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The cap will not shift or slide, thus eliminating further injury. After the concrete sets up, remove KEYWAY to leave the ideal tongue and groove type joint. DECK-O-JOINT PVC Expansion Joint DECK-O-JOINT is a decorative expansion joint for use wherever concrete is placed. Varying from the miniscule 3/4″ and smaller, to the bigger heights, we have got it in stock or close by. Dalco maintains an inventory of more than 2000 tons of rebar to service your needs; we will cut and bend to your specifications. SPEED-E-JOINT Preformed Contraction Joint SPEED-E-JOINT consists of two solid pieces that have been pre-assembled for easy handling and installation. Furnished in three depths: 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ (25.4 mm, 38.1 mm and 50.8 mm). SNAP-CAP Expansion Joint Cap To install, slide SNAP-CAP over the top of the expansion joint. h�bbd```b``6�s�� �]Dr. �5�� �d The joint is ready to seal. Solvent-Based Curing and Sealing Compounds, MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management. BarSplice Products, Inc. offers customers' a broad range of engineered mechanical splice systems for the benefit of the reinforced concrete construction industry. Form Saver dowel bar assemblies provide continuity and structural integrity to reinforced concrete construction in segmental pour applications. If you have any questions, comments or concerns we want to know about it. A light hose down keeps it bright and clean. Slab bolster, or Slab Bolster with plate or continuous runner (Upper). © 2020 W. R. Meadows, Inc.All rights reserved. ® ® • The DBR Mechanical Splice System meets or exceeds codes requiring 125% fy. Bar Chairs, Individual and Continuous, and EZ chairs. By means of market leadership, sales expertise and worldwide distribution, we consistently provide customer-focused solutions that provide the highest quality results and cost-effective installations. Due to a special buy, we now have a huge inventory of mushroom-style bar guards in stock. h��XmO�H�+��NUo��T!%@(w� �=������s�����:�8�@�/����;o�}���p�Yĸ�G%��_�D�c�����0+��1$���§&ƁF3��4gBp&�Q8�LF4����]it h�2�- b��D�:a*&&b*�yn8���3h���Շ�����I���e�[�V�N]~�/�s�.,~oތ�b�V~��%"��c��H�wvƗ0�sW�*-r�e�������]�F��,����r���4�Dc,� i���=��L�b�I�����ݸl�?�OE9s������j��d�8�z�*�FC�������w���r���zż���y�~0���I������B$i �n�ѧ�ӊ�$�ݩ+G��s7�0��O}s_��5����i�=��n���;JЃ]؃}8��Nagp_�ʕ��FԞ�K� s�&�����;�w�9o�B|�0;p�4����w쓿�X�Ȯ����K�Gz��'����������w�A Please click the link below to navigate to our contact page. Whether you need standard or heavy Snap Ties to ensure the integrity of a form or need Loop Ties for modular forming systems, Meadow Burke is your trusted partner. Remove the top. Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel have the staff, experience and resources to help you select the system that’s right for your specific application. Longer legs and multiple nuts and washers, as well as different threads and metals types are readily available. Savers suffer as ISA interest rate hits record low: Average figure now just 1.17% after falling for five months in a row It is the lowest average rate since MoneyFacts began keeping records Dalco and Teton stock a complete line of bar support systems. STAY-FORM® is easy-to-cut when forming construction joints, keyways and curved shapes, saving valuable time. The RC-61 & RC-62 Splice Bars are manufactured from Grade 60 deformed rebar material and are available in all of the corresponding sizes to the Threaded Rebar Coupler. Using STAY-FORM® as a backstop for shotcrete applications has many advantages. Finish in the normal manner. to all construction workers. We look forwarding to speaking with you soon! You can place your order from one roll to one box or even by the pallet. Meadow Burke’s Complete Tilt package includes comprehensive engineering services to ensure a successful tilt-up from design through erection. 98 0 obj <> endobj Meadow Burke has emerged as the leading innovator of new products and processes while remaining committed to its values of safety, quality, its people, service and its community involvement.

Got concrete forming challenges? KEYWAY resists impact and will not whip or warp. When forming below grade structures like a pile cap, STAY-FORM® can save time and labor. Float concrete to fill all voids adjacent to DECK-O-JOINT.

Test results have shown the Carnie Cap to withstand impact of 250 lbs. Meadow Burke, A CRH Company, engineers, designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of concrete accessories used in Precast, Tilt-Up and Cast-in-Place construction. Click to learn more on this product. Teton maintains an inventory of over 500 tons of rebar to service your needs in Wyoming and Montana. It is the epitome of convenience! It locks into concrete and adjusts for any slab movement. %PDF-1.6 %���� Cast-in-Place construction can be used in a variety of building projects. Formula for wall form pressure Sq. Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel supplies a complete line of rebar splicing systems.

%%EOF 0 Have a product question, looking for a quote or want to learn more about our products? PLASTIC JOINT MATERIALS SPEED-E-JOINT®, DECK-O-JOINT®, SNAP CAP®, KEYWAY™. Typical ½” x 8”, 10”, and 12” with a nut and washer are in- stock everyday, with harder to find sizes just a few days out. Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel dowel bar splicers are manufactured from standard grade 60-rebar material.

Each system is designed to excel in different splicing requirements.

SNAP-CAP is available in four widths as shown in the table on page 2. Colors: Stone Gray, Desert Tan, Dura-White. No external welding or machining is required and the threading method does not reduce the normal rebar cross-sectional area. Call for pricing while quantities last! We want to hear from you! DECK-O-JOINT’s exclusive channel design prevents excessive seepage and water damage.

�����YL�����0/o�m�n`pl��`�`�� �4��e�Á���� ���}b�r�M�[Ƣ����A�Y/�njӿ��Ƽ&���8�'p���8x���p��0�=lS�.aa�J6���@� DE"� 150# at 1′, 300# at 2′, 450# at 3′, etc. SNAP-CAP Expansion Joint Cap SNAP-CAP provides a time- and cost-saving method for forming straight, uniform, and debris-free joints of the proper configuration, ready to seal.

Seldom has the concrete construction industry been introduced to products that completely transform existing construction methods. KEYWAY PVC Tongue and Groove Joint Form KEYWAY is lightweight, flexible, and an easy way to mold a keyed tongue and groove construction joint. Rebar Connections .

12600 E 38th Ave / 3730 Salem St Place the concrete and screed to finish grade as usual. We look forward to hearing from you. Meadow Burke lifting and bracing products are regularly tested to ensure the highest level of quality and strength. endstream endobj startxref

The DBR Form Savers are simple, easy to use and familiar .

Any job site would be remiss without the Willard rebar cutter-bender. Stay-Form ® is easy-to-cut when forming construction joints, keyways and curved shapes, saving valuable time. from up to a 10 ft. fall. Gates can help—we’re a leader in residential and commercial concrete forming products. Meadow Burke SL III Lifting Systems; Meadow Burke Precast Hardware; Bracing, Lift Clutches, Strongbacks, Coil Bolts; Formliners, Rustications / Reveals, Slab Savers; Panel Lumber, Chamfer Strip; Noxcrete Duronox Floor Hardener; Noxcrete Silcoseal 2000 F Bondbreaker; Reinforcing; Insulvation Technologies / Insulated Wall Systems By continuing to use this site, you are providing us with your consent to our use of cookies. Concrete Connections. Site Map Legal Notices / Imprint Privacy and Cookies Policy Terms of Use, USA Canada Français Español International.

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