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Has a long lifespan. We supply enthusiasts and collectors as well as botanical gardens, nurseries and seed dealers of all sizes. Beacarneas are closely related to Yuccas and thrive under the same conditions. All recent arrivals are indicated as ‘new.’. Check back often and subscribe to our newsletter. At you can choose from the most spectacular selection of rare seeds in the world: palms, cycads, tree ferns, succulents, conifers, tropical trees and more, many not available anywhere else. Easy to maintain. without sunlight. Customer satisfaction.

1.5 meters long inflorescences grow in between palm leaves and each supports small yellow or red flowers. Including VAT This large banana species sports a massive pseudostem to 4.5 m (14 ft.) tall and 45 cm (18 in.) The Bismarck Palm has a full crown of large, circular, silvery blue, fan-shaped leaves and a tall, columnar trunk. Monday – Friday: 10 am – 4 pm A site where you can find fresh palm seeds and other tropical seeds for a good price.

A unique, different and popular palm that should be part of any collection.

One of the most beautiful palms of Madagascar. Because we have such an over-abundance of Queen Palm & Areca Palm Tree seeds, we are offering these seeds to you for a limited time at unbeatable prices.

Archontophoenix Alexandrae Seeds (King Palm Seeds, Alexander Palm Seeds, Alexandra Palm Seeds), Beaucarnea Guatemalensis Seeds (Red Ponytail Seeds, Guatamala Ponytail Seeds), Beaucarnea Recurvata Seeds (Nolina Recurvata Seeds, Ponytail Palm Seeds), Bismarckia Nobilis Seeds (Silver Bismarck Palm Seeds), Butia Capitata Nana Seeds (Jelly Palm Seeds, Pindopalm Seeds, Wine Palm Seeds), Carludovica palmata Seeds (Jipijapa Palm Seeds), Caryota Mitis Seeds (Clustered Fishtail Palm Seeds), Caryota Urens Seeds (Jaggery Palm Seeds, Toddy Palm Seeds, Fishtail Palm Seeds), Chamaedorea Elegans Seeds (Collinia Elegans Seeds, Palour Palm Seeds, Parlor Palm Seeds). Wholesale and retail quantities in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds are delivered worldwide. USD2.20, Starting at: Anderson's Seed Co offers a wide variety of seeds for California natives, eucalyptus, cactus, … Any order,any size, worldwide, regular airmail shipping. Shop now for over 600 species of tree and shrub seeds available for sale in bulk quantities or packet size. USD1.60, Starting at: USD8.80, Starting at:

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The plant is native to the moist areas of southeast Asia. Wholesale and retail quantities in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds are delivered worldwide. Suitable for growing indoors. The palm blooms all year long. Once it establishes itself in cultivation, it tends to be rather fast-growing. Starting at: USD3.80.

potosiensis. In Asia, sap from the cut off inflorescences of the Sugar Palm are used to produce a crude kind of sugar. (Central European Time, UTC+1). Copyright 1997 - 2020 © Many new and rare species are constantly being added. To procure without delay : about 1469 days ago. Excluding VAT FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER US$50 OR $4.90 FLAT RATE. USD14.50, Starting at: This plant is suitable for growing indoors. Secure payment with Amex, Mastercard, Visa or bank transfer. Superior quality, viability and correct identification is ensured by renowned palm expert Tobias W. Spanner. 1.5 meters long inflorescences grow in between palm leaves and each supports small yellow or red flowers. Buy Palm seeds online.

USD1.90, Starting at: Stored seeds are checked on a regular basis. The #1 web site for palm seeds. The palm is monoecious and blooms every year.

Identification: We certify that all seeds are correctly identified and are only sourced from cultivated plants if we can be sure that they are not hybridised. Carludovica palmata Seeds (Jipijapa Palm Seeds) Starting at: USD1.60. Discover our selection of the best Palm seeds of the market.

Discover our selection of the best Palm seeds of the market. The large, red, uprig... A midsized Agave from Querétaro and San Luis Potosi, Mexico, that is perhaps more widely known as Agave scabra ssp. View Details. Express shipping available to many destinations. Filter will stay active for the whole web site until it is manually reset. The largest of all Aloe can grow into a veritable tree that can reach more than 18 m tall and forms a thick, massive trunk to 3 m in diameter. Worldwide shipping at low rates. Widespread in cloud forest and paramo vegetation at high elevations in the Andes of Ecuador and Colombia between 1800 and 4200 m, this colorful small ... A small, clustering species from northeastern Mexico (San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo) with pale green, succulent, upright leaves to 45 cm (18 in.) Probably the most massive and undoubtedly the most cold tolerant of all pinnate palms, this species, although unfortunately not common in cultivation, hardly needs any introduction. Free shipping on orders over $75. This palm tolerates well enough cold temperatures and badly drained soils. This massive banana, whose trunk can reach nearly a meter (3 ft.) in diameter, is a real botanical curiosity. in diameter, which is tinged with red. The best climate for this plant is tropical or tempered. To buy without delay : about 1469 days ago, Rarexoticseeds, leader of the fresh selling carnivorous plants seeds. Can tolerate occasional light frost. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It is a beautiful and very different looking palm, one of the most colourful. Palm seeds can germinate in dark environments - i.e. …and other rare seeds from around the world, 4264 species currently in stock and many more seasonally available, Seeds sold in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds, We will get the seeds to you no matter where you are. This beautiful, large, columnar conifer is found along the coast of southeastern New Caledonia and is the dominant tree on the coral rock islands Île... A stunning, tall, solitary, tropical palm native to the rainforests of the Malay Peninsula with deeply split, dark green, fan-shaped leaves with wide ... A wonderful, small to medium-sized, dry deciduous, tropical tree from savannas and low, dry forests in India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. USD1.80, Starting at: Starting at: Who hasn't lusted after this tropical beauty, with its scarlet crownshaft and petioles, bright red as sealing wax? USD14.50, Starting at: To buy without delay : about 1469 days ago, Rarexoticseeds, leader of the fresh selling carnivorous plants seeds.

BUT, very soon after germination, light is needed.

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