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As the pandemic lockdown changes the landscape of film and TV, many are shifting the way they tell stories — and a lot of that is shooting remotely. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, USPS Service blows deadline to check for missing ballots. With their hit TV show on the brink of cancellation, six actors decide to film their own horror movie and unintentionally summon a spirit with an affinity for violence. HIS HOUSE (2020) Interview with Director Remi Weekes. The film stars Claire Holt, Kal Penn, Darren Barnet, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Katherine McNamara, Timothy Granaderos, Kevin Daniels, and Sohm Kapila. Baines also stars alongside Claire Holt (47 Meters Down, The Vampire Diaries), Darren Barnet (Never Have I Ever, Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D, American Pie), Emmy Raver-Lampman (The Umbrella Academy, Hamilton), Katherine McNamara (Arrow, The Stand, Shadowhunters) and Timothy Granaderos (13 Reasons Why). This sounds like a movie I'll have to watch, because I'm curious to see how it turned out with everyone filming on their own. Randy Sinquefield’s Spectrum Studios financed the picture. As crazy as that could have been, it was easily one of the most enjoyable experiences in my professional life. 11 of the Highest-Grossing Movies That Actually “Bombed ... Nick Simon will direct from a script he co-wrote with Luke Baines, who stars alongside Claire Holt and Kal Penn. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. As the pandemic lockdown changes the landscape of film and TV, many are shifting the way they tell stories — and a lot of that is shooting remotely. BEST MOVIES ON NETFLIX. Filmmaker Nick Simon has done exactly that with the film Untitled Horror Movie which recently completed principal photography.Directed by Simon, who co-wrote it with Luke Baines, the comedy-horror was shot entirely during lockdown with the entire writing, pre-production, and filming process taking place remotely. computer screens and found footage style content. COME PLAY (2020) - Interview with Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr. COME PLAY Interview (2020) with Director Jacob Chase, Orphan prequel: Isabelle Fuhrman returns as Esther, Julia Stiles co-stars, The Lair: Neil Marshall returns to Dog Soldiers style action horror, Dog Soldiers 2: Neil Marshall and Kevin McKidd revive hope for a sequel, Hellraiser TV series: Clive Barker signs on to executive produce for HBO. Filmmaker Nick Simon (The Girl In The Photographs, The Pyramid) has done exactly that with the film Untitled Horror Movie which recently completed principal photography. The cast also features Kal Penn, Kevin Daniels, and Sohm Kapila.“I’ve always believed that film should be a collaborative art form, and I don’t think there’s a truer example than with this picture,” said Simon, who was mentored by Wes Craven.

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