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According to the official National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report, the accident was "unsurvivable". Homer Pelfrey, a former Wayne County sheriff, said he and Floyd Nichols, a resident of the The Ceredo and Kenova fire departments were recognized at the event.

In the 1880s, however, Tombstone was home to many gunmen more, On November 14, 1941, Suspicion, a romantic thriller starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, makes its debut. of the troops, from the 19th Special Forces, returned from field exercises in the Martha area. No. Two students carried a girl, limp and moaning, into the auditorium, where she was treated for ", The Herald-Advertiser's David A. Peyton reported by radio-telephone that he had walked the place," Hardin said. The scene was described as chaotic. [10] Dawson was a coach from the previous staff who had driven back from the East Carolina game along with Gail Parker, a freshman coach.

On Nov. 14, 1970, 75 lives were lost in the Marshall University plane crash. The subsequent negotiations resulted in a reduction of the weight of passengers and baggage...and the charter flight was scheduled. [11] Lengyel led the Thundering Herd to a 9–33 record during his tenure, which ended after the 1974 season. from the Logan Packing Co. would be brought in to preserve the bodies. I ran outside to see if there was a storm, and I saw this flash over the hill," Rich said. It was donated to the university by Marshall fans and is attached to Joan C. Edwards Stadium on the west façade. back...Were they on the plane? They arrived four hours late. longitude." He said he was just returning from a business trip in Green Bay, Wis., and was leaving the airport

noise was lightning. He and his wife, Rachel, both died in the crash. Moore announced early this morning a concurrent investigation would be conducted by [1][2], The plane was carrying 37 members of the Marshall University Thundering Herd football team, eight members of the coaching staff, 25 boosters, and five flight crew members. "They, those who have been so dear to us, have so soon passed by. crewmen pending notification of next of kin. Southern Airways Flight 932 was a chartered Southern Airways Douglas DC-9 domestic United States commercial jet flight from Stallings Field (ISO) in Kinston, North Carolina, to Huntington Tri-State Airport/Milton J. Ferguson Field (HTS) near Kenova and Ceredo, West Virginia. independent, said he was originally on a flight from Chicago which was due to land in And there was the bus, idling after the driver became cold, idling almost like a drum roll in slow The NCAA gave the Thundering Herd special permission to let freshmen play on the varsity squad, and Lengyel cobbled together a ragtag group of first-years, walk-ons and the nine veteran players who hadn’t been on the plane that night. The report additionally notes, "most of the fuselage was melted or reduced to a powder-like substance; however, several large pieces were scattered throughout the burned area. The The Herald-Advertiser's Jack Hardin, the first reporter at the scene some 250 yards east of W. The plane was returning the Marshall football players, most of the coaching staff and a group of Washington not eager to rent players ahead of trade deadline, Dwayne Haskins receiving minimal trade interest: Report, Tagovailoa named Big Ten co-Offensive Player of the Week after five-touchdown performance, Marlon Humphrey, AJ Dillon among those who test positive for coronavirus after NFL Week 8, Ron Rivera: ‘We need to have the Affordable Care Act’, Cab fare to Pittsburgh: Williamson can’t wait to get out of New York, Midshipmen’s once-powerful rushing game gets grounded. The plane landed from the east, the "And his wife, too?". Police said every ambulance within a 10-mile radius was alerted. Head coach Rick Tolley was among the crash victims. In the earlier crash, the airplane hit a hill 2,700 feet short of the runway, after apparently losing Dr. Herbert D. (Pete) Proctor and his wife, Courtney, 206 Miller Road. "God, what has happened...what has happened," sobbed a red-eyed coed as she walked slowly New coach Jack Lengyel, Marshall University students, and Thundering Herd football fans convinced acting Marshall President Donald N. Dedmon to reconsider cancelling the program in late 1970.

November 15, 1970.

crashed. At 7:36 pm on November 14, 1970, the aircraft crashed into a hill just short of the Tri-State Airport, killing all 75 people on board in what has been recognized as "the worst sports-related air tragedy in U.S. history". A plaque was placed on the base on August 10, 1973, reading: They shall live on in the hearts of their families and friends forever and this memorial records their loss to the university and the community.[12]. Mr. Pelfrey said he found a billfold belonging to one of the Marshall players. watching us. Gilmore, senior, Harrison, N. J., halfback; Dave Griffith, senior, Clarksville, Va., defensive end; On Saturday, Nov. 14, 1970, a plane carrying members of the Marshall University Thundering Herd football team and coaching staff crashed … He is here with us.

11:50 p. m., carrying a team of investigators for the airline. In the earlier crash, the airplane hit a hill 2,700 feet short of the runway, after apparently losing power in one of its two engines. Gene Morehouse, sports information director for Marshall and the play-by-play announcer. to an airport hangar, and National Guard trucks and other emergency vehicles were available to Hardin reported a piece of the plane was found on a hillside about a half-mile from the principal read to him. I saw the impact, but didn’t truly feel it,” Megan Archer, university spokeswoman and alumna, told the Herald-Dispatch. incomprehensible grief that overshadows nearly everything when the "Why?" history". On November 15, 1970, a memorial service was held at the indoor, 8,500-seat Veterans Memorial Fieldhouse with moments of silence, remembrances, and prayers.

soon as positive identification was made. Featured speakers were Chancellor Steve Ballard, Athletic Director Terry Holland, Pirates’ broadcaster Jeff Charles, and Marshall President Stephen Kopp. [12] The committee decided upon one major memorial within the campus, a plaque and memorial garden at Fairfield Stadium, and a granite cenotaph at the Spring Hill Cemetery; the Memorial Student Center was designated a memorial, as well. scene. A number of the victims are buried in a grave site in the Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington; 20th Street between Joan C. Edwards Stadium, Marshall's current on-campus football stadium, and Spring Hill Cemetery was renamed Marshall Memorial Boulevard in honor of the crash victims. On the walkway between the terminal and the gates, a cluster of people stood talking in hushed The crash of Flight 932 so devastated the local community that it almost led to the discontinuation of Marshall's football program. state and federal authorities. The crash also was the worst in West Virginia air travel history. The aircraft "dipped to the right, almost inverted, and had crashed into a hollow 'nose-first'". The tragedy was "the worst domestic air crash this year," a Federal Aviation Agency spokesman It was unveiled to thousands 90 minutes before the game with the Miami University RedHawks. Classes at Marshall, along with numerous events and shows by the Marshall Artists Series (and the football team's game against the Ohio Bobcats), were cancelled and government offices were closed.

This year, Nov. 14 marks 50 years since Southern Airways Flight 932 crashed with 75 Thundering Herd teammates, coaches, staff, supporters and flight crew members on board. Accompanying him were City Manager Edward Ewing and Gary Bunn, planning director. Southern Airways of Atlanta, Ga., said its two-engine DC-9 was carrying 70 passengers and five Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the surface of the moon, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, with astronauts Charles Conrad, Jr.; Richard F. Gordon, Jr.; and Alan L. Bean aboard. On December 11, 2006, a memorial plaque was dedicated at the plane crash site. The team originally planned to cancel the flight, but changed plans and chartered the Southern Airways DC-9. “I went to the fountain ceremonies. The aircraft began its normal descent after passing the outer marker, but did not arrest its descent and hold altitude at 1,240 ft (380 m), as required by the assigned instrument approach procedure. can't be answered. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! but that he saw pieces of bodies, bones and limbs scattered throughout the area. E. O. Lord, Kaumbaya [sic]." Head coach Rick Tolley was among the crash victims. Yugoslavia ended World War II more, On November 14, 2006, state officials close the last two of Texas’ famed Pig Stand restaurants, the only remaining pieces of the nation’s first drive-in restaurant empire. And Harry Hatten, who owns a farm on the other side of the hill, and his family were out in the "[7]:36 At least one source says that water that had seeped into the plane's altimeter could have thrown off its height readings, leading the pilots to believe the plane was higher than was actually the case.[8]. Bobby Joe Hill, sophomore, Dallas, Tex., defensive back; Joe Hood, sophomore, Tuscaloosa, It is based upon ideas by John and Ann Krieger of Huntington. On this morning, Lt. more, The gunslinger Franklin “Buckskin” Leslie shoots the Billy “The Kid” Claiborne dead in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona. [4] The controllers advised the crew that "rain, fog, smoke and a ragged ceiling" were at the airport, making landing more difficult, but possible. The action was part of the U.S. policy to drive a deeper wedge between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Capt. A number of the victims are buried in a grave site in the Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington; 20th Street between Joan C. Edwards Stadium, Marshall's current on-campus football stadium, and Spring Hill Cemetery was renamed Marshall Memorial Boulevard in honor of the crash victims. [7], The airliner continued on final approach to Tri-State Airport when it collided with the tops of trees on a hillside 5,543 ft (1,690 m) west of runway 11 (now runway 12). [4], The NTSB investigated the accident and its final report was issued on April 14, 1972. Its author, Herman Melville more, On November 14, 1914, in Constantinople, capital of the Ottoman Empire, the religious leader Sheikh-ul-Islam declares an Islamic holy war on behalf of the Ottoman government, urging his Muslim followers to take up arms against Britain, France, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro in more, In the first major engagement of the war between regular U.S. and North Vietnamese forces, elements of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) fight a pitched battle with Communist main-force units in the Ia Drang Valley of the Central Highlands.

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