News: oec power outage

Use properly rated surge protectors to provide a defense against power spikes and surges. To update your phone number, you may call our phone number update service (580) 272-1508 or use our online form: <>. Driving to be our customers' and partners' choice through innovative and technologically advanced solutions. In addition, the improper connection of a generator to your home�s electrical circuits may endanger service crews helping restore power in your area.

OG&E. Moore, OK 73160-5130 Because our Facebook and Twitter pages are not tied to our outage reporting system and are not monitored 24/7, please report all outages by calling 580-272-1500 or via SmartHub or our Outage Texting Service. OEC Innovation along with Oakville Hydro are integrating numerous technologies to increase green power use and reduce power consumption. Please make sure your current phone number is on file with us. However, to ensure we are also aware of your outage, please report it to us at 580-272-1500, via SmartHub or by the Outage Texting Service.

Members with special medical needs can be disconnected for not paying their PEC bills or for defaulting on payment arrangements. How can utilities reduce power outage time, improve reliability and overall customer satisfaction? For more information on being safe around downed power lines, visit our downed power lines page. Pole-top fires can occur when moisture in the air combines with dust and dirt built up on power lines or insulators (used to attach lines to wooden poles) and creates a path by which electricity can travel from lines to the wooden pole or cross arm they are attached to. If an electrical problem within your home is not the cause and your neighbor has electricity and you do not, more than likely, they receive their electricity from a different power line or are located on a different circuit than the circuit your home is on. Learn how to report your outage to OG&E and OEC. When this happens, the pole or cross arm can heat up and catch fire. Our social media channels are not tied into our outage management system. Outages may be reported the following ways: 2) via PEC's SmartHub website or mobile app, or. Contact PEC's Engineering department at 580-332-3031 before installing a generator to ensure correct installation at your meter. After these repairs have been made, crews work on remaining outages, beginning with areas serving the greatest number of members and continuing until electricity is restored to all members. We rely on crews in the field to estimate when work will be completed on a particular outage.

In those cases the estimated restoration times are unavailable. Never trim trees around power lines yourself! You may report your outage online at (must be signed in to your account), via email at [email protected] or by calling 405-272-9595 or 800-522-6870 and now, by text message. to report an outage online or call 405-321-2024 to speak with a representative. Otherwise, if a generator is online when electrical service is restored, it can become a fire hazard. You may report your outage online at (must be signed in to your account), via email at [email protected] or by calling 405-272-9595 or 800-522-6870 and now, by text message. Report the fallen line to PEC immediately by calling our outage line at 580-272-1500 (outside of regular business hours) or PEC's Member Services Department at 580-332-3031 (during regular business hours). This could be at a substation, transmission line or a main distribution line. Our disconnection procedures are available upon request by contacting our Member Services Department. Before you report your outage (if safe and possible), please visit our reporting power outages page for more information and for steps you can take to help us determine if the service problem exists within your home�s electrical system or on our system. Text STATUS to receive updates.Visit The former Oakville hospital site is being rejuvenated into a state-of-the-art community center. PEC suggests creating an outage preparation kit that includes items such as a portable radio, batteries, phone, cash, bottled water and a flashlight. Use your mobile smart device to notify us using PEC's Outage Texting Service. As a result, during storm-related outages, restoration information may not be immediately available or may be hard to determine with accuracy.

Be aware that PEC requires a generator transfer switch (double-throw) device when you connect a generator to your home�s electrical circuits. 3) by our Outage Texting Service (7 days/week, 24/7).

Your account number and location are reported automatically if you use SmartHub to report your outage. Our team is evaluating and learning about technology disrupters such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Electric Vehicles etc. Text OUT to 768-482 to report an outage. One of the easiest ways members can help us increase the reliability of our electric distribution is to report trees growing near our lines and facilities. Jeff Mocha, Vice President of Innovation and Transformative Growth, Mary Caputi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Innovation, Doug Culbert, Director, Innovation and Technology, , Vice President of Innovation and Transformative Growth, , Senior Vice President of Enterprise Innovation. Each outage is a result of different circumstances, and some may take longer to identify and restore than others. Typically, the best source for an estimate of power restoration time is the service crew, and during an outage, they are working to locate faults and restore power, and they don�t always have the time or ability (due to safety reasons or a lack of a communications signal) to provide our control center with estimates or updates.

Currently OEC serves more than 9,600 members throughout Oconto, Marinette, and small portions of Shawano County. This is known as �tracking.�.

You also can use SmartHub or refer to the outage center map to see whether your service location is part of a larger reported outage. The plan could include arrangements to move to an alternate location, use of a portable generator and/or installation of a battery backup on important electrical devices.

Drought and humid weather (without rain) contributes to the risk of pole top fires, and fog, light rain, or light, wet snow can provide the right conditions for pole-top fires to occur. Learn how to report your outage to OG&E and OEC. Sometimes damage to PEC�s electric distribution system is extensive (lines down, broken poles, etc. To report outages using this automated system, you�ll need your phone number currently associated with your account to be up to date with your correct telephone number(s).

Following the outage restoration process ensures all members have their power restored as quickly and safely as possible. Please do not assume that others have reported the outage.

Remember to make sure your power is not out because of an electrical problem inside your home, such as a tripped breaker. Power Outages: What can I do to help get my power back on? The outage restoration process begins at the point where electricity feeds into PEC�s system. Working around high-voltage electric lines is dangerous and can have deadly consequences. Power outages are an occasional fact of life, and sometimes they're accompanied by a power surge either when the outage begins or when power is restored.

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