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Once you set your mind to solve a problem, you become possessed. Despite mostly being a social feat, this actually applies in combat. Polymath Muse: C. Grants unseen servant, which kind of sucks, and Versatile Performance, which enables you to go all in on Performance and worry less about other social skills. Each round of a sea shanty, he makes a Perform skill check. You can spend a focus point to attempt a Performance check to get three or four rounds out of your composition cantrip.

Do you get nervous about performing in front of crowds, or does adrenaline take over? Learn more. Otherwise, this ability functions like mass suggestion. Mechanically, it unlocks specific feats and build options. This ability replaces versatile performance. Bardic Performance: An archivist gains the following types of bardic performance. Bards are the most powerful support class in Pathfinder Second Edition in terms of buffs and debuffs, with their composition cantrips providing a variety of resource-free enhancements to the party's abilities, and their potent Occult spellcasting enabling them to cripple and confound foes with ease. Bards are comfortable both avoiding fights through diplomacy and trickery, or ending them through their magical prowess, and thus Bards tend to take a leadership role within their party, serving as both face and battlefield commander. Inspiring Blow (Su): A savage skald roars his war-cries with each telling blow. This ability replaces countersong. Just don’t take them lightly; a Bard can captivate their audience, leaving you in a teary-eyed state of euphoria. I will also note that this is the only feat that Humans can get via Natural Ambition, since the others are locked behind muses. Bardic Performance: A savage skald gains the following types of bardic performance. This performance affects one additional creature at 5th level and every 6 levels thereafter. Hmm, I wonder why 4th level has so many feats with no 6th level in sight. All of that aside, potentially getting a +2 or +3 boost to attack rolls or AC and saves for the entire party is huge, and thus this can be worth it in tougher fights. This performance replaces countersong. Flurry of Blows is pretty good though, even with just a d6 damage die. Multifarious Muse: A. If they fail, they must cease using Stealth, unlock and open doors between themselves and the detective, and dismiss, suppress, or dispel if necessary magical effects that grant invisibility or any other form of concealment from the detective. A save renders them immune to this ability for 24 hours.

This ability replaces lore master. Arcana: D. Knowledge skills are always nice.

Are you usually solving problems aloud or do you need peace and quiet to derive solutions? Metamagic Mastery (Ex): At 14th level, a magician can use performance to apply a metamagic feat to a spell he is about to cast without increasing the casting time. These bonuses increase by +1 at 5th level and every six levels thereafter. Everything can be explained by applying the proper theorem – even the future.

6+INT on a class where you can afford a point or two of Intelligence is a very solid start. Using this ability requires 1 round of continuous performance per level of the spell (as if he were a druid). Pathfinder Kingmaker Builds – Linzi the Bard. Bardic Performance: A magician gains the following types of bardic performance. Do you actually have hands-on experience or did you learn most of your knowledge from firsthand accounts and books?

Only getting to do it once per day sucks. +DEX/+CHA/-WIS is potent (just make sure you patch up the Wisdom penalty), and Goblins bring some great feats to the table. F: For a feat, you should actively avoid this option. You don't get much power here, but you are the most adaptable of the Bards. Cantrip Expansion: D More cantrips is always nice, but there are other ways to get them, and you have significant competition for choices here. Fighter: C. If you want a gish, this isn’t a bad start. Only needing Dexterity makes it much less demanding than Fighter. And they could be from the future. Diplomacy: A. You’re a bard. This ability requires audible components. A master of the martial applications of steel and spell, the arcane duelist blends both into a lethal combination. Use inspire heroics on your comps, which you can't do with lingering composition. Spending years studying all of the finer points of erudition and etiquette, the court bard takes up the role of resplendent proclaimer and artist-in-residence at the hand of nobility, royalty, and the well-moneyed elite who aspire to join their ranks. Intelligence: D. You have a lot of skills already, meaning this isn’t hugely necessary. Those already under a fear or despair effect can attempt a new save each round using the bard's Intimidate check. This ability is language-dependent and requires audible components. Muse: Each Bard chooses a muse, who acts as a source of inspiration and leads the Bard towards different types of performance and philosophies. Bards are Arcane casters, but have access to cure spells, as well as other “divine” spells like neutralize poison and other pseudo-healing spells. This performance replaces countersong. A herald to your true muse, you would follow your fey leader to the far-reaching corners of Golarion. This ability replaces mass suggestion. You can freely cast composition spells and layer them as you wish. These scenarios are generally around four hours long and are designed to be played by characters within a specific level range. This ability replaces versatile performance. In addition, he gains a +4 bonus on saving throws made against illusions and a +4 bonus on caster level checks and saving throws to see through disguises and protections against divination (such as magic aura, misdirection, and nondetection). You have light armour proficiency, meaning that this is slightly less important for you than cloth casters, but AC and Reflex is still important. There’s also the limiting factor in that you also need to get the spells into your book via successfully learning and paying for them, which means you might not get everything you want, particularly higher level options. This is just so efficient, and frees up your actions on subsequent turns to move, demoralise, shield, Aid, etc. For features, they’re the weakest possible class in this category, or the feature is basically useless. Your research and calculations have contributed in major ways in multiple capacities. "Hey guard, there some bad people having a fight back there!

Rates A for Enigmas since they want to reach Legendary to improve their Bardic Lore. As such, you can functionally take any background you want. A sea shanty has no effect on instantaneous effects or effects that do not allow saves. A composition cantrip which acts as a substitute for the Aid action, and enables you to use Performance for the Aid reaction roll. A jack of all trades, the bard sees little need to restrict himself to a single talent, picking up a little of this and a little of that, but always with a keen eye for other people and how they might be manipulated, whether through artistic performances or more mundane avenues. Spell Catching (Su): At 20th level, a sandman who saves against a spell or spell-like ability that targets only him (not including area spells) may use bardic performance as an immediate action.

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