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You will be acquainted with the RPG mechanics within the Palaces as well as the social "Confidant" mechanics in the real world. After purchasing a ticket, you must wait 7 in-game days before you can turn it in and check the results of the ticket from the machine.

This request is a prerequisite for Temperance Rank 9. In the military store in Shibuya, you can customise guns for use in dungeons. Because of this it is recommended that you save beforehand so you can reload until you get it. This includes the bits next to the escalators leading up and down in areas of Mementos, though he won’t enter that area and just camp outside until the player engages him. As this is not playable, the trophy will not unlock here. The Reaper is a stunningly-difficult optional boss that appears to attack the player’s party whenever they stay on a floor of Mementos for too long.

It can only be... a Will Seed!

Unlocked by reading Chinese Sweets (item drop from Mementos request Part-time Job, Full-time Hell). Eat a meal at the maid café and the waitress will have a chance of screwing it up. Mind Slice, Pulinpa, Skull Cracker and Tentarafoo. This guide will refer extensively to the dates system used within the game, so whenever you see something like 11/17, that will indicate a time limit or a first day when you can do something. The jazz club is a location in Kichijoji.

Story related, but can be missed if you pick the bad ending after the Casino Palace. The Palace is also unique in that there are several infiltrations with different, story-related objectives leading up to the main infiltration. This request is a prerequisite for Devil Rank 8. This trophy involves obtaining one. Learn the ways of the trickster and partake in a royally-upgraded RPG experience. The game involves balancing a finite period of time between hunting dungeons for demons and maintaining your social life as a regular high school student. Physical or Nuclear. The first sequence this occurse is in a cutscene on 6/5. It spends no time in-game, however you can only play once per day. They appear as items collectible from Stamp Machines, stationed throughout Mementos. Unlocked when able to send the Bank Palace’s owner’s calling card. Abysmal Surge, Bad Beat, Dreadful Scream, Negative Pile and Ominous Words. They have a glowing purple aura and have boosted stats.

You get two points when you get an order wrong.

Death Arcana: Tae Takemi (has prerequisites). Study in the library at Shujin while raining. We await your arrival, inmate. This request is a prerequisite for Hermit Rank 8. Spend time with Toranosuke Yoshida in Shibuya. Question 3: 1: Having his head displayed. In chronological order, the warden tour locations are: If you have completed all the outings with the exception of Miura Beach (#7) and Ueno Art Museum (#10) by 12/19, you will get one final opportunity to hang out: NEXT: Persona 5 Royal - The Complete Guide. When she does, choose the. It is recommended that you bring a team of male party members instead. Many characters can be interacted with in "Confidant" social events that will strengthen you in the dungeons and expand your ability to create "Personas", demons that assist you in fights. Answer Ann's questions in class correctly. See. bysmal Surge, Bad Beat, Dreadful Scream, Negative Pile and Ominous Words. Do not agree to the deal offered to you. Ann will send you an SMS in the morning with the details. Corin is a writer, cosplayer, and a sometimes-musician based in Seoul, Korea. This will only give +1 Guts until the Diner in Shibuya Central Street opens. You won't have an abundance of Confidants this early into the game, so you can focus your time on building your social stats for. Mishima will send you an SMS with the details. Fusions are sorted into “executions”, which are basically just a way of tying it into the incarceration theme of the game. Personal 5 Royal has six main endings that lead to the credits, not counting the Palace bad endings that just reset to a week earlier. 1/3: This is the first main infiltration.

Leblanc is the café downstairs from your living area. Devil Arcana: Ichiko Ohya (has prerequisites). Work at the convenience store twice or more in order to identify the target.

Brain Buster, Brain Jack, Brain Shake and Marin Karin.

In Shibuya outside the underground train stations, there is a lottery machine you can purchase tickets from. If you've reached Justice Confidant Rank 10, the final anime cutscene will be slightly different. Study in the library at Shujin while it is not raining. Simply, most of the enemies in the game are Shadows, which become Personas if you’re able to convince them to join your side. This option is unlocked upon entering the Velvet Room, from the Pyramid P. This option is unlocked upon entering the Velvet Room from 8/1 onwards. This trophy entails forming a romantic relationship with a female confidant. Persona 5 Royal: What Carries Over In NG+? Unlocked when meeting up at the hideout after Yoshizawa’s confidant is maxed, from 1/20 onward. Usually this involves a choice during the Rank 9 scene of their Confidant lines, however some of the others have prerequisites in earlier rank up conversations that may lock you out of romancing that particular character if you don’t pick that option.

More expensive meals have a higher chance. The deadline is described in-game as 6/5, however you must reach the treasure two days earlier in order to send the palace owner his calling card and defeat the main boss. One point if you hit fewer than five balls. The billiards game is not actually any sort of minigame, it’s just a cutscene with the Phantom thieves conversing while playing pool. Completing the task will unlock the confidant in earnest, earning you some serious perks while using the Velvet Room. This trophy is unmissable as several palaces require its use in order to traverse certain areas. Confidant Rank 10, then hang out with her in the afternoons from 1/13 onwards. This request is a prerequisite for Star Rank 8. After Devil Rank 7: Speak to Ichiko Ohya in the Crossroads bar in Shinjuku to obtain this request.

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