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Under Sultan Qaboos, defence, trade, investment and people to people ties as well as intelligence cooperation with India all grew leaps and bounds. [2] He previously served as Minister of Heritage and Culture in the Sultanate of Oman. In 1996, when Shankar Dayal Sharma visited Oman as President, Sultan Qaboos broke protocol to receive him at the airport, drove him personally, and made it a point to spend considerable time with him. Qaboos personally granted support to the building of two temples in the country. They had two daughters, Amal and Nawal. Prior to Haitham’s current position as minister of heritage and culture, he served as undersecretary of the ministry of foreign affairs for political affairs and the secretary general for the ministry of foreign affairs before that, experience that was considered to have provided him with the necessary political gravitas and foreign policy expertise to help steer Oman into a post-Qaboos era. In this Monday, January 14, 2019 file photo, Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said al-Said sits during a meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Beit Al Baraka Royal Palace in Muscat. Oman occupies the South East corner of the Arabian Peninsula and holds a strategic enclave across from Iran at the Strait of Hormuz – a narrow waterway at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and the route for tankers carrying about one sixth of the world’s oil supply. Under Qaboos, Oman has focused on maintaining friendly relations with its immediate neighbors, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, while avoiding interfering in the internal affairs of any state. Sultan Said bin Taimur was shipped off to Britain, where he died in 1972. Copyright © 2020 The Telegraph. He separated from Nawal later and had no children - a cause of serious concern to members of the ruling family and Oman's external friends. Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman appointed on March 2 Sayyid Assad bin Tariq al-Said as deputy prime minister for international cooperation. As Rouhani’s recent visit to Muscat indicates, Tehran arguably stands to benefit more from protecting the status quo and ensuring that Oman remains a neutral party. The new Sultan is a graduate of Oxford University Foreign Service Programme and went to Pembroke College in Britain for his post-graduation.

The Candidates: Haitham, Assad, and Shihab. The year 2016 witnessed a dramatic economic transformation in Saudi Arabia that triggered unprecedented political changes. If they cannot agree on a candidate, the Defense Council will decide, based on a name or names submitted by the previous sultan. The late sultan was briefly married from 1976 to 1979 to Sayyida Nawal bint Tariq Al-Said. Meanwhile, the British wanted Oman to open up to the outside world due to the discovery of oil in the 1960s, and given the reluctance of Sultan Said bin Taimur, helped Sultan Qaboos to depose his father in a bloodless coup in 1970. In 1976 Qaboos ibn Sa‘id married his cousin, Kamila, née Sayyidah Nawwal bint Tariq (born 1951), daughter of HH Sayyid Tariq ibn Taymur. ), Sultan Qaboos leaves behind a rich legacy, he pushed education, opened the economy to non-oil sectors.

Qaboos admired classical music, and in 2011 he opened the Royal Oman Opera House in Muscat. Qaboos bin Sa‘id is an avid fan and promoter of classical music. Ruling Oman since 1970, Sultan Qaboos’ sexual identity has been has often been the subject of speculation, mainly because the Sultan had only one short childless marriage to his first cousin Nawal Bint Tariq.

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