News: orange bronze corydoras

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The aquarium should contain very smooth-edged substrates such as gravel or sand to avoid the damage of barbells. You will also need to be cautious personally because this toxin can have repercussions on the blood test of fragile people (child, elderly, immunocompromised ...). They are thus more resistant and have a better chance of success, considerably increasing the number of fry. Generally, the female is larger in size and slimmer body with less colorful than the male fish. : This picture shows a Panda Corydoras Catfish that is about 1" long.

To avoid this, install your corydoras in a suitable and very calm aquarium. Corydoras Aeneus has no scales, which makes it particularly sensitive to salt, chemicals and drugs. group of more than 14 individuals: behavior similar to natural.

Body is crimson yellow in color with ashen belly and blue-gray back while the fins are yellow or reddish pink in color.

Indeed, it was discovered in early 2018 that sand played a key role in the oral hygiene of Corydoras.

For a female of more than 3/4 years, it will take 8 males to fertilize everything (650 oocytes / 80 per male = 8 males)!

View cart for details. ... A brownish-orange patch is usually present on the head, just before the dorsal fin, and is their most distinctive feature when viewed from above in the stream (Ref.

Thanks to Kyllian. You will immediately notice the spawning because the Corydoras adopt a particular position, called "T".

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Best service I've had. In this case, you should take an extra caution to use all medications. They are therefore particularly vulnerable to certain drug molecules and therefore difficult to treat (if not impossible). Even if the corydoras are very fearful, you can, with gentleness and patience, accustom them to your presence. Did you know that they do not have a natural predator? Its calm but quite lively temperament makes it a very sociable fish, with very good intraspecific and interspecific relationships.

You can add alder fruits and dried leaves to the aquarium, which will have a nice natural effect (you will have to renew them before they rot). Corydoras are among the most popular aquarium fish, and in particular this species. After receiving the item, contact seller within, Excludes: Bolivia, Haiti, Liberia, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan, Paraguay. Corydoras are often considered "cleaners".

Bronze corydoras is an incredibly eye-catching fish among the aquarium enthusiasts which is also referred to as Brown Cory, Bronze catfish, Gold Lazer Cory, Light Spot Corydoras,  Bronze Cory, Green Corydoras, or Albino Cory etc. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program. Check these points and you will see your Corydoras activate even during the day! If you want to make your corydoras breed, you understand the importance of installing them from the beginning in a suitable and well maintained aquarium, in order for them to live as long as possible, for a regular and successful breeding in quantity and in quality! As fertilizer is strongly discouraged in an aquarium in Corydoras, opt for plants that do not require this type of feed.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 14. The breeding tank should have good water quality with aquatic plants. Before this age, you can get some fry all the same. To keep your fish healthy, you should frequently change water for 20-30% weekly basis. This fish is tolerant with the parameters of its water, it is very robust and it will adapt to many configurations. The mature female lays about 200-250 eggs on the plant`s surface or tank`s wall. Introduce 2 or 3 males and 1 female previously conditioned (living or frozen food).

A Corydoras that does not swim is a fish uncomfortable in its environment.

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