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SE: Yes, a lot of them. Every school I went to was within walking distance. But most millennials only know who he is from Rick Ross’s cover of his classic hit, “I’m the Magnificent,” a reggae-influenced cut, featuring a loop from the Rocksteady classic “(007) Shantytown.” Even Shaquille O’Neal would cover his club anthem, “I Got it Made,” on his album Shaq-Fu: Da Return. OKP: Anything crazy happen? This time around, the cast put the ladies first. Special Ed: Around that time they had records out and they were the closest thing to rapping. When I heard them that’s where I said I like this.

They’re very close. READ: The Flatbush Flavors Of Hip-Hop’s “Youngest In Charge,” Special Ed. But we still have to get back to ownership with what’s going on and ownership of who you are and what you’re giving out. There’s none of this ‘half-brother, half-sister’ bullsh*t. Because they all come from me. Monie tells the Father Hoods that providing time to children is perhaps the most valuable asset a dad can offer. It was crazy.

Copyright © 2020 Interactive One, LLC. Monie Love speaks on alleged rumors that she dated 2Pac @hiphop. It was just really about paying attention. OKP: Talk about your first tour touring with Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Run-DMC, Queen Latifah, and Big Daddy Kane.

WATCH: Special Ed Link With Monie Love, Dana Dane, Chubb Rock & More To Form “The Alumni ... Yeah, three [songs] on Junior Mafia‘s album and two on two different Tupac [Shakur] albums. When Klep came through and said he was doing the Junior M.A.F.I.A. I liked producing. Just to be on tour with them was amazing. It seemed to go according to the temperature of her life at that time. You don’t have to name names. OKP: You went to Samuel J. Tilden and Erasmus high school. Her oldest daughter Charlena is 28, followed by college student, Caleigh, who is 22. But after his second album, Legal, and his third album, Revelations, he largely disappeared from the scene, with the exception of the 1994 hit “Crooklyn Dodgers” for the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s film, Crooklyn. This is from socializing, we all knew each other coming up. I liked to sit there with Howie Tee. I just watched him and I bought all the same equipment he had. Who influenced you in terms of storytelling? He came through to the lab and he was like Biggie’s gonna put us on. SE: Yeah, three [songs] on Junior Mafia‘s album and two on two different Tupac [Shakur] albums. They have a functioning and fluent relationship. I loved what he did.

So, therefore, they all know themselves, and they all know each other as family. Joe Biden, Looking to Win the Midwest, Uses Eminem “Lose Yourself” for Final Election Ad, Dave Chappelle, 2 Chainz, T.I.

While recalling life on the road during the release of her first album, 1990’s Down To Earth, Monie reveals that she was pregnant while she was on tour with Bell Biv Devoe, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill.

One of my first tours was with Public Enemy and LL Cool J and it was just the experience being in an arena playing for thousands of people. Special Ed talked to Okayplayer ahead of the airing of his Unsung episode about rapping, producing for Biggie and Tupac, and today’s hip-hop, among other topics. It’s electrifying. In 2020, He Has Released 2 Albums, Joe Budden Has Made 1 Of The Biggest Moves In Podcasting (Again), focuses on interviewing men in the Hip-Hop industry about raising children.

OKP: What do you think about where hip-hop is right now? Tune in to Unsung on TV One on Sunday, May 27, at 9:00 p.m EST / 8:00 p.m. CT, and learn all about this hip-hop master during his prime. Special Ed was on fire. most propped.

I would write her album, and he would produce about three or four songs for my album. Calls Erykah Badu His Closest Friend & Talks Co-Parenting (Video). It’s a very tight unit under mama, first of all.

SE: No, I knew people. After suing his label, Profile Records, for what he claims was fudging numbers and withholding money from him, he says he was blackballed, and they were shelving his projects. #BonusBeat: Monie Love’s “Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.” which featured writing and production from Prince: Busta Rhymes Has Made A Classic Album 30 Years Into His Career, MC Eiht Details Lessons He Learned From EPMD, Rakim, Menace II Society & More, Scarface Is Sick & He’s Asking Hip-Hop For Help, Jay Electronica Kept Fans Waiting For A Decade.

OKP: How did you deal with all the girls? SE: All of the early rap, the mixtapes. The Father Hoods welcome veteran MC, Native Tongues member, and media personality, Monie Love to their podcast. SE: I did this episode primarily for the reason of education. SE: No, he had some inspiration from the song and the lyrics as far as the vibe, so he made his rendition of the song. He was the only white kid in the school. Were there any memorable moments or funny stories? At the 26:00 mark, Monie shares with the hosts that she has four children. I know you talked about studying limericks in school on the episode. That’s showing me that I meant something to you. It was during the time I was writing for Carmen Electra, and he had a string of shows in Wembley, in London. SE: I was thinking it was very unfortunate that people can conjure up this stuff from nothing really, just to make controversy. OKP: [Laughs] That explains a lot. At the 32:18 mark Monie recalls, “The second album was when I actually got to work with Prince.

He was like, ‘Alright, when the breakdown comes in, come on stage and kick 16 bars. Rakim is Campaigning for a ‘Verzuz’ Battle with Big Daddy Kane, Snoop Dogg Explains Why Eminem Isn’t in His Top Ten Rappers List. It was humorous in a dancehall style.

SE: By him and Junior Mafia coming around and recording. His first album, Youngest in Charge, with the help of producer Hitman Howie Tee and DJ Akshun, vaulted into the R&B Top 10 and would go gold. We spent time in the studio and just talked. Approaching this holiday, the hosts of Father Hoods Podcast KGB, DJ EFN and Manny Digital decided that they would change up their regular programming, which focuses on interviewing men in the Hip-Hop industry about raising children. The Game Releases The Realest Song About Mothers Since “Dear Mama” (Audio). SE: I don’t even remember. Okayplayer: You talked about in the Unsung episode how Jamaican artist Yellowman and hip-hop artist Jimmy Spicer influenced you…. Ed Lover & Monie Love ask the most important question: which girl scout cookie is your favorite?

I had submitted some tracks for Biggie’s album and didn’t get any placed. OKP: You were 16 at the time in a burgeoning culture known as hip-hop. Sure enough, they came through and camped out. I know there’s a whole new generation in hip-hop.

You were behind the boards for songs by Tupac [Shakur] and Biggie [Smalls] and Junior Mafia. album, I was like OK, just come through.

I guess at some point they just let him ride. The exchange was he wanted me to write raps for Carmen Electra, who was his protégé. Please follow her (and us!)

Who Would Win in a Juicy J & Nas ‘Verzuz’ Battle? Ed hopes this Sunday’s episode (May 27) of TV One’s Unsung, where he’s the featured subject, will school young folks who don’t fully understand his contribution to hip-hop. Her book ‘Love, Peace, and Soul: Behind the Scenes of Soul Train’ is available on Amazon. An even exchange, [plus I would] get a little dough for it.” Monie says she set up shop at Prince’s Paisley Park compound for three months, and brought along her daughter and husband at the time.

Get notified about exclusive offers every week! The MC/singer notes that she seemingly had to start over every time she gave birth. There were a bunch of artists that came out of Erasmus like Clive Davis and Barbra Streisand. Monie continues, “One of the nights at the shows at the Wembley, he said ‘I want you to come up on stage and kick 16 bars.’ I think it was ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ or something.

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