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Antitank weapon, any of several guns, missiles, and mines intended for use against tanks.The first response to the introduction of tanks during World War I was a variety of grenades and large-calibre rifles designed to penetrate tanks’ relatively thin armour or disable their tracks. The weapon could also be used as a hook and a bludgeoning tool. Today when we talk about ancient weapons we immediately think swords, spears, bows, and axes. See more ideas about Ancient weapons, Ancient, Weapons. Make sure to see all these shapes, sizes and designs and decide what appeals to you most. The character for zhua in Chinese translates as “claw” or “animal feet.” The weapon has a long handle and a claw-like figure with sharp blades at the edge. There are two holes on the side of the weapon to fit in the thumb and the pinky finger which allow the user to conceal the blades within the palm. Specification of the Weapon Length: No specific length Weight: No specific weight Configuration: Wood/steel wool Used by: Many ancient civilizations. Flaming arrows were used throughout medieval times as a thermal weapon. They were used from the Stone Age through the 1600s, when gunpowder made them obsolete.

The inside of the hook is not sharpened but the outer part has a single cutting edge. Trident - Weapon usually attributed to water deities in Western Culture, such as Poseidon.In Hinduism, it is the weapon of Shiva, known as trishula (Sanskrit for "triple-spear"). Propelled by the gunpowder, the arrows had a range of around 1,000 feet. A small number of them served as the king’s royal guard. From the Roman gladius to the English longsword, or from primitive spiked clubs to steel war hammers and maces, the evolution of these weapons didn't change their purpose - to efficiently kill enemy soldiers. They needed to be sturdy, easy to make, powerful, light, and not rust or fall apart in bad weather. It is around 50 to 60 centimeters long. The scissores class of gladiators often fought with the retiarius class whose specialty was the net-like weapon they used. It has the capacity to pull a solider from a mounted horse if used professionally. | Brooklyn Museum.

The scissor is a rather unusual weapon from ancient Rome used by the class of gladiators who were called scissores but as gladiators they were not very well described in history. Variations include the addition of a shield for defensive purposes. See old weapons stock video clips. Search the Metropolitan Museum's Collection Online. It is believed to have originated during medieval times and withstood Western influences during the 19th century.

In later years the weapon was made out of steel. Feel free to add your own to help make this list a complete and exhaustive ranking. The madu is another weapon from ancient India. Dynasty: XII Dynasty. Jul 28, 2019 - Explore Adrian Hoover's board "Ancient Weapons", followed by 815 people on Pinterest. ; Tyrfing — a cursed sword that appears in Norse Mythology that would kill a man when drawn and would eventually kill its wielder. Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York. A bow that stands as tall as its shooter, longbows dominated battlefields from the Bronze Age to the 1600s, firing a powerful arrow a great distance.

Used … It was this technique that allowed the soldiers to freely move their arms during battle. The hoplon shield could be used for bludgeoning and killing due to its weight and blunt nature. The simplest flaming arrows had oil or resin-soaked cloth tied below the arrowhead, and these were very effective against wooden structures. The "Military Factory" name and logo are registered ® U.S. trademarks protected by all applicable domestic and international intellectual property laws. The ancient Chinese weapon, the zhua, is one of the most unusual weapons in history. The Abyssinians did not practice fencing in swordplay, so the shotel was not primarily made to cut or slice. A simple shaft with a pointed head, they've been made of everything from flint to steel, and used in virtually every culture under a variety of names. There are four to five curved blades which were used to slash through the skin and muscle. Veteran hypaspist soldiers were also known as the Silver Shields (as they held silver shields) or the Argyraspids. All written content, illustrations, and photography are unique to this website (unless where indicated) and not for reuse/reproduction in … And in order to fight said wars, man needed weapons. The hilt is a simple wooden piece. Bows and arrows were also used, as were siege weapons, and early forms of gunpowder. The weight of the iron zhua is also heavy enough to kill and can be used for bludgeoning, but the sharp claws make it more dangerous and leave the opponent exposed to multiple risks. 262,690 old weapons stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

The zhua could be used to impale flesh and then rip it off the opponent. But most men went into combat carrying some kind of either blunt or edged weapon. Empires carved out in history were often the result of strategic planning, political ingenuity, and the most sophisticated warfare of their time. Specification of the Weapon Length: 7–9 ft (213 – 274 cm) Weight: 30 lb (13,6 kg) Configuration: Bronze and steel Used by: Spartans. Fire arrows, with rockets attached, were invented by the Chinese during the Song dynasty.

The shields were made from wood and the outer part was covered with bronze. It is made out of sharp-edged materials such as metal or coins. The bagh nakh is often associated with the Marathi warrior Shivaji who used the weapon to kill Afzal Khan, a Moghul general. The human form of the hilt—appearing as a geometric reduction of a classical warrior—must have been intended to enhance the power of the owner and to bear a talismanic significance. Every nation had weapons that made their armies unique. The khopesh is a thick, crescent-shaped blade. They soon fell out of favor as swords became less important on the battlefield. How about having one of these platform beds at home? Their uniqueness and the material they were made from could be enough to startle and then eventually slaughter the enemy. The handle was at the edge of the shield supported by a leather strap in the center. The 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations That Have Ever Existed, Top 10 Most Worshiped Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Top 10 Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Greece…, Top 11 Inventions and Discoveries of Mesopotamia, Top 18 Ancient Chinese Inventions and Discoveries, Top 9 Most Important Weapons of the Roman Legionary, Top 21 Fascinating Facts about the Ancient Persian Empire, Top 12 Surprising and Fascinating Facts about Ancient Sumer, Top 13 Surprising and Fascinating Facts about Ancient Babylonia, Top 12 Fascinating Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia. Specification of the Weapon Length: 40 in (blade) (101 cm) Weight: Unknown Configuration: Unknown Used by: Ancient Ethiopians. The size of the shield also acted as a floating device. But while there are countless variations on what men-at-arms carried into battle, they mostly fall into a couple of categories. The shield was primarily for defensive purposes but was used by the Spartans to gain an element of surprise. An additional knife-like weapon was also added to the sides which could be used for stabbing and thrusting. Specification of the Weapon Length: 24 in (61 cm) Weight: 3–14 lb (1,4 – 6,3 kg) Configuration: Steel Used by: Indians. The effect of the shuriken was to generate an attack as if made by an invisible swordsman. The blade is semi-curved, and the curved nature of the sword was focused on delivering stabs to vital organs like the kidneys and the lungs, as it could strike over the shield of the opponent. Try these curated collections. Specification of the Weapon Length: 5–8 1⁄2 in (13–21 cm) Weight: 1.3 – 5.3 oz (35–150 grams) Configuration: Heavy-grade steel Used by: Japanese. It was used by both mounted and unmounted soldiers. It is a pointed weapon like a star with varying numbers of edges and styles.

The weapon choice was often a crucial part of the battle strategy, for example, the Spartans used their big hoplon shields alongside other weapons to march forward and disarm the opponent. Of course, there is no need to rush with anything while looking at these photos so take all the time that you think is necessary. Specification of the Weapon Length: 24 in (61 cm) Weight: 3–14 lb (1,4 – 6,3 kg) Configuration: Steel Used by: Greek. The Spartans are often remembered for their circular shields. It is made from blackbuck horns pointing in opposite directions joined by a crossbar which also acts as a handle. Using whatever skills and resources they had, man built tools that would slash, smash, pierce, and tear their enemies. They weighed around 30 pounds and measured 3 feet in diameter. The blade is flat, double-edged and about 40 inches long. A mainstay of soldiers all over the world, battle axes came in countless variations, sizes, and materials. Ottoman yataghan / yatagan, AH 1220/ AD 1805-6, steel blade decorated with silver inlay with floral and vegetal motifs on one side and inscriptions on the other, the hilt with prominent ears forming the pommel cast with circular motifs and set with glass, the scabbard clad with elaborately embossed rococo style silver at top and bottom with coral, 76 cm, inscribed with the names of the Seven Sleepers and their dog. Maybe the most iconic weapon in human history, crude spears were being used as far back as 400,000 years ago. One of the unique features of the shield was the way it was held. 1938-1759 B.C.E.

Some pharaohs have been portrayed with the khopesh, and some were found in their tombs. ; Sword Kladenets – a fabulous magic sword in some Old Russian fairy tales. Vote up the items below you consider the most iconic middle ages weapons and pre-modern weapons, and vote down ones you think are overrated. It was launched from a platform through cylinders or boxes which could hold up to 1,000 of them. Khopesh. Length: 20-22 in (50–60 cm) Weight: 7 lb (3,2 kg) Configuration: Bronze and steel.

The weapon has two parts: a long tube that protects the gladiator’s arm, and at the end of the tube there is a long, thin cylindrical-shaped pipe with a crescent-shaped blade. Hypaspist in Greek translates as “shield bearer.” The hypaspists were known for their strength, agility, and courage. It was used to rip away the weapons and shields of the enemy. The exposed parts of the body like the eyes, hands, face, etc. The weapon was based on the claws of big cats. It was often used by the Samurai as part of their weaponry. The shotel is a curved sword originating in Abyssinia or present-day Ethiopia. Maybe the most iconic weapon in human history, crude spears were being used as far back as 400,000 years ago. The owner's name, Mustafa bashi ibn Ahmad. Period: Middle Kingdom. It is believed to have originated in South India and was used mostly as a defensive weapon to ward off counter attacks. Автор О. Гущин Булат, золото, серебро, бриллианты, рубины, чёрное дерево. (55.88 cm), Met Museum. The shape and nature of the weapon made it versatile, lethal, and capable of blocking an opponent’s blows from stabbing and slashing. ]'. The beautifully modeled head that terminates the hilt is one of the finest surviving images of a Celtic warrior. This magnificent anthropomorphic Celtic sword is also one of the best preserved. A simple shaft with a pointed head, they've been made of everything from flint to steel, and used in virtually every culture under a variety of names. This is a list of weapons organized alphabetically by.

So the scissors were used to cut this net and slaughter the opponent. The Romans, Assyrians, Judeans, and many others used flaming arrows. Caucasian (possibly Kubachi, Dagestan) kindjal, dated A.H. 1234/A.D 1818–19, steel, wood, silver, niello, Length, 22 in. Swords were not common in Egypt, and daggers and short swords of different types were often used with the exception of the khopesh. It is this unique-looking element of the weapon that made it popular among fans in the audience. The Medieval Period, AKA the Middle Ages, stretched from the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century into the 15th Century, when the Renaissance brought the Age of Discovery.

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