News: mesa prime build

2 Formas needs to be used for the Mesa Prime and 5 Formas for Mesa Warframe. The math works out to something like "free damage, and a ton of it." Lastly, going into battle without a melee weapon will yield you 50 extra bonus (not base) HP. For general Corpus, run either dual stat toxin and 90% toxin (most effective) or dual stat heat and 90% toxin (memey and fun, but not as good). Definitely don't bother with normal rifles. Get some radar mods into your build and go make the brokers' lives difficult. The newest content update for Warframe is out now (on PC!) Close.

Tigris Prime is also an option if you want single-target burst, but Regulators are usually better for this. Vitality and Arcane Guardian for surviving and Primed Flow for big energy pool.

Stick it to Nef Anyo and rake in the credits in the process. Otherwise, you'll rarely if ever use it. Definitely don't fall for traps like Pistol Amp. In any case, you won't need it. Mesa's 1 is Ballistic Battery. I am almost never below 100 energy though, so I stuck with regular Flow so I can max out everything else. Holstering Primary and Secondary Weapons reload 5% of Magazine/s. She can clear the map like nothing else, short of a Saryn, Volt, or Maimquinox, and is highly mobile with the addition of Synth Reflex and a bullet jumping mod. For me, i use the same build as brozime except i swapped transient fortitude for umbral intensify because the 11% less power strength is unnoticeable compared to the extra 6ish seconds you get from the 2 and 3, more duration on 2 and 3 is indeed nice. Alternatively, you could try something like Staticor for AOE armor shredding/status proc memes, but I don't think that's as good. You could fit Primed Flow in here if you swapped Lightning Dash out for Mobilize, or used an Umbral Forma, but... more on that later. But mainly remember, fashion frame is the true endgame. Umbral Intensify is nice not so much because of the extra power strength but because it's a power strength mod that also buffs your Umbral Vitality. 100% head … Mesa is also generally quite good at open world missions, despite the limited range on her Regulators, since a lot of them revolve around just killing things or defending objectives.

For one thing, Mesa's long-distance capability is limited thanks to the 50m range cap on Regulators. But if you possibly can manage it, the Umbrals are significantly better. Since the Warframe weapons come with two Naramon polarities, picking Heated Charge (or its primed version) seems okay. It lets you function during energy reduction sorties and gives you way more comfort space to cast your spells in.

Don't be tempted to slot it.
You can really bring whatever you want, since Mesa is so goddamn good, but if you're looking to be an OpTiMaL sWeAtY tRyHaRd, listen up. Shatter Shield has a semi-okay augment that gives a chance to stagger enemies when hit by reflected projectiles, but the reflect range is short (11m base, 3.6 in this build) and increasing the range has anti-synergy with her kit thanks to the power strength reduction from Overextended. Edit: don't know why it not forming a hyperlink but you can copy the link into your browser. There is no excuse to not have an HP mod. ARCHWING COMPANION CRAFTING COMPONENT MODS NECRAMECH RELIC WARFRAME WEAPON . This also makes it so that you have to have a way lower energy before you find yourself tragically out of mana and with your 3 down while facing down a room full of level 100 corrupted lancers - a thing that happens to the best of us. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. This also improves the energy drain on your 4. I keep Fleeting at R3 for minimum energy drain on Peacemaker when paired with Streamline. the stat to negate IMO is range because her Regs are maxed at 50m range and rely more on modding them with damage/multi/primed target cracker/gambit and 90% elemental- I go for high duration then efficiency then strength while ignoring range.

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