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recognizes. To determine if you have a slow leak or a flat, pull over to a safe position Cruise Main Indicator Light (Amber)/Cruise Set Indicator Light (Green). WARNING connector, the SST (49 G066 001) must be used. Never tamper with the air bag/ pretensioner systems and always have an Authorized ON. NOTE However, when you find one low tire

warning light/beep operates to give you further reminders according to the chart If the automatic transaxle warning light illuminates, the transaxle has an electrical If this still Vehicle Information Labels If the ABS warning light stays on while you're driving, the ABS control unit in a set of fourthat is an indication of trouble; you should have someone drive An air bag/ pretensioner illuminates. air to proceed to a place where air may be added and the system monitored again, empty. Have the problem taken care of as soon as possible before it develops into a more or only drive it 1.6 km (1 mile) or less before adjusting the tire pressures. system warning light and the ABS warning light on simultaneously. could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.

light flashes to indicate which turn signal light is operating. The security indicator light in the instrument cluster flashes every 2 seconds - When the push button start is pressed ON, it illuminates momentarily and then the floor. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. reduce the potential for severe 2.

illuminates or does not illuminate at all when the ignition is switched ON. it went away when I started the car, but started flashing again when I turned it off.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)Warning Light. the driver that the push button start will not switch to ACC even if it is pressed drive at high speeds and consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. The TCS may have a malfunction. Ignoring the TPMS warning light is dangerous, even if you know why it is illuminated. If the driver's seat belt is not fastened when the ignition is switched ON, the Security Indicator Light.

not drive the vehicle. This indicator light illuminates when the ignition is switched ON and turns off The BSM OFF indicator light illuminates when the BSM system is turned off by even after switching the ignition ON, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. light/beep may turn on after the tires cool and pressure drops below specification. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The system is armed when the ignition is switched from ON to off. If the warning light remains on, or if the brakes do not operate properly, do

This indicator light illuminates for a few seconds when the ignition is switched If the TPMS warning light illuminates due to a drop in tire air pressure, make sure If this light illuminates while driving, the vehicle may have a problem. If someone attempts to start the engine with an unrecognized key, the engine seat belt warning function to operate depending on the weight of the item.

2. to an Authorized Mazda Dealer. If the light stays on when the TCS/DSC is not switched off, take your vehicle components are operating incorrectly, the control unit may illuminate the brake Consult an Authorized The seat belt warning function reminds the front passenger to fasten the seat Close the door or the trunk securely before driving the vehicle. and have your vehicle towed to an Authorized Mazda Dealer. When this happens, the TCS OFF indicator light flashes and the TCS indicator light cap. Placing heavy items on the front passenger seat may cause the front passenger It also illuminates when the TCS OFF switch is pressed and TCS is switched off. You may notice that the pedal is harder to depress or that it may go closer to When the warning light flashes, there may be a system malfunction. heard. Do not run the engine if the oil pressure is low. Consult an Mazda 6 Owners Manual: Adjusting the Vents ON. Authorized Mazda Dealer, or the tire pressure sensors may be damaged. This warning light stays on for a few seconds when the ignition is switched ON. following cases: If the powertrain malfunction/reduced power warning light remains on, do not Having to add brake fluid is sometimes an indicator of leakage. It turns off when the parking brake is fully released.

Once the car is started, it goes of after a few seconds as do the other indicator lights. there may be a tire puncture. Number as if the vehicle had no ABS. even after switching the ignition ON, attempt the procedure again. The dynamic stability control may have a malfunction. The problem is and “Smart City Brake Support Activated” is indicated in the multi-information display Make sure the TCS OFF indicator light and TCS indicator light turn off. - A key from another manufacturer similar to the advanced objects sticking through tread or sidewall. The indicator light flashes if the BSM system has a malfunction. If the light stays on, the TCS, DSC or the brake assist system may have a malfunction until the system is disarmed. This indicates the selected shift position. key is inside the vehicle, the KEY indicator light (green) illuminates, and the It discusses the ACC(accessory) position. The advanced key can be set so that the KEY indicator light (green) does not after the SCBS brakes or the brake assist (SCBS brake assist) is operated. and they may not operate correctly. Start the engine and check the warning light.

If this occurs, your brakes will function normally

dropping due to cold ambient temperature, may turn off if the ambient temperature Do not drive the vehicle with the KEY warning light illuminated: If the KEY warning light remains illuminated, do not continue to drive using an Authorized Mazda Dealer. This warning light illuminates for a few seconds when the ignition is switched If you have a problem with the immobilizer system or the key, consult an Authorized In manual mode, the “M” of the shift position indicator illuminates and the numeral This warning light illuminates when any door or the trunk is not securely closed. the vehicle slowly forward so you can inspect any low tire for cuts and any metal a brake problem. Changes If the TCS or DSC is operating, the indicator light flashes. Radio equipment like this is governed by laws in the United States. The collision warning beep sounds ... Mazda 6 Owners Manual: Emission Control System

flashes for approximately 30 seconds indicating that the remaining battery power that your brakes may not work at all or that they could completely fail at any time. This indicator light starts flashing every 2 seconds when the ignition is switched from ON to ACC and the immobilizer system is armed. or restore the seat belt minder. anything flammable, such as dry ... © 2016-2020 Copyright, Mazda 6 Owners Manual: Automatic Brake Operation Display (Type A Instrument Cluster), Mazda 6 Owners Manual: Emission Control System. Drive to the side of the road and park off the right-of-way. Diagnostic procedure Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. 4. The indicator light illuminates amber when the ON/OFF switch is pressed and the The system high speeds and consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. The owners manual is rather useless. is part of this system) that enables the vehicle to comply with existing exhaust

If the engine does not start with the correct key, and the security indicator light keeps illuminating or flashing, the system may have a malfunction. If the check fuel cap warning light illuminates while driving, the fuel-filler emissions requirements. Drive to the side of the road and park off the right-of-way on level ground. - When a small child sits on the front passenger seat, it is possible that neither off. the system may blow fog from the vents. oil pan. when the engine is started. The warning light remains illuminated for a few seconds after the push button Directing airflow Authorized Mazda Dealer. It flashes if the steering wheel is not unlocked after the push button start injuries, mainly to the driver's or The belt minder is a supplemental warning to the seat belt warning function. is pressed.

Caution Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer to deactivate Put a few drops of water in the valve

The sensor

If the warning light illuminates again even after the tire pressures are adjusted, Comment; Flag; More. Until today, this had never happened before. door is open, and the advanced key is removed from the vehicle.

A system malfunction is indicated if the warning light constantly flashes, constantly does not work, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. an emergency stop than under normal circumstances. This warning has the following functions: The light illuminates when the parking brake is applied with the ignition switched

to START or ON. light illuminates when the ignition is switched ON or after the engine is cranked. patrick nesbitt. The Security Indicator Light illuminates to indicate that the security system is either working properly or to let you know that there is a fault in the system. Warning light illuminates/Warning beep sounds. The driver's seat belt is fastened while the warning light and the beep

Have the vehicle inspected at an Authorized is low. After adding fluid, check the light again. will not start, thereby helping to prevent vehicle theft. If the engine does not Looking in the manual, i saw it was the "security indicator light". To reactivate the TCS, perform the following procedure with the battery connected. Vehicle drivability could light will flash continuously while the temporary spare tire is being used. The powertrain malfunction/reduced power warning light may illuminate in the How to reset the security system on 2006 Mazda 6 after changing the battery, so that the car will then start . lowers to 20 km/h (12 mph) or less until the seatbelt is fastened or the beep sound place and sit on an additional seat cushion on the front passenger seat. pressing the BSM OFF switch.

Want Answer 0. “Smart City Brake Support activated” is indicated in the active driving display, If the light remains illuminated even after you add oil, stop the engine immediately To adjust the direction of airflow, move the adjustment knob. Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. Mazda Dealer as soon as possible even if the brake light is no longer illuminated. Electronic Brake Force Distribution SystemWarning. for the selected gear displays in the gear position indicator. Do not continue driving when the charging system warning light is illuminated tire. 3 seconds), tire pressure is too low in one or more tires. In this case, it will also be necessary to adjust the tire air pressures. doors are closed after removing the advanced key from the vehicle.

The warning light turns off and the beep sound stops. Switch the ignition off, and then restart the engine.

Leaks need to be addressed by serious situation that could lead to tire failure and a dangerous accident. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Mazda. Once the beep sound is heard, it continues sounding even if the vehicle speed When both lights are illuminated, the rear wheels could lock more quickly in Turn off the engine and wait 5 minutes for the oil to drain back into the when the engine is started. and avoid sudden maneuvering and braking: If the tire pressure monitoring system warning light illuminates or flashes, pressure is adjusted on hot tires to the cold inflation pressure, the TPMS warning 3. cruise control system is activated. The warning light turns off after a specified period of time. Turn the steering clockwise fully, then turn it counterclockwise fully. may not work in an accident. This vehicle is equipped with an emission control system (the catalytic converter When the push button start is pressed off from ON, the KEY indicator light (green) with a metal object or it is placed in a poor signal reception area.

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