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Though it initially appears as if Alibaba has the upper hand, he is quickly defeated due to his inexperience and lack of skill in using Amon. [32][33][34][35][36][37], Sinbad tells Ja'far of his plans to speak with the princess of the Kou Empire, but hears of how Alibaba attacked the Balbadd Palace and instead rushes there immediately. If it turns out that all of his amazing deeds as a singularity are because of David, it will ruin his character for me.

[48], Sinbad announces towards Kouen's direction that the Seven Seas Alliance has made and alliance with Reim Empire, as there is no power other than the Seven Seas Alliance that can influence the balance between Reim and Kou.

He is excited to see those two again to report the resolutions to them but is surprised to see how much fatter they have gotten.

After the problem with the pirates has been solved, Sinbad accepts Umm Madaura's Crew as Sindria's citizens. Once in Balbadd, Sinbad promises Aladdin and Morgiana free room and board at the hotel he's staying at. Sinbad remains quiet throughout Aladdin's claim and watches as he uses clairvoyant magic to show the summit Alma Torran's past.

[16], Three days later, he arrives at Ria Venus Island for his match. However, he respects the answer Alibaba has come to on his own. Then having the nerve to talk shit about those hate pages. Sinbad gives a rousing speech to the remnants of the Fog Troupe and gives everyone hope that Alibaba would be able to change the country diplomatically. Regardless of what happens with the US election the point has been made Black People are TIRED!!!!!!

Sinbad has returned from his meeting with the Kou Emperor discussing the state of affairs in Balbadd.

if you read the manga each of his actions had a purpose so you cant lie and say he was a crazy egoistic ruler even doe he kinda was but in the end he had the biggest impact in the series and honestly he was right when someones is that much better than you at something you cant lie and not expect them to be cocky, he was a singularity in a world with billions of people and in the manga it said that he was the leader that forged a path while Alibaba was a leader that walked with his companions, and honestly i prefer Sinbad because Alibaba was to much of a pacifist, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

I think you can come up with a decent argument for all of his actions except his refusal to become Serendine's husband. The reason why I bring this up is because, Sinbad is willing to use every dirty trick in the book to realize his ideal world. He teaches Alibaba the basics of using his Metal Vessel and while Alibaba never successfully uses his Djinn Weapon Equip, he thinks the training is progressing smoothly. [57]. Sinbad doesn't know their real name, so he simply refers to them as "The Organization".

Baal is the Djinn of Wrath and Heroes. Sinbad quickly stops her from engaging an enraged Aladdin by canceling out her magic with his magoi. Everything and anything manga!

Get off my back, That's kind of the point if his character though. How are... Monica Belcucci, Nov 4, 2020 at 12:41 AM No matter what kind of sublime 'god' it is!!"

Sinbad is a right-wing libertarian.

When they return, Sinbad holds a banquet for the four for conquering the dungeon. He does not notice that Kougyoku accepted because she has become interested in him. Sinbad states he had sacrifice Serendine's life by combining his Rukh with her Rukh just like Alibaba did with Kassim.

Sinbad's goal was to make his own country/trading company,which he did. He's a good guy in the sense that he wants to save the world.

Sinbad has the ability to use the Magoi within his body to counteract his opponents' Magoi, thus negating their abilities, though to a certain extent. The king accuses Yunan of being just as bad as Judar, and summoning dungeons to drive the world to chaos, making Yunan tear up.

Although never explicitly stated, Sinbad is able to use Rukh to his advantage in times of need. At the banquet, he tells Aladdin about the three other Magi besides him before making a request to Aladdin, asking him to go to Reim as the Magi of Sindria. He yells for Yunan to let him in, adding he couldn't do what he pleases in other people's garden's without permission.

Not long after, the two are then caught in a storm and Badr is worried that he and Sinbad will die. Then, one of the Magi, Arba, decided to assemble all the magicians who had strayed away from Solomon's will and together they formed the Eight-Pointed Star Fellowship, also known as Al-Thamen. [citation needed].

save hide report. With the current timing of SnB and speculating that David has been "with" Sinbad since before the start of the Magi series, we still have a rough 10 year gap that it happens.

He met Drakon when they were young boys.

Sinbad defeats Ithnan easily with a single attack and destroys the egg left behind, stating that Al-Thamen is not needed in this world. This thread is archived. Because up until these recent developments, I'd always viewed Sinbad as a good guy. At this time, Maader enters the room.

Sinbad has also sailed across the world's seven seas, hence his nickname, Sinbad, the High King of the Seven Seas, and founded his own country, Sindria. In the midst of everything, Sinbad realizes how sly he has become, to which Ja'far replies that he became something he did not want to become. Afterwards, Hakuryuu confronts Sinbad to talk about his true purpose of visiting Sindria.

[11] He seems irritable, even at dinner, when Esra asks about his condition.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. [4] Sinbad is often accompanied by members of the Eight Generals, who are his most trusted companions. Celebrity Alley - Celebrity News and Gossip, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.

He believes that, though Sinbad has had many accomplishments up until now, he is still an ordinary man, which gets on Sinbad's nerves.

Hinahoho respects Sinbad immensely, especially after they went through Valefor together and Sinbad saved his life multiple times. Almost famous . The Banker arrives and greets Sinbad. Al-Thamen's members live all around the world.

But his own philosophy is twisted and that’s how Alibaba is a foil to his thinking. Then, Masrur shows Sinbad the shipment receiving area, where he suggests Sinbad introduce himself to Fatima. Finally, after all that was done, Sinbad chose to abdicate his throne as the king of Sindria.

There was nothing major for sinbad to be pushed over the edge to try and take over the world, unlike the adventures of sinbad where it would have made more sense for sinbad to do that. Upon seeing the condition they are in, he allows it under the condition that they do not hurt anyone. He protests that he never did anything to her during his trip, causing Kougyoku to cry.

save hide report. Namely, Arba, who is now Sindria trading company's top advisor, indicating that Sinbad has allied himself with Arba.

He is extremely skilled in swordplay, as well as Magoi Manipulation and decent martial arts skills. He questions Sinbad's real intentions for protecting Aladdin.

[citation needed], Ithnan was also the one who discovered the Wisdom of Solomon of Aladdin and was the main meddler in further affairs during his first few adventures with Alibaba Saluja,Morgiana and Hakuryuu Ren during the events of the Sindria Arc,the Invasion of the Sindria Kingdom by Al-Thamen and the conquering of Zagan Dungeon of Aladdin's party. Though it was originally thought that Sinbad was the reincarnation David Jehoahaz Abraham, Sinbad has stated that he is not[3] . Intentions are far more relevant than actions, especially for someone like Sinbad.

He went off the deep end towards the end, but I think you can understand why he ended up going insane.

Hakuryuu declares that he hates the Kou Empire and only desires to destroy it. However, he quickly turns on the Kou Empire, saying they were "Al-Thamen" itself and was therefore untrustworthy. His hatred of Al-Thamen is such that he kills all the members that he faces and crushes their doll forms after their defeats with no remorse. Sometime after this, Sinbad trained with the Yambala Gladiators, during which he learned how to use Magoi Manipulation, which took him a year. Serendine was later seen having fully accepted this proposal and agreed to Falan altering her body with the same Dungeon Monster surgeries to give her more power to retake Parthevia from Barbarossa,But unknowingly to Serendine,Falan had also made changes to her in order to transform her into a Medium to further the advance their Agenda.

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