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[20]  Why would a goon need a gas mask when it is clear that there is no respiratory threat and wearing one would hamper physical performance? A specially equipped "Tunnel Rat" with an ABC-M17 protective mask. This article is intended to provide a general overview. The M17 series mask design was copied in at least four countries. ! [6] The filters were not designed to filter out vapors generated from fuel, paints or solvents and the exposure to these hazardous materials would deteriorate the filter's ability to filter out chemical warfare agents. [3] Experimentation with the design continued throughout the operational life of the mask. For use in high illumination areas and were essentially sunglasses for the protective mask. The assembly snapped onto the connector ring of the filter. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Period The outside packaging was in perfect condition. The carrier had the nomenclature of the mask and often the Chemical Corps insignia stenciled on the side of the carrier. Because of this, the inserts do not offer ballistic protection. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. [8], The black lacquered brass hardware of the head harness system of the mask often became scratched and worn with normal training and use of the mask. November 14, 2018 in CRAIG PICKRALL FIELD & PERSONAL GEAR SECTION. Such lack of instructions can only increase the appreciation for today's included instruction manuals on a lot of filter packages. Korea samgong made m17 in 70~80s. No modern filters are known to contain asbestos. TK1976 are you asking because you want to use the mask? Does the M17 line of gas masks (mostly the M17A2, as that is the mask I have) have any dangers I should know about, like dangerous filters or … Press J to jump to the feed.

In 1960, the US Army issued service members the ABC-M17 protective masks for the first time. Brand new M17 gas mask in its original MSA cardboard box.

Im just curious in case I want to wear it for every once and a while and I think it still has the original filters. The cap did not work with the older style canteens when introduced due to a threading mismatch but worked with all modern U.S. Army one-quart and two-quart canteens. The inside packaging was still vacuumed sealed from the original packaging date! they have chromium, but everyone freaks out for no reason, there is almost no danger posed by the amounts of chromium that is in those filters if it even was leaking. Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2016, DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON USING IT, these are porkchop filters and are expired, which means they contain chromium which, Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020. [10] The waterproof bag contained a high concentration of plasticizers as part of its formulation to keep the bag soft and pliable in both hot and cold conditions and after long-term storage. brass fasteners. Notably, the X-files television series often depicts government goons of a secret and corrupt conspiracy wearing variants of the M17. US soldiers wearing M17A2 masks, fitted with the M6A2 protective hood during the Gulf War. Training compensates for this but untrained civilian users might end up being uninformed on proper use. The ABC-M17 was used by civilian law enforcement agencies for crowd control operations when protection from tear gas was required.

No markings whatsoever. Photos of troops wearing the M17A2 mask were run in newspapers and magazines and is closely identified with that war. It was added to stop cyanide gas, but was removed from modern filters because of the risk of leaking. All Rights Reserved.

Manufacturer stamps on the M17A2 can be found in two locations, one is near the right eyepiece with the manufacturer's name and year of manufacture and the second (almost hidden) mark is on the right side of the inner end of the nose cup assembly facing the internal filter compartment.

Here it is an example of a cartridge inscriptions, this is a DPG-3 GOST Russian cartridge. M17A1 with the green laser protection outserts. The mask itself may well be unserviceable, it's certainly long beyond its typical lifespan. The M17A2 would use common M17 accessories such as neutral gray outserts and the characteristic olive drab NBC hood. That lever became a source of maintenance problems due to service members over-torquing the lever and cracking the metal of the voice diaphragm and outlet valve assembly. The ABC-M17 was the standard-issue protective mask for the United States Army throughout the Vietnam war. These button closures were critical to the proper airflow through the mask and torn buttonholes were considered a deadlining fault.

M17 filter smell Today my m17 arrived and when I breathe through it for more than a couple of seconds it starts to smell quite weird, should I be concerned and could the filters be dangerous to use? The training kits were identifiable by the black plastic shell of the carrier and blue colored packets. This made the M17 a cheap and available prop for television and movie producers where the script called for faceless minions often representing a corrupt government executing malevolent plans. The residual CS inside the tunnels required the use of the ABC-M17 mask to be able to complete the mission. The filter elements were designated M13 and were improved over time to the M13A1 and M13A2.

I learn something new everyday on this forum.

The cap connects with the drink tube connector on the M17A1, M17A2 and subsequent US protective mask models such as the M40 series, however, the M50 series opted for a different canteen connector type that is not compatible with the M1 cap. The mask carrier had nylon stiffeners sewn into the sides of the pouch to add to the structural integrity of the bag. This was the standard Nuclear, Biological Chemical (NBC) hood for the M17 series protective mask. The M17 Mask Carrier worn in the hip carrying configuration. The final mask, adopted as the M17, was a slightly modified E13R10. The different generations of filter elements can be identified by the color of the connector ring: M13A2 filter set in a sealed, white pouch and the actual filter elements. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Thank you, EditorUK (talk) 23:02, July 7, 2013 (UTC). With use and maintenance, the bloom is normally worn away or washed off. From the 1970s onwards, its dangers became well publicised, and its use declined sharply, being ultimately outright banned in many countries. The gas mask mook trope has often been criticized on logical grounds. Pepe Moreno’s ‘Bunker 6A,’ from the May 1984 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. substance on its surface especially when stored without use for long periods of time. The M17 Protective Mask is a series of gas masks that were designed and produced in 1959 (as a replacement of the M-9 gas mask) to provide protection from all types of known chemical and biological agents present. Two filters per package. The concept and execution were problematic as the use of the tube could expose the wearer to contamination. This individual decontamination kit replaced the M13 series kits first with the M258 and subsequently, the M258A1 kits. Please go to This page instead. During the early 1980s, the US government began fielding the latest and what would be the final variation of the M17 mask; the M17A2. The outserts were not a basic issue item supplied with the mask and had to be ordered separately when missions in sunny areas were anticipated. Additionally, the instructions warned that the bag was not to be used for the storage of food or water.

Recommended Posts. Does the M17 line of gas masks (mostly the M17A2, as that is the mask I have) have any dangers I should know about, like dangerous filters or dangerous materials? Make sure to follow the rules and enjoy your time here! The kit contains six foil-packaged decontamination towelettes/wipes in an olive-drab plastic case that fits in a pouch in the rear of the M-17 mask carrier. The filter elements were composed of lightweight gas-aerosol filter material that fit into cheek pouches of the mask. In the 1995 movie Outbreak, Soldiers in full protective ensemble escort disease victims to collection areas to die and eventually be incinerated. Same as the M10 but made of black rubber and featuring a rubber, five-point head harness. Although the ABC-M17 was associated with tunnel rats, the less bulky and more comfortable M28 riot control mask, nicknamed the "Grasshopper Mask", took over that role in 1968. Clearly, the wearing of a protective mask is meant to indicate the inhumanity and lack of empathy for those wearing the masks. A "Time" commemorative book of the First Gulf War featuring Soldiers with the M17A2 protective mask. To decontaminate your skin, you would crush the glass ampules of the packet and fold the wipe to distribute the decontamination solution. quarter); "12" - the year of manufacture (in this case, additional cartridge made ​​in 2012); Labelling must be clear, no correction, the vagueness and traces of ink are not allowed. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. The second type attached to the area where the nose cup assembly met the face blank with a set of prongs. The final stage of the polycarbonate eye lens degradation is severe yellowing, crazing, and embrittlement of the lens material. They are furnished in a sealed treated paper package. In 1990-1991 Gulf War brought a threat of the first large-scale chemical war since World War I to the United States and its coalition allies.

M17 Green laser protection outsert lenses, Iranian Solider searing an M-17 during the Iran-Iraq War. This "copper poisoning" of the rubber was easily prevented by making sure the black lacquer on the brass hardware was in good repair and scratches or worn spots were covered with fresh black lacquer. M17A2 with CPOG Type Overgarment During a CS Chamber Mask Confidence Exercise. It is assumed that the air is contaminated with chemical, biological or radiological agents in the post-apocalypse. Gas Mask and Respirator Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

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