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The fish are processed almost exclusively in Winnipeg, Man, where they are gutted, lightly brined, dyed an orange-red colour and smoked over oak fires. Enter Outdoor Canada’s 10th annual photo contest! It’s great to hear from you Ryley, and I’m glad you enjoy reading the magazine! Noon to 3., Custom Acid Rod or Spiral Wrap Guides on Longer Baitcast Rods for Steelheading,,,,, Gift Cards & Gift Certificates are available in ANY Denomination,,, Professional Line Winding / Spooling Machine – Bulk Monofilament, Braid and Float Reel Backing / Dacron,,,, They will also take small lures and natural baits with gusto. Goldeyes are deep bodied, with small blunt heads and rounded snouts. Mooneyes can reach 47 centimetres (19 in) in length.

Goldeyes have dark-blue to blue-green backs, silvery sides, white bellies and brown edges to their scales giving them a slightly tan coloured appearance. When I got home I researched it on Google and I think it might be a mooneye.

No Guelph, Fergus, Kitchener or Cambridge Fishing Tackle Retailer will boast as complete and diverse a store inventory, including a vast selection of Centerpin / Float Fishing Reels, Rods, Clothing and Accessories. How solunar tables can help you catch more and bigger fish.

I am 12 years old, I’m hooked on fishing, and I love your magazine. Goldeye flesh when freshly caught is undesirable due to its poor taste and quality. And keep up-to-date with Canada's fishing and hunting authority! And, as I am sure you discovered, they are also a lot of fun to catch.

Because mooneyes are not widely spread geographically across North America, not very many anglers can lay claim to catching them, so you can be proud to have hooked and landed a real trophy. From McGill’s Redpath Museum.

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By the 1930s overfishing nearly wiped out stocks; it took decades for them to recover. Custom Made Centerpin Float Reels – One of a kind! fishing spots from the host of TV’s Big Coast, Awesome fishing and hunting photos from Outdoor Canada readers, Why your opinion about dealing with chronic wasting disease is important. Here’s what that means for bowhunters, New government allies help Manitoba Wildlife Federation reach conservation goals, Why Canadian anglers and hunters owe Phil Morlock a debt of gratitude. Order a HLS or TFC Gift Card – We will put one in the mail for FREE! Can you tell me any more about these fish? Our Vision is to educate, so YOU can make an informed decision. Wedding Boutonnieres – Boutonniere, Gift & Keepsake – All 3 in ONE! See for details.

Recipe & video: Tender goose with Morocco-inspired spices, Recipe & video: Tuscan walleye blends tastes of central Italy with a Canadian favourite, What hatcheries are teaching us about brook, brown and rainbow trout, Blue Fish Radio: Why scientists love data from fishing apps, 12 of the year’s best Canadian outdoor adventure photos. This year I was fishing in northern Ontario by Kenora, on a lake attached to the English River. They are large-eyed, fork-tailed fish that physically resemble shads. In the Mississippi River, these fish occur as far south as Arkansas.

The goldeye (Hiodon alosoides) [Lat alosoides, "shadlike"] is a relatively small, opportunistic foraging freshwater fish of the family Hiodontidae (order Osteoglossiformes).The mooneye (H. tergisus), the only other species in the family, is often confused with goldeye.They can be distinguished by the position of the dorsal fin, which is behind or equal to the anal fin on goldeye, and … As well, they like a twitched fly, not always a dead drift. Goldeye are endemic to North America, occurring in Canada from western Ontario to the Rocky Mountains and north to Great Slave Lake with an isolated pocket of distribution directly below James Bay in Ontario and Quebec. They can be distinguished by the position of the dorsal fin, which is behind or equal to the anal fin on goldeye, and eye colour, which fittingly is gold coloured in goldeye. Canadian Biodiversity WebsiteA great information source for all budding biologists. What’s the best auto-loading shotgun: inertia or gas? Weekly Guest Tyer / Presenter Events – Sat.

You also agree to receive email updates on new posts and offers. When I got home I researched it on Google and I think it might be a mooneye. The mooneye can also be found in the Mackenzie River system. The mooneye (Hiodon tergisus Lesueur, 1818) is widespread across North America, living in the clear waters of lakes, ponds, and rivers.

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