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It has even been used to clean up after anthrax attacks. Red Elk | Project Blue Beam | Bush Family & Nazis | Otto Skorzeny  | Insights on Aliens | Cell Towers | WiFi/Cell Phone Dangers | EMF Radiation News Miracle or not, the effects are wonderful. Mouth and gum diseases respond promptly to MMS. Its anti-bacterial action is capable of exactly targeting nearly all bacteria, fungi, yeast, and blood-borne diseases, killing them with an electric disorganizing jolt, while doing no harm to normal human living cells. The addition of the DMSO drops improves the taste and makes it easier to take. MMS (Master Mineral Solution) has not been FDA approved to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. autism; vaccinations; remissions; pp parasitical protocol; active forums and facebook; for healthcare professionals.

(4) add 5 drops of full strength lemon juice for each drop of MMS in the glass, shake or swirl to mix,  wait 3 minutes,  add 1/2 to 1 glass of water or juice and then drink. For Children the protocol is essentially the same. The way you accomplish activation can be done in 4 different ways, any one of these methods of activation is acceptable: First, add your number of MMS drops to a clean dry glass, then activate as follows: (1) (preferred method) add 1 drop of 50% citric acid for each drop of MMS that is in your glass, swirl or shake to mix, wait 20 seconds, add 1/2 to 1 glass of water or juice and drink. Swallow activated MMS with any amount of water or juice flavoring added. In most cases, parasites, including worms, will be dead within 3 days. Always activate one MMS drop with five drops of one of the food acids, either unfiltered vinegar, fresh lemon or lime juice, or citric acid solution (10% strength).   Israeli Soldier's Story | Home | Japan Radiation Hysteria | Agenda 21 | Treat Parasites | Swine Flu Hoax/Vaccine | Links | Jane Tripp Time Travel | Discussion  Intravenous MMS for HIV patients: Do not use sterile water. (2) add 5 drops of 10% citric acid for each drop of MMS in the glass, and then shake or swirl to mix, wait 3 minutes, add 1/2 to 1 glass of  water or juice and then drink. Do the same the next day. In that case a turkey baster with a large squeeze tube bought at most grocery stores works fine. Try not to stop taking MMS, just take less. Sometimes it works good with HIV patients orally and sometimes you need to do intravenous. this has now changed to half a capsule.) Of course always stir the mixture. what is cds / clo2? However many people cannot start taking that many drops and should start with only 2 or even 1 drop and hour. You are killing pathogens faster than your liver can process them for elimination. Do not cut a snake bite in any case. Maintain intake of friendly micro-organisms (acidophilus, and other flora).

This is determined by how sick they are to begin with.

Shake and store it in a capped jar. However many people cannot start taking that many drops and should start with only 2 or even 1 drop and hour.

However, my research of DMSO has been confusing. MMS Seminars: If you are habitually low on energy, have trouble keeping your weight down or blood pressure in the normal range, or constantly dealing with inflammation or pain, then there’s likely a toxin, heavy metal, virus, bacteria, or parasite issue in play. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with ½ drop (drink only half the glass of a one drop dose).

This drinking water has no health benefits except that metals, microbes, and bacteria are removed from the water. First read this,, Description of MMS Protocol 1000 amd Protocol 2000, MMS (Master Mineral Solution) has not been FDA approved to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. Diarrhea lasting for an hour or two is very good, but to keep it up for days at a time can cause more harm than good. Diluted little or much it will still do the same cleansing within in your body. Just follow the above instructions multiplying all the figures by 8 and then put that liquid in a closed container. If you use a 500 ML bottle start with one drop. Note: Once you have completed step 3 above most of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. From: MMS Protocol 1000. It will not last. Chlorine dioxide is extremely volatile. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, all pathogens are electron donors. I am considering the 1000+ protocol because of the DMSO's ability to transport the mms deeper into muscle and tissue.

Go from 2 drops an hour of activated MMS to one drop an hour. Your body will be able to easily absorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. Don't worry the MMS will last hours longer than is needed. MMS Protocol 1000. .

, content on this site is licensed under a, Questions on Usage, Discussion and Information, Easy, free way to support Jim Humble, Genesis II Church, MMS, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. anything that is acidic with a positive ion charge.

After 3 days you must add MMS2 (Calcium hypochlorite). MMS itself does not kill intestinal friendly micro-organisms but forceful diarrhea can sometimes reduce their numbers. Malaria and Other Parasitic Diseases: Use 15 drops the very first dose. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. It’s okay to use a suction device on the bite. First, add your number of MMS drops to a clean dry glass, then activate as follows: (1) (preferred method) add 1 drop of 50% citric acid for each drop of MMS that is in your glass, swirl or shake to mix, wait 20 seconds, add 1/2 to 1 glass of water or juice and drink. Many have reported getting more results from the extension of time between dosages than from the reduction of amount of MMS in the dosage.

Wait one to two hours and give another 15 drops. If one is feeling very sick then start with 1 drop an hour or even 1/2 drop and hour, but then begin taking more if you feel that you can. Do not cause yourself diarrhea if you can avoid it by taking less MMS. Calcium hypochlorite becomes hypochlorous acid which is used by the body to kill microorganisms.

The chlorine dioxide-armed cells only “detonate” on contact with pathogens, which include harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, heavy metals, and parasites. When you notice any of these symptoms coming on take less MMS. FRESH juices are REQUIRED, if you use them. One should usually start at 1/2 drop. With MMS we have opportunity to set the immune system free, empowering it to do what it was intended to do. (You can expand the 3 minutes out to 10 minutes but no longer.) cds/mms. MMS Newsletter & Newsletters archive: (signup here) Here is how you carry your 8 hour dose with you instead of having to activate it hourly. Avoid all forms of Vitamin C for two hours before and after use of MMS. Seth/Jane Roberts |  Power of Thought | Spiritualism | Hope | Healing Thought Forms | Vanquish Fear | Prevent Alien/Demon Attacks | Rockefeller File | War a Racket Remember all drops must be activated as given below.

Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea.

When the immune system is compromised, pathogenic bacteria proliferate, eventually causing harm to the host in the form of malaria, AIDS, hepatitis A, B & C, typhoid, cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, arthritis or asthma through to the discomfort of flu, sinus and “the common cold. Decrease the number of drops as needed if diarrhea or nausea occur, but do not stop taking MMS. You always take the maximum amount of MMS that you can possibly take without getting nauseous or having diarrhea.

Continue for 3 days. First, we must detoxify.

Pass our Home Training DVD exam and become an MMS Health Minister. Making yourself sicker uses  up energy and makes the recovery go slower. As usual, use the activator, wait 3 minutes and add juice. Do not use orange juice. Hi, healthy hopes! Please note that MMS doesn’t cure anything, but rather it reduces the toxic load which helps our body to heal itself. Your body will be clean and cleared of the pathogens you picked up and hosted since childhood. Use 65% powder. Now, these are the important instructions you must be sure to follow: You must not make yourself sicker than you already are:  Do not cause yourself a lot of nausea, or pain, or diarrhea. Or if you are already take only one drop an hour, then take 1/2 drop and hour, or even 1/4 drop an hour.

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