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It is compressed with a Unix compression program (GZip?) Cluster M5 Serpens Map 6 Glob.

This list is known as the Messier catalog. However, I plan on recording the best view of that object in the Telescope/Eyepiece column...or I can just put the magnification in parentheses next to the scope/eyepiece entry. What features have you included ? Does it already exist ?

I found the NGC catalog at in the 7/7118 subdirectory. Idea of magnification note is fantastic. The list is still very popular today with amateur astronomers, because the beautiful objects are relatively easy to find. Recent Changes and Updates in the SEDS Messier Online Database. ��~獃~�cN�@썉�����`���3? For information, see, for the NGC catalog and a few more basic ones see,,, -- Bill Arnett                    "Science is a way of trying

Messier List in Excel spreadsheet - posted in Deep Sky Observing: i am looking for a spreadsheet of only the Messier objects, that includes size, magnitude, and the normal abbr for objects, such as OC, GC, EG, SG... and such. Virtual Messier: Graphic WWW interface to large Messier database, 2. I do that for particular targets, but it is not necessarily my goal for this particular list. Although I had already photographed several of the brightest Messier … These require Microsoft Windows 95 or later to run.

can someone point me to this?thanks,david The Sloan Digital Sky Survey's Data Release 2 contains six Messier objects, shown below. Photo Index |

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