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Also, the fist pump and explosion his brother gives Michael after Michael gives him a whoopie cushion. 497. the woman with stanley was cynthia, the woman he had the affair with, who i think he only said was his wife because they were a couple, but who knows, maybe they got married?

Loved it!

Love it that Pam wears contact lenses – never knew that before! It better be in a deleted scene! “Jim: Wow it's a little early for ice cream don't you think? BUT i did enjoy seeing everyone in the office get their moment to shine and while the youtube dance was cheese, the whole cast dancing together in unison down the aisle = priceless. What a sensational episode – it really had everything.

George Sr.: What are you talking about?

I think the most brilliant episodes are those that are so based on reality that they’re inadvertantly funny.

The looks between them…*sigh*. I got excited when I saw Ryan and Kelly dancing together at Andy’s party and when Erin was so sweet to Andy. that couple must be happy, i hope they are office fans!

Quote from the episode A Parasol and a Hell of an Arm. I find it so funny that they got married on a boat – I remember in booze cruise, the captain wanted to marry Pam and Roy on his boat… who knew Pam would eventually get married on a boat?

Awwwwww. I should go. #168, Pam’s sister was played by Anna Camp. When The Office is said and done, this will be one of the most memorable episodes. Plain and simple, there was nothing that Michael Scott thought his team couldn't accomplish. Michael was too much like Phylis’ wedding Michael and that isn’t good. It’ll probably fare better on another viewing. Fantastic episode! I also liked the boat wedding, Kevin’s hair/shoes, Andy’s “injury”, and the cold open. He always wanted the best for her, and I think it's safe to say that Michael Scott and Pam had one of the best working relationships in the office because of it, and his encouragement really helped her succeed. Sheldon's thrilled when his Meemaw comes to visit, but his excitement quickly fades when she butts heads with Amy. I think Michael and Pam’s mom is a GREAT plot twist and would really round things out for Michael. But the Niagara Falls wedding scene was sweet. And again, I do not like Michael with Pam’s mom, and I hope she is in only a couple of episodes, cause I’ll be pretty sad if the closest thing he’ll have to a kid is Pam. An award winner for sure.

Meemaw: No. so you know it had to be glaring to others also. The only parts I thought were humorous were when Kevin had to go to the bathroom and made reference to having to put back on his tie and Dwight kicking the maid in the face.

Jenna and John are masters of “the look”.

Stanley, Oscar, Dwight, Phyllis, and Pam’s mom were all awful in this episode. GREAT JOB MINDY! Meemaw: Okay, look, I-if-if you hear from him or see him, please let me know. ‘Nuff said.

how did dwight go from not knowing what a clitoris is to dating angela for a while and now he’s a ladies man and he’s hooking up with chicks but they’re not good enough for him? I thought the ending didn’t seem in keeping with the traditional Office style, but I didn’t care – it just made me realize how much I love this show/cast and how EVERYONE has been waiting for this moment for six years.

rismeyes: The actress who originally played played Pam’s mom was unavailable. Great episode.

I appreciated this episode because it combined the awkward, when-is-this-gonna-be-over moments with the more physical comedy they’ve been implementing within the last couple of years.

oops! I mean, when I tell people I work at Dunder Mifflin, they think that we sell mufflers or muffins or mittens or...and frankly, all of those sound better than paper, so I let it slide.”, “ Reverse psychology is an awesome tool. She was on True Blood this year, and she also starred in Eqqus on Broadway. It’s gone past that “yes he’s awkward, idiotic and creepy sometimes but he’s a good guy at heart” vibe to just “he’s creepy” most of the time for me.

and i love that meemaw stayed. The convo between Jim and Pam was amazing and the ring exchange on the boat melted my heart. Also, Dale tries to make amends with Meemaw. I feel betrayed….

Meemaw: Darlin', there's no inferring. I love Dwight’s look right after he kicks the bridesmaid during the dance, when he tries to escort her out of the room, the look on his face is priceless! Seriously one of my favorite episodes of all time :D. I’m in no way ashamed to say that I cried. I totally agree with dominick (#2) – I will never use hotel ice again.

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