News: my favourite country australia essay

As I explore Canada a bit more, it could definitely move up on this list. From Alaska to Hawaii to Utah, there is such a range.

Still with so little for tourists to do in Congo, though, it’s place on this list is limited.

Indonesia has massive potential, and it’s ranking is based almost entirely on that, but I see this country doing nothing but fading as a destination as word of it’s misgivings starts to leak out. Australia covers about 5% of earth's land area. And, like so many of these European countries on my list, I didn’t get to see that much of it. Overall it is a place that I dream to visit and the Australian authority has given a slogan to Australia tourism which is “There’s nothing like Australia” which I feel is very accurate as for me, there is nothing like Australia, because the places, the nightlife, the number of beaches and the beauty which can be seen in Australia, would never be seen at any other country. For the most part, they were arrogant, apathetic and unwilling to lend a hand.

I Liked Slovakia, I really did. But there’s more to it than just the downtown area of Kowloon and the Island. The Western Cape with the Garden Route, along with the Wild Coast and the interior national parks make South Africa a brilliantly diverse destination. I was in Albania, but I wasn’t really.

It’s an incredible beautiful country. Guatemala has a bit of a strange hold on me. And, I’m putting it here on the list to show my confusion with it. I enjoyed my time wasting days away drinking beers with locals by the side of the road in towns like Concepcion and Asunción, but I can’t really think of a reason to return. However, when I arrived in South Africa, I realized how brilliant this country really is. The Galapagos are a top 5 experience for me.

The thing I learned to love about Kyrgyzstan was the freedom. On Java island, anyone in the travel industry seems to be a scammer, and rip-offs of tourist aren’t just the norm, but expected. How the DRC is not at the bottom of the list says a lot about French Guinana.

Ecuador may have fallen out of my 10 Ten thanks to South Africa, but it’s definitely still one of my favourite countries to travel to. Web. However, as I’ve pushed on to find the beautiful landscapes of The Lake District, Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset, I’ve learned to really love England.

Right now, Sierra Leone might not be the best country to travel for beginners, but an improvement in infrastructure could easily propel its global tourism appeal. When I travelled through Burkina, I found lots of great tourism activities and an infrastructure to handle it. I also loved Ile de Goree. Places like Petra and Wadi Rum are both absolutely incredible. Bulgaria is actually a country I had really high hopes for. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my time in Greece. You might call America the land of the free, but there’s no freedom like Kyrgyz freedom. I’d love to get back to Zambia and explore more of the eastern portion of the country as well.

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