News: mac can't find startup disk

Reg. If your Mac doesn’t make any noise at all when switching it on, or if  you hear the fans running but nothing else, you may again have a power supply or logic board failure. Kacey.

Now that you know how to deal with your “unmountable” startup disk problem, it’s time that you get your MacBook Pro running fast and smooth by downloading and installing a reliable tool like Outbyte MacRepair. Problems may be related to the power supply, battery, hard drive, logic board, OS corruption or an issue with a user account. This issue happened after I shut off the computer by holding the start button due to safari having a rainbow pinwheel for a few minutes.

Step 2: Get to macOS/Mac OS X Utilities, select Disk Utility, and then click "Continue". See more information about Outbyte and uninstall instructions.

Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Startup Disk. You can now start backing up your data using the external drive. To reset the PRAM, reboot your Mac immediately after the startup chime and hold down Command + Option + P + R together until you hear a second chime. If your drive is having problems, you can try to fix them yourself with First Aid and therefore get access to your files. Partitions can get lost within hard drives, temporarily hiding all of the information contained within. Now, Apple has introduced the Apple File System (APFS) for newer operating systems. But before we do that, you better have a backup of all your data. By now, your new startup disk should be accessible by your operating system. That way, you can easily retrieve or recover your important documents and files in case something goes wrong. I am not that computer literate but have tried searching through the Apple help menus to no avail. If you have a very old Mac with a non-spinning hard drive, more drastic measures may be required. thedavidbeach – Submitted on 2010/07/25 at 7:48 pm After hearing the startup sound, press the. A drive icon will appear, which once you double click will give you the option to open the files as you would do before they were lost. Well, mounting a startup disk does not literally suggest physically setting it up with all the wires. Powerful enough to retrieve long-lost, mistakenly deleted files from Macs, external hard drives and USB drives and camera cards. When I go into system prefs there's a question mark over the start up disk icon. Some people have had success freezing a drive to fix this problem, but I haven’t tried this method myself. Disk Utility only shows Disk 1 and OS X BAE SYSTEM. To reset the PRAM and SMC, follow these instructions: At this point, you probably want to know how to properly mount a startup disk on your MacBook Pro to avoid problems in the future. And it said my hard drive is fine. No problems until Sunday morning. —– Does this sound accurate? This article lists down common fixes users can apply to boot up Mac SSD that refuses to start-up. Extra apps and programs that aren’t needed at the starting time aren’t loaded in the safe mode. Though it happens rarely, after Mac system software undergoes an update (likely to happen after a hard drive change or firmware update or OS upgrade, etc. Whether you want to reindex Spotlight, repair disk permissions, speed up Mail’s search function or perform other crucial tasks.

Also, you can learn how to recover lost data from unrecognizable Mac internal hard drive with data recovery software for Mac - iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. As a first step, ensure that you have a backup of all the data on your Mac. I still get a grey screen – no logo. The flashing question mark or a circle/slash means your Mac can’t find a valid startup disk. Rather costly to replace battery 20-30 times a year. Summary: This post will show you solutions to fix the Mac not recognizing internal hard drive issue. Macs and third-party apps that look after Macs, such as. Then again, drive mounting can be performed manually using the Disk Utility of your machine.

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