arabic cultures. Typical colours - turquoise, blue, green, yellow-green. Let’s talk about one of the most popular gemstone minerals in history; turquoise. When choosing a turquoise cabochon, look for symmetry across the shape of the stone. Chrysocolla. You can channel these different energies within the Turquoise crystal meaning to support your goals related to health and wellness. Chakras - Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Transparency specimens are translucent to opaque. Throat chakra healing requires us to know about the energies of this chakra.

After cleaning, pat dry with a soft towel or chamois cloth. Like us on Facebook.

Expect mottling of color, with pronounced inclusions of pyrite. Our favorite way to use the Turquoise crystal properties for health is to create a crystal program for yourself. Flecked with inclusions of pyrite, a striking mottling pattern should be evident throughout the entire stone. However, if your health were to decline, your turquoise stone would crack and fade. Shop LC finishes the process with its expert lapidary team. It is also found mixed with Azurite, Malachite, Opal and Turquoise. Experts believe that at these levels of production, the mine has enough material to continue producing for 200 more years. Metaphysical Healing Properties. Transparency specimens are translucent to opaque. Color is a unique green-blue but can vary widely from more blue to more green, often in the same specimen. The Turquoise crystal properties are connected to the healing energy of water, the life-giving element that sustains the planet and the origins of life itself. In modern times, only turquoise from the American Southwest compares in quality. Each gem has its own beautiful patterns, making every Peruvian Chrysocolla unique and individual. Not sure what crystal you’re looking for? The 5th chakra, also known as the throat chakra, or vishuddha chakra, is located directly on the throat. Found wherever copper deposits naturally occur, Chrysocolla’s most notable locations are Peru, Russia and the USA (Arizona, New Mexico and Utah). Delicate veining, caused by impurities, is desired by some collectors as proof of a natural stone. Barkhaneh was the middle-grade material; itself divided into four separate sub-categories.

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