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Mature bucks weigh up to 300 pounds; does average around 150. The steep wall of a coulee might slow the deer down enough to make a shot. The physical variation in mule deer led early natural-ists to collect a mule deer from one location and another from someplace else and designate them as different species or subspecies because slight differences they described.

Some experts have tried to develop a way to definitively tell all the subspecies apart from one another and concluded it could not be done. This is probably because they expanded northward relatively rapidly at the end of the Pleistocene as the glaciers retreated. Mule deer love brushy hillsides because that is where their preferred foods are found; so focus much of your glassing attention on areas with willows, shrubs, and other browse. A typical high country archery strategy is to use glassing techniques to find the deer in the morning while they are feeding in meadows and on open avalanche slides. Often this bit of protection serves to give the hunter a much-needed bit of cover to use while approaching the deer on the final leg of a stalk. Jim has authored or coauthored more than 200 magazine articles, dozens of scientific papers, and 20 book chapters in regional, national, and international publications. ), but a third on San Jose Island has never been described by science and we were able to obtain some DNA from deer on these islands. The openness of these areas gives you a chance to see deer after you’ve bumped them from their beds. I'm an Easterner but spent some time in Wyoming hunting muleys. For many reasons, far-West Texas’ mule deer numbers have been falling irregularly for years. It has many crosswords divided into different worlds and groups. For instance, even the most recent textbooks contain the same stagnant, outdated information about mule deer subspecies because no one has reevaluated the same old list of subspecies names and designated ranges.

It really doesn’t make sense in most cases that we have one kind of deer on one side of a line and a different type of deer on the other side. Thus, this work could lead to positive changes in the conservation of mule deer in Mexico and elsewhere by offering real incentives for conservation. On the flipside, this flavor can be described as highly aromatic and “herby.”  Good for any red meat application. But when it comes to mule deer, you can do as much roaming as you’d like. To complete this research, I brought together Drs. So yes the Southwestern elk are all the same subspecies and the size differences are adaptation, climate and habitat (food). If major weather is imminent, it’s best to back out and wait for a better scenario. Genetic data can help us protect lawful hunting of mule deer throughout their range by giving us the knowledge needed to guard against ridiculous lawsuits to protect invalid subspecies designations. Still-Hunting When hunting coulees, walk the upwind side and watch for deer that have smelled you and are sneaking or bounding away up the opposite side. You might sit on a glassing knob on October 20 and see two bucks, then return on November 20, peak rut and see 20. Once a type of mule deer becomes specifically sought after by hunters, it will be seen as an asset and protected, rather than poached, by locals. At first it’s a funny sight, until you realize that this goofy looking jump puts a mountain of steep, obstacle-filled terrain between hunter and hunted in a hurry. Elk were natives to Texas and all native Texas elk are Rocky Mountain Elk, as we proved in our peer-reviewed paper found here: The desert mule deer name Odocoileus hemionus crooki is not valid because, as I wrote in a journal article, its scientific designation was based on a specimen that was a mule deer x whitetail hybrid. If you can stay downwind and not get too close to the deer, preferably, you will never get closer than 200 yards, you have a strong chance of securing the animal as long as it doesn’t wander off. Bar Room Banter

Big bucks, land management, rut reports, and tips for the whitetail obsessed. When still-hunting mule deer, focus on edges between bedding and feeding areas. And even when they bolt, there’s a good chance that they’ll stop before vanishing in order to assess whether or not they’re being followed. And don’t limit your hunting times to the standard dawn and dusk routines. They typically eat relatively little grass, though they are often drawn to cropfields where available. For example, does the “Inyo Mule Deer” really exist with its very restricted range in Inyo County, California. For example, deer harvested near the boundary of those two different types may be hybrid intergrades. Then you watch the deer to see where they’re going to bed down in the late morning.

During one of the past ice ages, these two blacktail subspecies were isolated from mule deer and accumulated their differences. However, clouds and incoming weather will quickly kill a sustained wind direction. Peninsula mule deer in southern Baja California (Mexico) is mostly isolated from other mule deer and some of its physical characteristics, such as tail coloration, differ from mule deer in the northern part of the Baja Peninsula. The mule deer’s top predators are wolves and mountain lions. Subspecies solidly based in science provide useful units of conservation. Whitetails don't do that. Large, mule-like ears. The fact that these animals are thriving under the most successful system of wildlife conservation in the world is not always an adequate defense in today’s courts. Your email address will not be published. So even when you feel like you completely blew an opportunity on a still-hunt, it’s smart to be prepared for a shot and to quickly move toward an area where you can see in the direction that the deer was headed.

Birthing occurs May-June.

Since the bedded deer are blind to their backside and can’t smell what’s above them either, they will often bed with a rock, cliff or clump of vegetation to their backs.

One of the most frivolous subspecies assignments was the designation of a new eastern desert mule deer (different from western desert mule deer) based on the antler shape of a single buck skull lying uncatalogued in a museum. Not all of these samples were needed to answer the questions at hand, so we selected a sub-sample of nearly 1,800 for inclusion in this analysis. There is no well-defined line that could be drawn between desert and Rocky Mountain mule deer either on a physical or genetic basis; bigger, darker northern deer gradually change to lighter, smaller deer in the Southwest. Luckily for you, after reaching relative safety, the mule deer will often stop and take a look at its pursuer, sometimes providing a shot opportunity. CodyCross is a famous newly released game which is developed by Fanatee. All that speciation is opportunists trying to say they discovered a species, when really most of the differences are due to adaptation to climate and habitat… not really genetics. Emily Latch and O. E.Rhodes, Jr., two wildlife geneticists recognized for their previous work in this area.

In light of the uncertainty and confusion that current subspecies designations have produced, some have argued that it is time to discard subspecies names al- together.

Equal rights for all, special privileges for none. Mule deer behave much differently than whitetails. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Tiburon Island mule deer are genetically different from those on the Sonoran mainland even though deer have been known to swim back and forth. Then Vernon Bailey declared that “old-timers’” reports of big West Texas elk proved these to also be Merriams – without ever seeing a single Texas sample. Thanks, and you are right about academic competition, and also sloppy scholarship.

We are accumulating some idea of genetic relatedness among these subspecies, but also have to consider the entire package that may make them different from others of the same species. As other researchers have found, blacktails have very different mitochondrial DNA than all other subspecies of mule deer. However, two of the subspecies, Sitka and Columbian blacktails, differ genetically and physically from the rest of the mule deer. Mule deer stand about 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall at the shoulder. So after the hunter has watched the deer bed, he typically has a two to four hour window to perform a stalk with the wind in his face. All Rights Reserved. Fortunately, in the case of blacktail vs. mule deer, we already have a foundation of previous genetic research which shows that both blacktail subspecies have mtDNA that differs substantially from all the mule deer subspecies. Either way, use extreme caution when hunting high-country basins. If it’s an expansive area, bowhunters should try to position themselves along the approach route to the feeding area in order that they might get within close range of the animals. These deer are undoubtedly different (as physical descriptions have indicated) from other mule deer, but how different? They tend not to spook as easy as whitetails. Because of the lack of any clarifying information, the original list of subspecies has not been altered much through the years and so the same mule deer subpecies continue to be recognized today, regardless of whether they are valid or not. Mule deer mate from late November to mid December. Building a solid, defensible basis for record-keeping categories. Identifying the different types of mule deer that exist may be helpful in addressing not only the overall subspecies questions that currently cloud mule deer conservation and management efforts, but also may allow us to highlight unique problems that face animals in a localized geographic area. Mule deer can be hard to pick out from their surroundings, and good optics are an invaluable tool for finding them.

Record keeping categories must be based on real and consistently diagnosed differences.

For instance, mule deer in the southern latitudes are generally smaller in body size than those in the north and those inhabiting the deserts appear lighter in color than those in heavily forested regions. As a result, and through repetition for over 100 years, this psuedo-science became, as Colin Groves and Peter Grubb, authors of Ungulate Taxonomy put it, “unquestionable primary sources of knowledge.” Groves stated emphatically, “There is not — never was — any such thing as ‘Merriam’s elk’”. Two kinds of DNA were analyzed: mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and nuclear DNA (nDNA). Mule deer are much more likely than whitetails to pause for a few moments after they’ve been alerted to your presence. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. I’m fortunate to live in the epicenter of the country’s best mule deer hunting. Rather than ignore local adaptations or disregard geographic differences, we should describe them accurately based on physical and genetic relationships that show true relatedness and differentiation. Even novice hunters can expect to see loads of mule deer if they do an adequate job of pre-hunt research. Physical Characteristics Whether you’re spotting from a hard-to-reach mountain peak or a pickup truck parked along a ranch road, plan on treating your binoculars as though they are glued to your face. With snow on the ground, you’ll find them by looking for their brown bodies. From this sparse collection of deer, the geographic ranges of mule deer subspecies were drawn on a map. Shot Show Cancelled - TNVC & NGI Present vSHOTT 2021 with TNV PVS-14 Givewaway! The highest area of genetic diversity in blacktails is in coastal Washington and Oregon, indicating this was an ice-free coastal area during the last ice age where black-tailed deer became isolated and developed differently from mule deer.

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