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Despite this, Mars Attacks! The only thing is I'm not sure how to do the wig/hair. Was wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips? "I got a hole in my head from that damn wig! Costume ideas and diy tutorials for the Martian Girl from Mars Attacks!

some decidedly old-school background music. These twin sources provided the inspiration for the physical appearance of the aliens that popped up on Topps’ cards. Dean said: ‘Let’s just call it Independence Day; we can come up with something better later.” The rest is history.

However, you can use it for anytime you need some serious stretch and hold. DragonCon 2010 & 2011 by Patterson Lundquist, Originally posted in ladylsmagichair by the_strangecase The Bubble Flip Tutorial Taken from ctoberissue/Bubbleflip.html The Bubble Flip by Ann Leisure I saw my first real bubble flip in a sepia-tone photograph taken in 1965--my mom's senior class…. I love that [director] Ted Geoghegan and [producer] Travis Stevens went in that direction, it's so refreshing," she tells toofab.

While Burton toiled away on Mars Attacks!, Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich were writing an alien invasion movie of their own, but theirs was to have a more serious tone. Throughout the 1950s, film composers embraced the aural gadget as a perfect mood-setter for science fiction and horror pictures. The invaders were pretty hideous, like nothing I had ever seen before—until in 1955 when I saw a similar-looking creature in the Universal movie This Island Earth.” (Cult cinema fans will recognize this as the film that was riffed in 1996’s Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.) “I have a scar from the wig,” Marie revealed, “I have a hole in my head from that damn wig.” Still, like a true professional, she soldiered on despite the discomfort and remembers her character fondly. This is one of the Martian Eyeball Ring's used in the outstanding tribute to 1950’s B movies, Mars Attacks. And just for fun, we're going to make it pink. Hey if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it…. Get Toofab breaking news sent right to your browser! The title of Stern’s bit? After sending Nicholson the script, Burton gave him a call while location-scouting. To these big-brained Martians, nuclear weapons are harmless, but Slim Whitman’s yodeling is deadly. “The goal was to invoke the ‘50s and that sci-fi sound that Tim and I both grew up on,” he told Vulture. Given its considerable weight, wearing this apparatus wasn’t a pleasant experience. “It’s always worth it,” added the actress. Marie added that she had to be "sewn into the dress" and couldn't sit (or go to the restroom!)

In the United States, we commonly call it Spandex, but worldwide…, Halloween makeup. Gems blames this on the fact that most of its characters either die in some cartoonish manner or end up disfigured. “I wouldn’t sue you because I love you too much,” Stern said, “but I don’t think it’s a coincidence.” Burton, for his part, called the parallels “surreal” and noted that “something about Slim’s voice is very sonic.”. It was two wigs, real Polish hair, so the weight of it and then my own hair pinned down to a wig cap, it was instant torture and there was nothing you can do," she says. Another featured a dog being vaporized right in front of its owner—a small child. To pull this off, he made liberal use of one of history’s first electronic instruments, the theremin. And during a subsequent interview with Burton for The Howard Stern Show, he raised the subject again.

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