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Blessed be the mother goddess, by all her many names.May she bless my family and friends.May she bless the animals of the world,and all people everywhere. Tonight we connect with her power and it is ours. Our EarthSpirit email address is If your belief system leans more towards the Egyptian or a Kemetic structure, offer a devotion to Isis. Colorblind Images LLC / DigitalVision / Getty. If you are looking for a celebratory prayer for long life, there is a beautiful one originally written by a monk named Fer Fio mac Fabri. If you have ideas of things or topics you'd like to see us explore, please let us know. … [Chorus], We are ripening Hail the new, ye lads and lasses! Holy mystery If you follow a Celtic path, try these prayers that celebrate the goddess Brighid, or the horned fertility god Cernunnos. We hope that this will help us bring exciting offerings to a solid audience! Twilight Covening is the time when we dive deep and seek a vision for our winter work.

Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! A year of forests. It weaves together the book "Braiding Sweetgrass" and her own understanding of ceremony. While many Pagan families follow a tradition that is goddess-centric, still others focus on honoring the sacred masculine. 12X15 Print - Actual paper size is 13x19. Many Pagans and Wiccans pray to their deities on a regular basis. Chants and songs are great for meditation, or something to share with a group of like minded people! She is the author of Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch, Wicca Practical Magic and The Daily Spell Journal. by Anya Arthen — To be honest I do not remember ceremony being a part of my early childhood growing up in Russia, definitely not the way I know it now.

If you're looking for Pagan bedtime prayers for the children in your life, try one of these, or use them as the foundation to create one of your own, that's unique to your family's needs and beliefs. The key is to create a habit of your daily pagan rituals so that you don’t forget or don’t feel too guilty if you do! There are many times in our life that call for simple prayers. Original medium digital paint. This is sacred Our hands are opened and our power is manifest. If you have ideas of things or topics you'd like to see us explore, please let us know.

Recipes - Prayers - Chants and songs - Crafts - Humor. For those who simply honor the goddess in a non-specific form, Doreen Valiente's classic Charge of the Goddess is the perfect prayer for a ritual setting. New Auras & Chakra Pages.

Prayers for the Imbolc sabbat typically focus on the goddess Brighid, the coming end of winter, or other seasonally appropriate themes.

Prayers don't have to be complicated, they simply have to be honest and heartfelt. As on wings of warding ye soar This song of wicca ye hear, Open the gates that our loved ones may pass And our words draw them near. By all the might of moon and sun, As I do will, it shall be done. After searching I finally found the words I want. Now I lay down in my bed,And pull the covers up to my head.I'll dream of dragons and fairies bright,And pixies and wizards and elves tonight.I'll dream of some sort of magical place, and wake with a smile upon my face. Together They created all the life we have. A Song to the Goddess Aug 3, 2016 - Explore Skyla NightOwl's board "Pagan Chants/Prayers", followed by 626 people on Pinterest. Spinning the Web we call you forth, Turning the Wheel with ageless love. Thank you for visiting. Wand and pentacle and sword, Hearken ye unto my word, Cords and Censer, Scourge and Knife, Waken all ye into life.

Magic of Samhain dreams, Spirits of mystical south, O’ guardian of flame, heed our prayers And spare us lengths of drouth. When people gather and sing together, they share a language stronger than just words.The harmonies created as human voices blend open our hearts and lift our souls.

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