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There will be a lot more in future chapters. The girl only shook her head and Percy felt a pang of pity for this girl, despite still being miffed about the intrusion. Apollo mused. Then, after kissing him on the cheek, she hurried off again. Bound to serve you. The exaggeration had its desired effect because Apollo raised his hands in defense. What do you know about her?

It is the decision of this console to not smite you were you stand. After a brief stand down, Percy charged, Poseidon following his son.

Artemis was jet to give head. The naiad smiled at him. "Asked Jason. They always seemed to throw a big one after every great prophecy is over. Apollo joked which earned him a hard punch on the shoulder from the offended goddess. We all looked at each other and went to talk to the Olympian Console.

Oh ya it took like 5 minutes to find Leo. "For your work in not one but two of our great prophecies we thought it fitting to bestow upon you a gift.". That is owned by Rick Riordan. All the fight seemed to leave the girl and she sagged together, tears of despair welling up in her eyes. "Don't call me that..." He would never find out what the goddess was going to add because just that moment Apollo appeared. "So could you show me how to restrict and monitor access to my island?" "Slavery is as old as humanity itself. I stepped forward and answered my Uncle "No. "Nothing. "So Percy. After thinking for a moment she said "Maybe trying to align their Roman and Greek counterparts so they don't get a quite literally mind-splitting headache. P.s. So after Earth Mother was defeated there way much rebuild and repairing to do. To her credit the girl didn't beg as Percy and Apollo left her behind. I know that from the note. So after a few days of fixing Camp Half-Blood from the attacks *cough cough Octavian* the gods asked us 7 Reyna and Nico to come to Olympus. ", "The ability to put anyone, nah anything, into a hypnotic trance and have the listen to and obey your every command. Then Jason replied with, "Can you give us a moment to talk to each other? I was in what looked like a therapist office. But getting to being able to have sex with you would be hard which is why a second power of the gift is given. 5/6/2019 c2 Guest Man I wish you added Pheobe and Thalia into the harem. Artemis raised her chin slightly and gave him a dirty glare. "Yes, I remember that Seaweed Brain. As a gift for defeating Gaea during the Giant war and for turning down Godhood twice now.

Ok so I know that we kinda left off our story on a cliffhanger. It might be too much for you to handle. The beautiful goddess had shifted looks again, aging herself to maybe eighteen, probably in anticipation of later. I was curious what he would offer me being that I kinda fought him, then again I fought Ares and now he kinda tolerates me. Corona is starting to pay off. Percy Jackson x CYMOPOLEIA (GODDESS OF THE VIOLENT SEA CURRENTS AND WAVES DURING STORMS, daughter of the god Poseidon) ... Good lemon. "He rocks my world, if you must know. ", "Straight to the point I like that. "Also have our prisoner prepared.".

Very generous of you. And such the same gift we give to you today.".

As I slowly woke up from my grogginess I looked around for the remote. "Sis, we will catch up later. Hope everyone enjoys this one. Artemis sighed but sat down in the living room, allowing them to leave her behind. "Heard you had a guest?" Ariana and Helena fulfilled his wishes and the girl stared down at them, looking both angry and fearful. ", Apollo sighed. Please review! "I don't know Wise Girl.

I will say this once this is not a spiderman fic massive crossover massive harem massive bashing this is a crossover between hellsing, code geass one peice,Harry Potter,vampire academy,percy jackson,Bayonetta the harem is completly too long to list here i … I am rewriting the Piper as Pocahontas one. One who can transform into anything that he can think of.

I hope you enjoyed it. Percy raised an eyebrow.

Can I go now. "This could be cool" I thought. So far the day had been pretty relaxed. "Perhaps.". "Back in the day of Ancient Greece and Rome this would've been the greatest gift of all" ,the voices said together, "that society was different then ours. "As you wish readied her for interrogation," The naiad announced. And another who can create fire hot enough to kill a god. "Artemis, I've got this," Percy announced. Where you can tell her what to do and how to think. "Give her a few days and she'll go crazy in there. Now we have much to still talk about. Do you still stand by that decision still?". "So, letting your girls or the island.

That was the best night's sleep I got in a while. The two gods headed down the spiraling staircase and entered his "torture" chamber. When you say the word "audiat" or Latin for obey the female it is aimed at will go into a trance like state.

I have slaves of my own, the hunt, so who would I be to preach.". "Cool" I thought. The sun-god gave his sister a quick embrace and turned his attention back to Percy. The whole seven did. Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net; Summary. One of the first things I did when we got back and started repairing was put a TV in my room, being a hero of the world has some perks. Hazel, Frank, and Reyna said they'd be on their way once we got our camp repaired. Perhaps the girl heard the two males approaching because just then she started struggling, trying to hear her arms three from the tick leather restraints. The smirk was wiped clean off the giant's face when he was suddenly overwhelmed by one of the most powerful demigods in existence, along with the god of the seas.

If they ask you what you got say you can travel to Atlantis whenever you want. Lemon, harem and so on. First fanfic! In the meantime, he had spent the rest of his evening plowing his way through his harem. "Sorry about that. ", That's when Jason stepped forward and said "We want you to recognize the minor gods more so something like this didn't happen again.". "Armor? So much for them taking us out". The pages kept going and going. They always seemed to throw a big one after every great prophecy is over. Everything now looked more organized but the purpose was fairly obvious. So you are dismissed." Even Aphrodite. We just saved the world from a really bad, really powerful hippie! It was dark but the full moon shone over head. I woke up about 7 by the sound of the construction of repairing the camp.

"My name is Stephanie Thompson. Before Reyna could kill Annabeth Piper expertly talked her down, with a little help from her charmspeaking. The gods give him a coupon book filled with coupons from all the gods and goddesses. "So what do you think they are doing in there?" Beaches get old at some point I guess," Apollo mused and looked around at the north European forest. In fact we would like to grant all of you godhood. First fanfic! I turned it onto the news to see what the mortal think was going on. The rest of the Legion had already gone back on their way to Camp Jupiter. "Well i thank you for the gift. "Replied Leo. Rated MA. He'd give her some time to cool off. There is a market in a few days.

No visions, no dreams, just sleep. But hey when you have a bunch of gods help everything is easier, expect deciding on pizza that's NEVER easy. "He would never..." She didn't finish the sentence, as if not believing her own words. All the gods were like that.

More notes at the end. The girl cried out in pain and collapsed into her restrained. "Did you just call Gaea a hippie? I had just laid down in my bed after a long Olympus party. "And what do you think 'God stuffs' are Seaweed Brain?" "What?!" Luckily she didn't start screaming around. Hypnotized as you call it. Annabeth things it might be a good idea to seem like I have my hands full enjoying my harem. ", "Wow how do I use this? Redeemable for a power or wish. ", "Ok thanks. don't tell the others about this, except Annabeth. Another who can influence gods by talking to them. shorter first chapter but I need something to set the story up. Then we were told to "Raise Heroes of Olympus" by The King of the Gods. Whenever you cum inside a female she will be bound to your will. The goddess, dressed in a knee-length white cotton dressed, bowed her head. When you looked at him one way he'd look like Zeus and if you looked at him a different way he was Jupiter. I asked still suspicious. Why are you giving me this power?". "Well sorry for thinking cautiously. One of the guards, Arianna, struck the girl across the front of the thighs with a branch from a willow. "Getting back to it, again, we have another who can pretty expertly manipulate the Mist. "Hurricane's cooler" I added while getting a high five from Frank. There was a lot of dancing and singing and food and laughter but eventually everyone got tired and had to head back home. Then the doors opened and Hermes came out. I must admit, choking on a cock is a formative experience indeed." This could keep the heat away from us with Artemis being here and everything. "I am Percy Jackson, this is my mate Apollo," Percy introduced the two of them. So here's the rebooted Percy sex slaves.

Then I came across one that I don't expect. I am a scout of sorts for the god of War," She explained.

The girl cried. ", Apollo laughed. "Do you wish me to release her?" Girls, put her back in her cell.".

"No," He decided, remembering her impressive struggle. I then started to look through them and found all the Olympians and a minor gods. "So for a second time Jackson you have rejected godhood. "I like what you did with the place.

", We all looked at each other in shock. Before I could ask anything he snapped his fingers and I was back in my cabin sitting on my bed. "To his mild surprise, the naiad wore bronze armor and had a sword strapped to her waist. So how does this work? Or trying to figure out what to do with us.". I came back with. "I like to say no. I had just laid down in my bed after a long Olympus party. "So, I trust Percy is treating you well," Apollo asked innocently.

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