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He claims he once had faith as pure as Jim's, but became jaded and harsh in his views, but also left a great decision in Jim's hands (although it can be debated that he manipulated Jim into doing so).

GoodGuardians of Arcadia Merlin is the only main star of the franchise to be killed off permanently. Spells「術 Jutsu」 are operations of magical powers that can be triggered either inherently or by Incantation Orbs. Merlin is also capable of showing concern for his friends, including his champions (even if he doesn't always show it). Spell Casting: As a wizard, Merlin is able to cast thousands of magic spells, due to years of studying ancient art.

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Trollhunters He was a legendary wizard who was Morgana and Douxie's master, founder of the Guardians of Arcadia, former advisor/mentor of King Arthur, the original creator of the Amulet of Daylight, and the patron of the Trollhunters.

He also did appear to display an ounce of sympathy for Jim when he saw him mourning over Draal's death. In order for a sorcerer/sorceress-in-training to harness the magic within the Merlin Circle, he/she needs to wear a pair of pointy shoes and simply stand on one of the Circle's available domains. The Way of the WizardAngor RebornThe Felled Read Spells from the story Merlin Spells And Meanings by TheJanoskianGirl (Ariana Grande's #1 Fan) with 15,096 reads. Eternal Seal Spell triggered by the Incantation Orb, Jericho preparing to use the Incantation Orb, Guila and Jericho under the effect of the Hyper Recovery Spell. The former requirement is essential, as the design of afromentioned shoes enables Mana from the Circle to easily flow through his/her feet like wires/cables that connecting an electrical device with its power source.

"The Eternal Knight: Part 2" (Trollhunters)"Lightning in a Bottle" (3Below; cameo)"Our Final Act" (Wizards), Sir Merlin, Sir Wizard (Galahad)The Pale OneOld Bones, Old Bite (himself)Old Man (Jim, Douxie, & Morgana)Old Fool (Gunmar and Morgana)Merlin "the Immortal" (Strickler)Merle, Puzzle Master, Captain Crazy-Armor (Toby)Uncle Marlin (Darci)Coach Wizards, Merl, Wizard-dad (Steve)Master (Douxie), His Cave, Ardennes Mountains (formerly)Lake House, Arcadia Oaks (briefly)Hoboken, New Jersey (formerly)[1]. Afterwards, he/she completed the Circle by carving its alchemical symbols with focused heat converted from the excess energy.

Apparently, spells can be performed by anyone (e.g., trolls, changelings, and humans) by use of magical items while saying particular incantations.However, wizards have greater knowledge and power over the use of magic.

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