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1 hit on the Canadian singles chart, the animated video was all over MuchMusic by the summer, ultimately voted Cheesiest Video of the Year on Ed the Sock's "F2K" Fromage special. He pitched the Hampsters to more studios (including Disney and Sony), and when they passed, he decided to make it himself. It's the centre of so many schemes and unresolved disputes that its history is more complicated than a super-sized Habitrail. With the Hampsterdance being featured on bumper stickers and internet provider commercials, it was only a matter of time before the song took on a life of its own. What's the name of the song? I absolutely give them credit for the name and the idea of Hampsterdance as a concept — there's no question about that. And where can we go beyond that?

READ BOOK Dancing Hamsters, Gothic Gardening, and Cyber Conspiracies: The 501 Funniest, So he sent me the Hampsterdance and I was hysterical. The Hampster Dance is one of the earliest Internet memes. Deidre LaCarte: I was overwhelmed. Prozzak's coming out with their stuff — that was a Canadian thing. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. And let's hire somebody to do an officially sanctioned and properly licensed song using this thing, and take it to the next level.". Just before the year 2000, the number of visitors to started to skyrocket. I'm in my housecoat. We were always looking for that next big venture, if you know what I'm saying. ", Jeffery Lane: I almost want you to turn the recorder off when you use the word "Cuban Boys. Original Hampster Dance from 1997 (hamsters dancing online) Report. That was the whole idea behind this. (deep breath) One of the biggest things is I had this site on Geocities. Jeffery Lane: The odd name with this interesting sample from a Disney film kind of struck me as interesting. OK, that's a hook. I did — wow. What is it — who made it — if we've all had a paw in there somewhere? Yes, the Hampsterdance was a website — one built by Deidre LaCarte, a then 37-year-old martial arts instructor and art student from Nanaimo, B.C. He wouldn't give it to her! Hazel Steenman: I had a few followers, and her sister did a music page that went over a little better. And where are those files?

This is where we cross into grey areas of matters that are still legalities to me, even to this day, if you catch my drift. Everyone has a warm place in their hearts for the Hampsterdance — not just because it was silly and then wildly popular, but because it reminds us of when we were young and when the web was young.

We played the final mix, and we turned it up really loud in the studio so it was club volume. You might not know what it's called, or where it came from. It wasn't just 250. And in a pre-Facebook world, that sort of old school media coverage wound up turning the Hampsterdance into a phenomenon. We got the name copyrighted because you can spell hamster with a p or without a p. And hamsters have a lot of pee, so I thought it was funny. 00s |

Deidre LaCarte: It sounded really good and they wanted to actually buy our company. I think that's really flattering, and I'm really happy about that because it says that the people that I put together — the group of artists that turned this thing into the global insanity that it literally became and still is. It's the official single, but it's not the first, and that fact adds a few snarls to this story. She said, "I don't just want one hamster dance, I want hundreds of them!


(Tony puts on a country twang) "Come on everybody and here we go!" Ricardo Autobahn: And I think that was possibly a mistake because that meant we were referencing the Hampsterdance. I got my counsel involved. Yeah, there were dozens of [copycat sites].

Hazel Steenman: Before New Year's, he got in touch with us.

It's almost a million, what we lost. On a business level she's Melanie Anne. OK? And so I went to the licensing agent and said, "Listen, everybody's driving me crazy. And they were doing promotions on products based on the Hampsterdance. [7] A cartoon video was produced for the single which introduced a cartoon "band" of four hamsters, though the song was solely credited to "Hampton the Hampster"; the band was later dubbed "Hampton and the Hampsters". The music is more important, I think, than the actual graphical images. Share this story with someone to get the song stuck in their head! Jeffery says he brought Abatis to the table because he'd worked for them as a chef. (If you can Hampsterdance there, you can make it anywhere, right?) Hazel Steenman: People were hitting on the webpage. And that's the beginning of where things get tricky, because getting a handle on what a meme actually means can be strange business. Deidre LaCarte: One email came across my desk [from a father] saying that his daughter is very ill. She was depressed all the time.

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