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Dr. Shruti. Today morning i felt alot better but my urine this morning is dark orange and i am worried that it might be kidney... View answer, my wife has had orange yellowy direah for last tow days never ever suffered before .. Imodium has not stopped it yet ..just does not feel unwell sorry my typing is bad could it be food poisoning ... View answer, I thought I had food poisoning . The Osage-orange is native to a small area in eastern Texas, southeastern Oklahoma, and southwestern Arkansas. The tree's mature bark is dark, deeply furrowed and scaly. Take very small frequent diet. alternate and entire, rounded at the base and long tapering to the tip. the trunk is often somewhat orange in color. [17][21] An analysis of phylogeny based on chloroplast and nuclear genes indicates that a clade containing Maclura pomifera probably diverged from other Maclura clades during the Oligocene, coincident with divergence of mammoth/mastodon and sloth clades, suggesting these mammals may have been seed dispersers of Maclura pomifera.

Welcome. I drink 2 glasses of red wine daily ... View answer, Are Osage orange thorns poisonous? [19] Another historic tree is located on the grounds of Fort Harrod, a Kentucky pioneer settlement in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. It has a specific gravity of 0.7736 or 773.6 kg/m3 (48.29 lb/cu ft). [18] M. pomifera is cultivated in Italy, former Yugoslavia, Romania, former USSR, and India. I am able to keep... View answer.

Avoid heavy diet. Enter your password. My neighbor says the thorn is poisonous ... Osage orange thorns poison Food poisoning orange urine Thorn in Orange … [22] An equine species that became extinct at the same time also has been suggested as the plant's original dispersal agent because modern horses and other livestock will sometimes eat the fruit. Yesterday i suffered chills and back aches. [6], The fruits are consumed by black-tailed deer in Texas and fox squirrels in the Midwest, who drop them to crack open. Please take oral rehydration solution as much you can. Dear sir , Leaves are arranged alternately in a slender growing shoot 90 to 120 centimetres (3–4 ft) long. [35], The Comanche tribe historically used a root/water infusion for eye conditions. [20], Because of the current limited range and lack of obvious effective means of propagation, the Osage orange is considered to be an evolutionary anachronism, where one or more now extinct Pleistocene megafauna evolutionary partners, such as the giant ground sloth, mammoth, mastodon or gomphothere, fed on the fruit and aided in seed dispersal. very dense and heavy. Barlow, Connie. Staminate flowers are pale green, small, and arranged in racemes borne on long, slender, drooping peduncles developed from the axils of crowded leaves on the spur-like branchlets of the previous year. Its dense grain structure makes for good tonal properties. my forearm has been swollen and very firm to the... View answer, orange in color. 2 (2001): 14-21.

The only known hybrid of the Osage Orange tree, Maclura pomifera, x Macludrania hybrida André, is an intergeneric cross: x Macludrania = Cudrania x Maclura.Cudrania tricuspidata (Carr. The fruits are spherical, often exceeding 10 cm in diameter and are very dense and heavy. [39], A chemistry professor at the University of Alabama claimed that a single osage orange placed in a room would drive away cockroaches.

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