News: marriage green card denied reddit

by filing Form I-485), you can file Form I-290B with USCIS to appeal the denied green card application.

It seems like you are in a similar situation and as long as you can provide evidence that it wasn’t your intent, many others before us have successfully adjusted. Was intending to return home as I have a full time job etc, but things are getting stricter in my home and we are terrified that I’ll get stuck there for who knows how long. I don't follow them on social media but I'd assume we'd have seen it here. Agreed. They don't care about the immigrant's income, and they sort of don't care about the family income too too much (it needs to be high enough to keep the immigrant off of welfare, basically). The below are sample questions to … This will be.... fun. My marriage based green card is still in the process and it's been like 20 months. This entire season is full of people just looking to create drama to be invited for Happily Ever After, where the real money is, in my very cynical opinion. But for sure, if he is adjusting from the K1, meaning without a new entry to the US, he needs an affidavit from Molly. This is true of anyone undergoing AOS, especially if their visas expire during that time. Trying to see if we apply for spousal or the marriage green card visa and about how long would this take to be approved? September 11, 2015 it was approved.

Living with mom can't help the situation. Yeah I agree.

A week later (September 18) green card in hand. Are there marriage based EAD's? But if he left and came back on a different visa type (unlikely he gets one), and then applied for AOS through this woman he's adjusting from THAT visa, not Molly's K1. Another terrible marriage between two people who never should have married, another immigration tangle to sort out. USCIS allows for this. You can also see that this puts the US citizen spouse in a pretty serious position of power. Educated guessing isn't as simple as looking at another divorced couple and assuming all will be the same for them. This will be a "conditional residency", good for two years. Possible, sure, probable no. So.... in theory the S1 couples, if they applied for every step ASAP could have had naturalization ceremonies a year ago. Edit - okay others have both pending so disregard my comment. He's still here. I’m here on an esta visiting from Australia, my partner and I just got married. Are they divorced yet? Residency and (later) citizenship must be applied for, unless born on US soil (the one magic wand--birthright citizenship). We found solace in 90 day fiancé and love watching it together now, haha. Their online estimates (I-751, choose any service center), which are supposed to be more "live", says 15.5 months to 21.5 months for the fastest service center (California) . There are bad people in this world and some of them take advantage of vulnerability in others for their own gain. That's just not a thing that happens these days. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. yes you can adjust. If it is not one of the backlogged country like India/China, it might make more sense to have a marriage based AOS. My understanding is that the marriage based green card application is faster,but I don’t want to cancel the work one as it’s further down the line.

Can I ask did you guys get approved? I think he's fallen to temptation, much like many people do. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.. You can see that they are admitting that they took an average of 11.5 months in FY18 (compared to FY15 when it was 6.6 months). I guarantee you the average is longer. But not something that HAS to destroy their marriage.

I think we all know this here, but let's just make sure we get it out there. Where we now have to start to guess is what his status is now, today. My husband and I have been going through this process and we’re almost at the end after 4 years of marriage It’s something people really have no clue about unless they’ve gone through it or felt the desire to study it, and the show simplifies and sensationalizes it of course. Don't want to listen? But it will cost you money - all the fees as well as lawyer fees if you want to use a lawyer. The appeal must be filed within 30 days of the notification of the decision (or 33 days if you received the notification by mail) along with the applicable filing fee. report. I'd guess S2 couples could just be coming up on it now... if they got lucky and acted fast. What if his work based EAD is approved and then decides to use the marriage base eventual approval of the 130/485? Only if an immigrant was a victim of domestic abuse and got VAWA but even then that takes years and years and I'd guess that they wouldn't get too far into it because if the abuse claims can't be verified, the person being accused could sue for libel. Press J to jump to the feed. I will tell you that from (years of) experience, that USCIS under-reports their times. Will it be risky to try and adjust my status? I’m still a conditional resident because we’ve been married for less than two years, if anyone has questions let me know. So don't cancel. New episodes every Sunday at 8pm EDT. During this squishy grey area, the immigrant is in a pretty vulnerable position. We'll probably never see a self-sponsor on 90 Day because you can't self sponsor based on marriage and K1 visas are all about marriage. Love the post, we've just been done with step 5.

I know you have to fill out annual income so much on the forms. You've remained married and proven your bona fide marriage to a government bureaucrat. They still get the 12 (now 18) month extension letter.

Marriage based AOS is very slow at the moment and EB seems to be moving faster. Trust me, fam. I’m English. You should check the rules because there might be something in there about only having one application pending. They don’t really even ask you anything about your own employment nor do they care. share.

The US citizen spouse can pull the affidavit of support before the green card is approved, Here's a podcast where she discusses the timing of his conditional green card. (This is true of parents of US citizens--usually older people, adult children etc, but you most often see this with spouses).

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