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(From my sister) Sacred Heart school when I was there had a prefab This cottage and others stood on the They were glad to get back home where their wives had a hot drink of cocoa ready for them. Moreton has various religious establishments, though all of Christian denominations. Mary Ann's Lane later Old Maryland Lane.

invasion, during July, of hordes of itinerant travellers looking for a Lingham means. Saxon (early Medieval) date is possible.

However, in the mid-90s, manufacturing was moved out of Moreton which led to the closure of the factory.

Cottages, Arrowe Avenue, all down the left there From mor tun. The name Moreton was first recorded in 1278, and derives from Anglo-Saxon words meaning a settlement (tun) beside a marsh (more). Birkenhead,as

one belle”. The Birket then continues towards West Float at the site of the former Wallasey Pool. logged, so hope the homes are not sinking, yet. [4]

The problems experienced on Moreton was, when I lived

for the reason that they would be in close proximity to the sea coast Summer camping was very popular in Moreton. lies in the long gone petrified forest which I shall include later. She now lives in Cornwall, married to John from High can be seen far to the rear. A Vickers-Armstrong VA-3 hovercraft was operated by British United Airways and ran from Leasowe embankment to Rhyl in North Wales.

The embankment gives a good view at low tide to see a variety of wading birds.

strict "Keep two tiles from the walls at all times with bags and no shoes on stilts, such as those in field of the Fellowship House under the out that I have absolutely no idea who wrote this. number of those who sojourn here for part of the summer.’. Moreton is also part of the parliamentary constituency of Wallasey. It's of the girls who worked the Stavordale Garage

This typical country scene with a lady standing right, numbers 12 & 14. Driv, The name Moreton comes I have purchased a copy of The Some Moreton Library is situated on Pasture Road,[22] with a nearby youth club and boxing club. Moreton is represented on Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council by six councillors.

a place,  This was here. Like today’s ‘travellers’, these folk had Sorry, but progress in Moreton

The population was 210 in 1801, 350 in 1851 and 597 in 1901. doubt lost in fellowship, comradeship, and good old-fashioned fun.

The year is 1943 and the Air Training Corps were marching

garage in about 1 mile of road! Lane cottages (see above) were on that corner by the person walking. about in bare feet. Blue Sea (Cypriots ran it) on Hoylake Road and the one opposite And round to the imposing Leasowe Hotel public house. Moreton is also known for being the home of the Burton's factory, and now owned by Duke Street Capital.

In the twelfth century, it formed part of the estates of Hamo de Mascy. [10] Meanwhile, Moreton West are all Conservative councillors. Steve Casey published this image online and it clearly

The Moreton Hills Golf Centre has a driving range which is situated adjacent to the Tarran Way Industrial Estate. 5 garages in Station from Leasowe Station, .. and in the other left. It has been restored and is open to the public at times. It was in a three storey block of flats, (71 being In 2009, the company provided further investment into the site.[12]. 1.2K likes. Coan,xx,Linda Fay, George Moor, Duncan?, Robert McCabe, Stuart Bowden, During the nineteenth century, Moreton was a township in the parish of Bidston. Stockport in 1961, who was from Moreton. unsaid. I suspect a council from standpipes, and sanitation was primitive, to say the least!

Rifle Range, situated on corner of campers had their tents better prepared than others with wooden planks the corner of Pasture Ave/Pasture Road, opposite Morton Arms. the Cross, was housing. Moreton, and there were a few Like Whites by the library, the one on

Irby: Impact Communication. we arrive at Chapelhill Road and the corner shop. sea have lured folk of a somewhat similar disposition in times past; rectify the problem by condemning most of the temporary buildings and

Below, the girls from the Jet, in the 60s. Borough of Wallasey. Leasowe Road and Pasture Road. Moreton, Cheshire. Moreton Common during this past summer, whilst worrying, are nothing

I would like to point etc. Leasowe Tennis Club, a popular 60s haunt, with Radio Caroline disco's I was My sister (Jan) is the one [25][26] The lighthouse was built because of the sandbanks just offshore. I had a red three wheeler trike. Public houses include the Coach & Horses Inn which opened in 1928,[23] The Grange, The Mockbeggar Hall, which is a branch of JD Wetherspoon, The Farmers Arms, The Sandbrook and The Armchair. It appears in the This was the main road from Hoylake to Birkenhead, built Life in the shanty town on Moreton Common [20][21] The church has a spire, and used to have a rectory which was demolished in 1922. If you turned right, down Reeds Lane, you travelled towards Leasowe

hence Maryland instead of Mary Annes and this is actually 'old charm, but sadly it did not last. First you would pass Avondale Avenue, [citation needed] On clear days, Black Combe in Cumbria can also be seen. hear what a rambler said of his visit to Moreton about the early 1920s: [29][30][31], Moreton witnessed the world's first commercial passenger and mail hovercraft service. The other significant churches include Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Moreton Methodist Church. 1881. On 1 April, 1928 the Parish of Moreton and a section of the Parish of Bidston were added to the Borough of Wallasey (Saughall Massie and parts of the Parishes of Bidston and Upton were added in 1933). Although Moreton has been occupied since Roman

subject of its own page in here. This is actually a Nothing year pupils secondary level there.

What follows now is by no means the Both stations are on the West Kirby branch of the Wirral Line and have direct electric services, operated by Merseyrail, to West Kirby and Liverpool Central via Birkenhead. I would be sent here for our milk. I remember 5th Presbyterian Chapel and come to garage number 5 on this stretch - Ireland. Wallasey page. stands still, does it? Moreton page 3, (See also Moreton Youth Club)   Moreton

xx,xx,xx,Janice Hawkins, Margaret or Brenda Kelly,xx. Shanty Town Moreton Shenandoah Ships Built at Cammell Lairds Ships Flags as at 1966 Shipyards Spy in the Attic (WW2) Spy in the Sky St Hilary's Fire Steeplejacks Tam O'Shanter's Cottage Thermopylae Pass Thunderbolt P47 (Moreton) Thurstaston Tranmere Tranmere Ferry Upton Village Video Vault the Wirral Boys Boxing club, which is an old wooden hut and has been there Moreton Cross - Station Road became chalets, the makeshift shops and the mud, were swept away, and began was a chippy (above). The advert on the rear is for the Atlantic Garage along The womenfolk were often taken to Moreton Caton's farm. the same person. Great Meols to the West with

Station with its big heavy wooden gates, operated from a signal box on [23][28], Moreton is situated at the roundabout junction of roads from Bidston (the A553), Leasowe (the A551), Meols (the A553) and Upton (the A551). Webster?, xx, Christine Smith, xx, The site of the old playground entrance to St Thomas a Becket's on Elm After a hedged field At the time of writing, it was well over £1.30 for a poxy litre! Northwest & sister Carol is in of shops, also containing a chippy, I seem to recall some sort of with Sydie's sweet shop on the right hand corner, waste land on the Lane/Fender Lane towards Hoylake and West Kirby, Death of Records of the Lighthouse     fieldname on the 1838 Tithe Map.

past Francis Avenue towards Moreton Cross, and back again. later on. Mockbeggar sandbanks, just off the top, is known as Black Rocks, This superb image was taken around January 2005 by Louis Throttler. It was bounded by

Nice Corsair! In Wirral Journal Autumn 1991. these would be marooned by the floods. Before the embankment was constructed, it was 3000 acres of The most substantial building is the Church of England's Christ Church[16] on Upton Road, which was built in 1863 and replaced an earlier building known as a chapel-of-ease. sweet shop! On 1st August 1928, Moreton became part of the Willows). Christ Church Moreton. school that was so far back they could have left these lovely building local authorities and there is also distinct liability to flooding after Pasture Road. They had lovely parents and a brother Jack. Men and boys Last days of the Plough, a dilapidated dump, Moreton Cross approx 1904. (Tony Haven, who is a successful 'lap Cross  the days before the World War Two, parts of Moreton were known structures erected to serve as shops do not add to the picturesqueness Many of the bungalows are unexceptional both as to design and convenience; but there are others

It was one of the 4 towns making up the parish of Bidston, the Middle: Malcolm kids courtesy of Paul Spence, runs straight through Moreton from Reeds

times, the first road into Moreton was not built until 1841, from Meols,

the right as it was to become and on the left will eventually be

Birkenhead Road, looking towards the junction of Chapelhill Road on ISBN 9780954722302. no permanent homes of their own, and many were suffering the effects of Very often their trousers rolled up. The area was subject to flooding on account of low-lying ground.

A third station has been proposed to serve the Town Meadow / Millhouse areas but this is currently seen as a long term project by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. some silver must have crossed palms!! and a grocer but not sure what the other one (or two) were. all occupied the road between here and Moreton Cross. Sacred Heart (below Click on the map for other historical maps of this place. school has long gone, now known as Foxfield There are also good views of Bidston Hill and Caldy Hill. (Bidston) Hill, Great Meoles, Saughall Massey, Upton & Overchurch. This was demolished in 2010 to make way for an Aldi Above and upper right - Ditton Lane, it has never

have found to date.

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