News: pergola canopy installation

Our design and functional needs were communicated with one of ShadeFX’s Project Specialists and from there the decision was made. LOL, You do need two people though. Each ShadeFX canopy is made to order for your project and your project only.

However, regardless of size or mounting option, the fundamental simplicity of the system remains. Keep in mind, the stabilizers play a vital role in the operation of the retractable shade. Stabilizers can be purchased directly from ShadeFX or made on-site with the same material as the structure. It looks like it will last a very long time and it functions exactly the way that I had hoped.”. Because our design was not centered, it did not exactly fit into their paradigm. Ready to take on a DIY project with long-term, quality results? 111 0 obj <>stream I am very happy with our ShadeFX canopy and look forward too many days on my deck.”. If you do run into trouble, simply call us and we’ll help you find your way. This is a product that met our needs exactly, made our outdoor living area comfortable and protected. Through exceptional consumer service, detailed consultation and our installation guide, mounting the ShadeFX system is a breeze for any homeowner.

Below is a simplified version for you and a friend to tackle. We are extremely happy with our result and the installation was very easy. Your system works great and installing is a snap. endstream endobj 95 0 obj <> endobj 96 0 obj <> endobj 97 0 obj <>stream It was truly a pleasure dealing with such a wonderful group of people that supply an amazing retractable shade and incredible service.”. hޤTmk�0�+��}���w(��m��҆٬����%�l��;��I;�q���^$=6ga�3�p�y���O��: �xH. No divorce!! The canopy is up, and I can enjoy the shade on my patio.”. I also like that the canopy can be easily taken down for winter storage. An order acknowledgment is put through by your Product Specialist with all the details of your wants and needs. It is very well made. The components and fabrics are top-notch, installation was simple, and the ease with which the canopy can be removed for winter storage was a breeze. %PDF-1.5 %���� C. Using Canopy Pull … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Installation was also pretty simple as long as you have the necessary tools. We’ve had our ShadeFX canopy, and curtain for over a month now … our family, and dog love it!”. Throughout the entire process, a knowledgeable ShadeFX Product Specialist will be by your side, guiding you along the way.

My wife and I picked up our canopy and curtain one afternoon, and we installed it before sunset. Hernan patiently answered all of my endless questions. Installation of the Outdoor Living Today Retractable Canopy couldn’t be easier. ShadeFX will provide you with a comprehensive installation guide. With Hernan’s help, we managed to figure out the deviations that would be required. We wanted to keep the sun and rain out. 94 0 obj <> endobj

We did it together :). “Wanted to let you know that I received the package and I was able to, at 70 years of age, hang everything in less than an hour. Installation was a breeze; the instructions were clear and easy to follow. “The installation only took a few hours and it fits perfectly. ShadeFX will provide you with a comprehensive installation guide. Cutting out installation costs allows for extra expenditure on quality products. He walked us through the process of measuring our backyard pergola, while showing us all the different fabric collections, and options available for our underside canopy. The ShadeFX workmanship, 12-year guarantee, and quality certainly shows in their product. h�b```e``Rf`a`��d`@ &f�8�������W�cE�,���,7�Yv�Ù�aժ5�N� ��p�ր]5�1pD�i6 f�43�30p��X cw�CXН�#f�f�. Just took a few measurements on my end and the canopy fits perfectly. Everyone at ShadeFX was lovely to deal with. I’m a DIY kind of person, so having David take the time to explain the options and get the answers to my questions was greatly appreciated. “ShadeFX to the Rescue! There are essentially three steps to installing the retractable canopy efficiently and effectively. Not only does it give you a step by step on how to install the canopy, but it also highlights product components, pre-installation details and post-installation considerations. Please complete the form below to download our free eBrochure. Attach the Drive Beam to Outside Girder with supplied screws. 102 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<34E584921C241C4486CEE0DAAC78512F>]/Index[94 18]/Info 93 0 R/Length 60/Prev 515935/Root 95 0 R/Size 112/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream “I looked at lots of companies to make a retractable shade cloth to go under our pergola. As highlighted in our blog Never too Early to Get Started, purchasing a custom retractable canopy begins with a simple phone call, e-mail or by walking through our front doors. “We want to thank Kevin Hadley from ShadeFX. One mistake was that we had the pergola built before finalizing the design of the shade. Contact us today. Kevin was amazing to work with. �b��n��o T�#� Not every project around the house requires a handyman. I would recommend ShadeFX canopies personally and professionally to anyone.”. Proper installation will preserve the life of the ShadeFX retractable system. 0

At ShadeFX, our retractable canopies are designed and engineered for easy installation by homeowners. Installation. Every system includes the drive beam, canopy and hardware. Thanks again for being there.”. With the undertaking of a completely new backyard, deck, and outside kitchen renovation, we also wanted the permanency of a pergola and the ability to sit beneath and enjoy the sky and stars, but also have the option of shade and rain protection. The time and number of people required for installation depend on a range of factors including canopy size, structure material, method of operation and more. A. B. Connect Canopy Fabric with Aluminum Wing Supports to Drive Beam with supplied Locking Clips. endstream endobj startxref Best installed with 2 persons.”. “Ordering process was simple.

Once your canopy lands on your front door, the fun part begins. © 2017 ShadeFX All rights reserved    |    Privacy Policy, Enjoying 11 Years of the ShadeFX Lifestyle, Things to Consider When Renovating Your Backyard, Five Designs to Inspire Your Backyard Renovation, Six Ideas to Achieve Better Backyard Privacy, Retractable Shades: Built for Rain Protection, Planning an Outdoor Space: Creating a Space that is One with Nature, ShadeFX Introduces Topside Pergola Canopies. “The team at ShadeFX were a pleasure to work with. They’ll show you how and where to measure, walk you through available features and ask the right questions to deliver a smooth fit and operating system. ShadeFX ended up being the best fit for our needs. %%EOF “We did a lot of research to try and find the right product to suit our needs. There are three steps to ensure you get the retractable shade you’re looking for: concept, design & order, and of course, build. Given the amount of direct sunlight that our deck receives, having a high-quality shade solution was very important to me and my wife. Product Specialists ensure you have a positive experience while ordering a custom product for your project.

Not only does it give you a step by step on how to install the canopy, but it also highlights product components, pre-installation details and post-installation considerations. Our designer recommended ShadeFX and we were immediately impressed. The team at ShadeFX is professional, courteous and prompt. I am very happy with the result. Once your canopy lands on your front door, the fun part begins. h�bbd``b`Z$�C3�`>$�l�w�H����ނ�00 �3�0 ���

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