News: nds to cia

En alguna parte vacía de la carpeta, mantén presionada la tecla Shift + clic secundario y selecciona "Abrir ventada de comandos aquí". [Rom Loading failed]

Acekard RPG, Ace 3DS+/Gateway Blue Card/R4iLS/R4iTT, R4iDSN/R4i Gold RTS - WoodR4, If anyone is wondering how to make "Forwarder3DS.jar" to run, i did it by making bat file. If using EmuNAND, install it to both Sys & Emu NANDs. 3e 37 38!\',i=0,h=0,n=\'3g.3d\',l=0,Z=e()+\'.2O\';B u(t){z(t)t=t.1S(t.F-15);q i=k.2N(\'3i\');1R(q n=i.F;n--;){q e=S(i[n].1G);z(e)e=e.1S(e.F-15);z(e===t)G!0};G!1};B m(t){z(t)t=t.1S(t.F-15);q e=k.3w;x=0;1a(x15){q n=k.1d(\'29\');n.j.1h=\'1O\';n.j.1t=\'1r\';n.j.13=\'1r\';n.j.V=\'-1o\';n.j.17=\'-1o\';k.K.5J(n,k.K.33[d]);n.1f(e);q o=k.1d(\'1y\');o.1k=\'2G\';o.j.1h=\'1O\';o.j.17=\'-1o\';o.j.V=\'-1o\';k.K.1f(o)}O{e.1k=\'2G\';k.K.1f(e)};l=5T(B(){z(e){t((e.1T==0),i);t((e.23==0),i);t((e.1K==\'2x\'),i);t((e.1N==\'2A\'),i);t((e.1J==0),i)}O{t(!0,i)}},27)},1F:B(e,c){z((e)&&(i==0)){i=1;E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z();E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1F=B(){G}}O{q f=t.11(\'5S\'),h=k.5R(f);z((h)&&(i==0)){z((2g%3)==0){q l=\'5Q=\';l=t.11(l);z(u(l)){z(h.1E.1A(/\\s/g,\'\').F==0){i=1;E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z()}}}};q p=!1;z(i==0){z((2h%3)==0){z(!E[\'\'+N+\'\'].2d){q r=[\'5P==\',\'4N==\',\'5N=\',\'5M=\',\'5L=\'],m=r.F,a=r[D.L(D.J()*m)],d=a;1a(a==d){d=r[D.L(D.J()*m)]};a=t.11(a);d=t.11(d);o(D.L(D.J()*2)+1);q n=26 24(),s=26 24();n.1X=B(){o(D.L(D.J()*2)+1);s.1G=d;o(D.L(D.J()*2)+1)};s.1X=B(){i=1;o(D.L(D.J()*3)+1);E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z()};n.1G=a;z((2y%3)==0){n.1W=B(){z((n.13<8)&&(n.13>0)){E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z()}}};o(D.L(D.J()*3)+1);E[\'\'+N+\'\'].2d=!0};E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1F=B(){G}}}}},1z:B(){z(h==1){q R=2m.6z(\'2l\');z(R>0){G!0}O{2m.6y(\'2l\',(D.J()+1)*27)}};q u=\'6w==\';u=t.11(u);z(!m(u)){q c=k.1d(\'6u\');c.1Z(\'6t\',\'6s\');c.1Z(\'2W\',\'1m/6r\');c.1Z(\'1Q\',u);k.2N(\'6q\')[0].1f(c)};6p(l);k.K.1E=\'\';k.K.j.16+=\'P:1r !19\';k.K.j.16+=\'1C:1r !19\';q Z=k.1Y.23||E.2U||k.K.23,p=E.6m||k.K.1T||k.1Y.1T,d=k.1d(\'1y\'),M=e();d.1k=M;d.j.1h=\'2B\';d.j.17=\'0\';d.j.V=\'0\';d.j.13=Z+\'1v\';d.j.1t=p+\'1v\';d.j.2u=g;d.j.21=\'6k\';k.K.1f(d);q r=\'5H 5G 5d\';r=r.1A(\'5c\',e());r=r.1A(\'5b\',e());q o=k.1d(\'1y\');o.1E=r;o.j.1h=\'1O\';o.j.1B=\'1I\';o.j.17=\'1I\';o.j.13=\'59\';o.j.1t=\'58\';o.j.21=\'2r\';o.j.1J=\'.6\';o.j.2n=\'2q\';o.1g(\'55\',B(){n=n.54(\'\').53().51(\'\');E.2k.1Q=\'//\'+n});k.1D(M).1f(o);q i=k.1d(\'1y\'),C=e();i.1k=C;i.j.1h=\'2B\';i.j.V=p/7+\'1v\';i.j.4Y=Z-4W+\'1v\';i.j.4V=p/3.5+\'1v\';i.j.2u=\'#4U\';i.j.21=\'2r\';i.j.16+=\'H-1j: "4T 4S", 1w, 1x, 1i-1l !19\';i.j.16+=\'4R-1t: 4Q !19\';i.j.16+=\'H-1e: 5e !19\';i.j.16+=\'1m-1p: 1q !19\';i.j.16+=\'1C: 52 !19\';i.j.1K+=\'2L\';i.j.35=\'1I\';i.j.5f=\'1I\';i.j.5F=\'2E\';k.K.1f(i);i.j.5E=\'1r 5C 5B -5A 5z(0,0,0,0.3)\';i.j.1N=\'2F\';q Y=30,w=22,x=18,Q=18;z((E.2U<2Z)||(5w.13<2Z)){i.j.2X=\'50%\';i.j.16+=\'H-1e: 5t !19\';i.j.35=\'5h;\';o.j.2X=\'65%\';q Y=22,w=18,x=12,Q=12};i.1E=\'<2P j="1c:#5q;H-1e:\'+Y+\'1L;1c:\'+a+\';H-1j:1w, 1x, 1i-1l;H-1M:5p;P-V:1b;P-1B:1b;1m-1p:1q;">\'+b+\'<2M j="H-1e:\'+w+\'1L;H-1M:5n;H-1j:1w, 1x, 1i-1l;1c:\'+a+\';P-V:1b;P-1B:1b;1m-1p:1q;">\'+y+\'<5l j=" 1K: 2L;P-V: 0.2J;P-1B: 0.2J;P-17: 2b;P-2I: 2b; 2s:5j 5i #4O; 13: 25%;1m-1p:1q;">


<29 5D="U.j.1J=.9;" 5u="U.j.1J=1;" 1k="\'+e()+\'" j="2n:2q;H-1e:\'+Q+\'1L;H-1j:1w, 1x, 1i-1l; H-1M:2C;2s-4P:2E;1C:1b;56-1c:\'+W+\';1c:\'+v+\';1C-17:2c;1C-2I:2c;13:60%;P:2b;P-V:1b;P-1B:1b;" 6v="E.2k.6x();">\'+s+\'

\'}}})();E.2K=B(t,e){q n=6A.6B,i=E.6d,d=n(),o,a=B(){n()-d
Igual es un solo juego que me interesa. Acekard 2(i)/M3DS Real A: When booting YSMenu, hold B to go to the ROM selection menu. 1. 8 comments.

Congratulations, you’ve now setup cheats with TWiLight Menu++ so you can power through your Nintendo DS backlog without random encounters or Game Over screens. Wow!

M3 DS Real The Nintendo DS is a handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo, released in 2004. A: Delete or rename any existing YSMenu.ini file in the YSMenu and root folders/directories. After you extract the pack for your card, you can edit "sd:/nds/ntr_forwarder.ini" and change one of the settings.

Vuelve a colocar la memoria SD en tu 3DS y con FBI haz la instalación del archivo CIA que acabas de generar. 4q 4p\\\'t?\',f=\'4o 4n 4m-4l, 4k 4j\\\'t 4h 3K U 3H 3I.\',s=\'I 3c, I 3f 3b 3a 2Y 2f. In the 7z file, go to "_nds" and "TWiLightMenu". R4i3D ( Con esto se generará el archivo CIA dentro de la misma carpeta donde se encuentra el rom.nds que arrastraste. The only downside is that it drains your system battery faster. You see, I lost my R4 card so I need a new method to play DS roms.

DISABLEANIMATION: If set to 1 or if B is held, the DS/DSi boot screen is skipped.

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