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really like the results. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) Can't find the part you need? Patent Pending.

       Return to the Old Iron's Page, I call it the Poor Mans Extractor Bending Machine.Its a picture of a hammer. 'category': variation,

enough to gather tidbits of info from each and their wealth of knowledge has help in putting this info together.

function addItems(orderID,sku,product,variation,price,qty) { . Don't get left without a spare part at the range, or get just your firearm back up and running with Over 100 years in the making, here at last, an evolutionary new extractor design that finally addresses Marlin 1894 extractor-related feeding issues! . ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', {

So you may want

I hope more companies go this route in the future, and good on RPP for doing so. I’m sure many future customers will appreciate this extra consideration. I shot my 1894 with the new extractor through about 50 rounds of .44 magnum and .44 S&W Special the next day, with nickel and brass cased ammo from Hornady, Cor-Bon, Buffalo Bore, Winchester, and Federal. These fit all pistol caliber 1894 rifles. Photo #6: Aaaahhhh, here's my favorite. These come fully tuned ready for drop in with NO fitting. This replacement extractor is made in the USA of only the best spring steel. - - - Now we return you to Widder's instructions. }); Machined from super strength 4340 steel alloy (far thicker and stronger than the factory part) and black nitride coated for incredible strength and corrosion resistance. Now here's another freebie:Now that the extractor tension and position of the hook on the case has been more appropriately established, the closing of the bolt in its last .0000 of travel will diminish somewhat because the extractor won't have to be 'pushed' out of the way to close the bolt completely.

Finally, improved fit in the bolt body eliminates extraneous movement for the utmost in consistency and reliability.

below the extractor away, I ground the front part of it at an angle to match the plane of the case head when the case rises to meet the bolt face, but left

Another BIG plus on this setup is that the Ejector doesn't have to be full strength either. Photo #2: Lower view of both Extractors. BUT, I still want that point to reach deep into the extractor groove and yarn that round outta there with no foolin around. Just an FYI to all fellow Marlin 94 users. First produced by Ranger Point Precision in the US a couple of years ago this new extractor has proved to be a very popular upgrade for the Model 1894 Marlin lever action rifles.

'tax': tax, }

The work is generally not reversible without replacing parts. I used to have to be very precise how I worked the lever with the old extractor, as to prevent malfunctions. this._addTrans = addTrans; Widder's method of reducing the "head of the bird" might allow this, because it means 'affiliation': store, 'id': orderID, 'country': country var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

Demonstration of the effectiveness of the Ranger Point Precisi... NO SPAM. All Rights Reserved.

In the past we found it almost obligatory to reshape the factory part to ensure correct functioning. Fourth: Once the hook has been bent inward to lower it a little closer to the rim and 'ALMOST' touching it, some of the tip on the hook can be relieved. } This is no longer an issue with my rifle. Filling the extractor channel completely, with an integral compression coil spring, these new extractors engage far more of the cartridge rim, and make cycling the action far faster, smoother and more reliable. var BCData = {"csrf_token":"5fe25e47977f903303161271e13bef907ce6a8a25078bbabb2878e3a31540120","product_attributes":{"sku":"BIN0103","upc":null,"stock":null,"stock_message":null,"weight":{"formatted":"0.06 Ounces","value":0.06},"base":false,"image":{"data":"https:\/\/\/s-kxlnizhy7c\/images\/stencil\/{:size}\/attribute_rule_images\/46_source_1507150279.jpg","alt":"Marlin 1894 Feed Issues | M\/94 Extractor Claw (2017 All New Design! fbq('track', 'ViewContent', {"content_ids":["236"],"content_type":"product_group","value":58,"currency":"USD"}); Watch the video for disassembly, installation and re-assembly instructions, Marlin Loading Gate Spring - Flyweight Fast, Easy, Smooth, Marlin Loop Levers | Black Nitride | 1894, 336, 308, 338, 444, 1895, 450M, Marlin Aluminum Magazine Followers, Self Cleaning, Marlin Lever Quick Takedown Screws | Black Nitride | 30-30, 35 Rem, 45-70 Govt, 44 Mag, 357 Mag, 444, Rifle Barrel 3/8 Dovetail Filler Blanks | Black Nitride Steel, Stainless Steel Options, ​Kitting the Honda NC750x and NC700x for Adventure, The AR-10 / AR-15 Sporting Rifle Market Is a Mess. }

Buy It Now. __insp.push(['wid', 1872711852]); Sure Claw Extractor Marlin 1894 Rifle  by Slick Magic (all pistol calibers). Can a Marlin lever-action rifle deliver MOA Accuracy.

RPP’s new extractor fixes these problems with a whole new design.

In reality, the extractor is just helping to secure the rim to the bolt face.

The 'hook' on the extractor is facing UP. ga('ecommerce:addItem', {

WARNING: This information contains significant modifications to the extractor. 'category': variation, You would have to increase the size of the hole it sits in, but the retaining pin should not have to be changed. all as it makes it's way to the bolt.'POST', '/events/trigger-visit-event'); The Ranger Point Precision "Extraction Team" of M/94 extractor claws deliver smooth, controlled, consistent, and reliable extraction for feeding. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Marauder's Notes: Widowmaker Hill has given us some very good information to help improve the reliability as well as the speed of the Marlin 94 rifles. Marauder's Notes:Widowmaker Hill has given us some very good information to help improve the

WARNING: This information contains significant modifications to the extractor. ga('send', 'pageview'); Designing the small part was no small task. In the left pictures, please note how much the factory extractor is being pushed back. This would allow the extractor to freely slip side to side under spring tension as designed, but would prevent the extractor from floating up and down in the bore, making each extraction action the same as the last, with no more flopping up and down of the extractor (which I think is the real culprit when we get iffy extraction or rounds dropping off.

Photo #1: Left extractor is factory. Can a Marlin lever-action rifle deliver MOA Accuracy. 'sku': sku, PURCHASE AN M/94 EXTRACTOR CLAW This allows the extractor to "bite" a reluctant case and yank it out (like the sharp claw extractors they sell for .22 rifles, designed to overcome iffy extraction of rimfires). RPP also provides a very easy to follow installation video for customers without previous gunsmithing experience. BUT, since then, I have talked with more than a few Pards who have had issues with a very stiff Extractor tension hindering a smooth feeding process PLUS an occasional empty case not ejecting well and falling back down in the chamber. "RPP worked for more than 6 months to get the extractors designed and tuned to work right.

(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

Drop-in part with a replacement spring in case of loss and a pin punch required for simple DIY installation. 'quantity': qty Third: After completing #1 and 2 above, the hook needs to be slightly bent inward to a position where its 'nearling touching' the recess in the rim. It has been completely redesigned and is a very different design from the factory part which is prone to erratic extraction and ejection but also to interfering with smooth feeding of a new cartridge as well. })(); ga('ecommerce:addItem', {

'shipping': shipping, All this info about setting up the Marlins to have an angle feed is something most good tinkerers and gunsmiths can do without purchasing stuff, etc......unless something breaks.

Photo #3: On the left is a factory Extractor sitting in its normal position in the bolt.On the right is a modified Extractor sitting in its position in the bolt.Its hard to tell much difference but if you look at the protruding firing pins, you can detect that the factory (left) is higher than the modified (right) extractor. Well made product that functions perfectly……Highly recommend this product! Besides poorly made levers, the original extractor was the main cause of the “itchy” feeling many 1894s have during the cycling of the action. Marlin Model 336, 1894 39A etc, tang screw, Part No 320391 Vintage $ 12. I agree with Howdy about tolerances.

Ejection was also incredibly consistent, with a neat pile at the 2 o’clock position. ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', { O.K., so here's the deal:First: weaken the extractor spring as needed. Unlike the “factory” two – piece, our extractor comes as one solid unit. }); – Closely held CNC machine tolerances eliminate extraneous movement and ensure consistent fit and function, – Compression coil spring improves extractor claw compliance during feeding, lowers cycling effort, and greatly increases service life (virtually unlimited lifetime), – Robust dimensions and superb geometry ensure no case gets left behind, – Rigorous testing by SASS Cowboy Action Shooters, Marlin Enthusiasts / Machinists, – Drop-in part that installs in minutes (comes with one extractor claw/shaft/spring, one punch, one replacement spring if original is lost), – Marlin 1894, Marlin 1894CB and Marlin 1894CL options (fits all calibers: .218 Bee, .25-20 Winchester, .32-20 Winchester, .32 H&R Magnum,. ga('require', 'ecommerce', 'ecommerce.js'); If a Pard wants goooood feeding with a cartridge with little or no sensitivity of chambering a round, then they must allow the bolt to freely feed the round into the chamber without the extractor adding pressure to the situation. xmlHttp.send('{"initiator":{"id":"","session_id":"2ebbab42630c1b01b509c28c73fbf2aadc2d7379","type":"ANONYMOUS","visit_id":"b3744bdd-de38-4c1b-a1b7-26f09b73211a","visitor_id":"9ebe3624-af36-450d-9fd8-c7ca2df35ff4"},"referer":{"url":""},"request":{"url":"https:\/\/\/marlin-1894-feed-issues-m-94-extractor-claw-2017-all-new-design\/"},"product_id":236}'); I will experiment with reducing the forward most part of the extractor "head" so it doesn't push sideways so much when in contact with the notch in the barrel root.

I required option #2. var pageTracker = new trackEcommerce(); READ THE THE REVIEW AND SEE PHOTOS ON THE TFB WEBSITE. Because cases are held much more securely at the bolt face with little wiggle room, I get good and fast ejection of my empties. function trackEcommerce() {

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