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Online version is titled "How Mark Burnett resurrected Donald Trump as an icon of American success". But the people in this book get woven back into the story. Meeker: Shanna, did you have a favorite part of it? He is a staff writer at The New Yorker. It is a really important case study, I think, for graduate students or anyone interested in oral history dealing with anything that’s sensitive to know that you can’t promise anonymity in this way.

That brings me to my next question: what did you know about this case or project before the book, and how did this challenge what you thought you knew? I studied and lived in Ireland in 1999. Everything else was like telephone through McIntyre. I realized it’s not only for people who aren’t familiar with oral history, but for people who are trying to work outside the system that is set up to protect our narrators, and ourselves, legally. Shanna Farrell: Let’s start with your favorite parts of the book. I vaguely remember there being something in this book about that, but he does talk about the ambiguity.

The Not-So-Transcript of the Not-So-Oral History of Our Conversation About Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe.

I was on the other side of this debate before reading this book, actually. degree from Yale Law School, an M.Phil.

Keefe's great accomplishment is to capture the tragedy of the Troubles on a human scale. Review: The Native American fight for survival in a white world, Review: Women, chronic illness and resurrection. Then he opened a nice bottle of Bordeaux and poured himself a glass…O’Rawe tossed his testimony into the flames. Tewes: As Martin said, I think this is something a lot of oral historians think they know. A shattering, intimate study of how young men and women consumed by radical political violence are transformed by the history they make, and struggle to come to terms with the blood they have shed, Say Nothing is a powerful reckoning. Often when reading a complex text, I pay attention to words that are somewhat peculiar and rich in meaning. He was taken by this group from the I.R.A.’s youth wing, and they said, “Don’t go asking what happened to your mother.” The whole process started in the late 1990s, when the McConville kids and other families of the disappeared came out at a time when it was still pretty dangerous to do so and said, “We want the I.R.A. “Electing not to discuss it doesn’t make those scars go away.”. Patrick Radden Keefe (born 1976) is an American writer and investigative journalist. With this particular book, no, because he does seem really taken with the idea of memory and the differing accounts of who said what when. That one of my big questions. In uncovering and bearing witness to the awful truth of what happened to one woman, Keefe tells a tale that stretches to the present day, deftly weaving together the stories of a series of indelible characters whose lives were shaped by what happened to McConville, and of a secret oral history project at Boston College that brought incendiary details about this mystery to light. Jean McConville’s presence haunts this book, but Dolours Price’s life energizes it and makes it thrillingly complex. So, I’d read a few articles and thought I understood what was going on. The real challenge was how the project was organized, not how the British government demanded access to it. Copyright © The Regents of the University of California.

And they are Catholics, too.

This book reminded me of an extension of Portelli’s.

I was surprised at the end where they describe the sources. The Not-So-Transcript of the Not-So-Oral History of Our Conversation About Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe. Dolours endured this barbaric feeding, likened to rape, because she sought to give herself to the cause of full Irish independence and the end of British cruelty.

Right. —Colum McCann, New York Times bestselling author of TransAtlantic and Let the Great World Spin, Winner of the National Book Award, Meticulously reported, exquisitely written, and grippingly told, Say Nothing is a work of revelation. I thought Keefe told a great story that was a page-turner based on really great research. This understanding of the private sphere, as in other forms of Catholic modernism, authorized a novel set of claims on the public sphere. He did do interviews on his own. By 1972, there are bombs going off every day, and people shooting at each other in the street. They remember it differently, but he’s bringing together a story based on not only the history, but also the memory, and how that clouds perception even today. But how she wound up there is an unanswered question for another decade.

Jean McConville is not a household name in the U.S., but she’s an iconic figure in Northern Ireland, as one of the most famous victims of the Troubles. But the diaper pin is also a haunting symbol of the reality of children caught up in a war that was not a war—a spasm of violence that marked a region desperate for economic progress and equal standing for a minority population.

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