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The engine was a 2.0 L turbocharged four cylinder, rated at 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) at 5,400 rpm, with a maximum torque of 272 N⋅m (201 lb⋅ft) at 5,400 rpm.

Double Wishbones. Lotus planned the Europa to be a volume-produced, two-seater mid-engine sports coupe built to reasonable cost, quite an ambitious goal for the time. Its engine was modified to achieve more power at 225 hp (165 kilowatts) and 300 Nm. [10] From early 1969, secondary front indicator lamp nacelles were added between the headlights, and larger door handles were used in place of the S1's push-button items.

Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, ©2020 Ultimate Specs - The Most Comprehensive Car Specifications Database. Although the original Europa was intended as a clubman's sports racer to replace the Lotus 7, it was realised that the car would be uncompetitive with the Renault engines available. With a fuel consumption of 9.3 litres/100km - 30 mpg UK - 25 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 5.8 seconds, a maximum top speed of 150 mph (242 km/h), a curb weight of 2194 lbs (995 kgs), the Europa II S has a turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor.

There was much to spend your hypothetical lottery jackpot on at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show with a plethora of new performance-oriented models, many of which require the fruits of... Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 [2] In North America, both the (early) 1972 Twin Cam version and (late) 1972–1974 Twin Cam "Special" versions were rated at 113 hp (84 kW) in Federalized Form. Leading up to this, most people go through the ritual of... Lotus unveiled its convertible Exige S - remember, it's not an Elise. [7] In the Europa, the vertical "strut" element pivots on the wheel hub at its lower end and doesn't control wheel camber angle as-in earlier Lotus designs. [8] The car's subsequent resulting handling prompted automotive writers to describe the Europa as the nearest thing to a Formula car for the road.[9]. [3], Early examples of the S2 were externally almost identical to the S1 with the exception of the new windows.

The engine was a special 82 hp (61 kW) version (as opposed to the 63 hp (47 kW) generated in standard form).

British manufacturer Lotus is generally known for lightweight performance cars that punch above their weight on road and track, but aren’t the last word in refinement or build quality. [3], The sourcing of suitable engine, gearbox and final-drive components was considered critical to the success of delivering a low-cost mid-engine vehicle.

In 1971, the Type 74 Europa Twin Cam was made available to the public, with a 105 hp 1,557 cc Lotus-Ford Twin Cam engine (113 hp US "Federal" version with standard emissions control and Big Valve engine with Stromberg carburetors, until the end of production) and a re-designed bodyshell to improve rearward visibility.

Although the 47GT is the best known, a few 47F's were produced, these had the detachable body similar to the S2 Europa, but retaining the large wheel arches and side vents of the 47GT. The Europa's four-wheel independent suspension was also typical Chapman thinking. Introduced in September 1972, the first 100 Big Valve cars were badged and painted to honour the Team Lotus's 1972 F1 World Championship title win with John Player Special as sponsors, all with five-speed gearbox, these were all black with gold pin stripe matching the livery of the GP cars – plus a numbered JPS dash board badge, becoming the first ever John Player Special commemorative Lotus automobile. The first cars were delivered in France in February 1967. Like all Lotus vehicles of the era, the Europa was designed and built following Chapman's oft-stated philosophy of automotive design: "Simplify, then add lightness". anti-roll bar, Independent. Specs, photos, engines and other data about LOTUS Europa 1965 - 1975 The most significant change was the switch from fully bonded construction to the use of bolt fasteners to attach the fibreglass body to the backbone steel frame. The 1,470 cc (1.5 L) Renault engine was a light and modern design, while the matching Renault 16 transaxle seemed almost ideal for the Europa project. The front used lightweight pressed steel upper and lower wishbones with a clever coil-over spring-damper arrangement, all connected to the wheels using off-the-shelf front uprights, ball joints and trunnions.

This version is based on the standard Lotus Europa Twin Cam, but has new bodywork which bears some resemblance to the Maserati Merak.

Year [15] These cars had a wider track, special wheels and stickers, white indicator lights up front, and featured extractor vents high on the side panel behind the rear door. [3] These radius arms played a critical role in giving the precise tracking and handling desired, as the Chapman Strut's use of the driveshaft to resist lateral forces was compromised by the rubber engine and transaxle mounts needed to isolate vibrations from the car body. So, Christmas is upon us.

Earliest versions of the Europa had the body fully bonded to the chassis for maximum structural stiffness, however this was soon changed to a bolted-on body to allow normal chassis and body repairs to be made.

Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity : Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds : Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) : Independent. By relocating the combined engine/transaxle unit to the rear of the car and rotating it 180 degrees in plan, Lotus could obtain a ready-made modern mid-engine configuration - albeit one with four reverse gears. anti-roll bar. The Black Shadow also received a five-speed gearbox. In the end the numbered plaque distinguished the first, original, 100 JPS cars from other black Europa Specials.

During 1968 a number of Europas (and Elans) were produced bearing black-and-silver Lotus badges on the nose and steering wheel in place of the customary yellow-and-green ones. These were space frame cars with F1 suspension to handle the 240 hp power output from the engine.

Of particular note, in excess of 0.9 g (8 m/s²) lateral acceleration was consistently achieved by Car magazine on road tyres of that era. [16], Chip Foose the famous automobile pioneer of United States also modified and restored a Lotus Europa for Episode 6 of the season 11 of his popular show "Overhaulin'". In 1969–70, the Type 65 (also known as S2 Federal) was introduced specifically for export to the U.S., with additional changes to the body, chassis, suspension and the powerplant to better comply with U.S. D.O.T.

This was a sophisticated, twin-overhead-cam, 8-valve high-performance engine rated at 105 hp (78 kW) in original (Euro) specification (later uprated to 126 hp (94 kW) in "big-valve" form). The front suspension was changed to make the front end of the car taller along with taller front fenders to raise the headlamps. Among the changes, the engine was a slightly modified emission controlled Renault 16TL 1,565 cc unit rated at 80 hp rather than the 1,470 cc engine of the Type 54. In the US version of the Europa Special, where the Federalized version of the Big Valve had already been introduced earlier in the Twin Cam model, the only changes were larger brakes and the optional five-speed transmission which would become standard on the special in 1974.

These changes lifted the engine's power by 30% from 63 hp (47 kW) at 5,000 rpm to 82 hp (61 kW) at 6,000 rpm. Lotus Elise S2 R (2006) vs Lotus Europa II S (2006), Lotus Europa II S (2006) vs BMW E10 2002 Tii (1968) vs BMW Type 114 1602 (1966), Lotus Excel 2.2 (1982) vs Lotus Europa II S (2006), Lotus Europa II S (2006) vs Peugeot 208 5-door Allure 1.6 BlueHDi 120 (2015), Lotus Europa II S (2006) vs Alpine A110 1600S (1971) vs Marcos 1600 GT (1967). The SE was an upgraded model with more comfort in mind, intended to bring in more customers. [7] A careful compromise between the radius arm mount's stiffness, isolation and car handling was required, culminating eventually in a sandwich bush that was flexible against shear but stiff in compression and tension. In 1971 two Lotus Hemi were entered as Group 4 GTS at the international hill climb race St. Ursanne Les Rangiers and Ollon-Villars driven by the Swiss divers Oskar Bubeck and Alfons Tresch. Wheel location and alignment is controlled instead by interaction between a fixed-length, articulated driveshaft top link, a simple tubular lower link, and a large box-section radius arm running diagonally forward to the chassis. Most importantly, all the engine ancillaries (water pump, belt-drives, alternator) were driven off a v-belt pulley fixed to the transaxle end of the camshaft instead of being driven by the engine's crankshaft. Side vents into the engine bay were added after the first few cars experienced problems with engine bay temperature. Lotus Europa S | Ficha técnica, Consumo, Volumen y peso, Potencia máxima, Velocidad máxima, Par máximo , Aceleración 0 - 100 km/h , Cilindrada -real-, Tracción , Tamaño de … [citation needed]. When Renault introduced their most powerful 16 TX model in 1973, it included a strengthened 5-speed transmission.

The original Europa and its variants comprise the Lotus Types 46, 47, 54, 65 and 74, and were produced between 1966 and 1975. 1,580 cars were shipped as Europa "Twin Cam" before Lotus switched to a 126 hp "Big Valve" version of the engine. It was reported that Lotus initially delayed its introduction in the Europa until they were confident in the strength of the Renault transaxle. standards.

The steel chassis central beam was sandwiched (incorporated) within the fibreglass bodywork, thus reinforcing stiffness, but making repair rather complicated. Lotus did not export the Europa S to the USA. The GS Lotus Europa was limited to 17 units. [17], in 1972, a Bristol based company called GS Cars has produced a variant of the Lotus Europa. The SE has the same engine as the S but it was modified to bring power to 225 PS (165 kW; 222 hp) and torque to 300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft). If you want to have fun behind the wheel but you’re on a budget, then we’ve got some good news: you don’t have to win the lottery to afford one... Buying a used convertible makes good sense no matter what the time of year you choose to take the plunge.

The engine, gearbox and rear suspension were completely different from the standard Europa and were taken in their entirety from the Lotus 23/Lotus 22 Formula Junior cars with a Lotus-Ford Twin Cam based 165 hp (123 kW) 1,594 cc Cosworth Mk.XIII dry sump engine, and a Hewland FT 200 5-speed gearbox and suspension with reversed bottom wishbone, top link and dual radius arms. Road & Track magazine tested the Federal S2 and recorded 0-60 mph acceleration time of 9.6 seconds with a top speed of 116 mph (187 km/h). The Lotus Europa SE was presented at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

When it comes to tyres, these range from 175x55 R17 for Coupe in 2012 with a wheel size that spans from 17x5.5 inches.

The "Special" name and colour scheme was planned to be dropped after the first 200 cars, reverting to the Twin Cam name, but such was the positive reaction to the new car that the name and pin stripe scheme remained until the end of Europa production although colours other than black were made available. All registered in England and Wales. The front upright was specially cast in common with the F2 version of Lotus 41X to accommodate larger Girling brakes for the later 47A model (which had the Alfa Romeo tail lamp shared with the Europa S2) with reinforced front frame. The Lotus Europa name is used on two distinct mid-engine GT cars built by British automobile manufacturer Lotus Cars.

Its overhead-valve design had the camshaft located high-up in the block, resulting in a compact valve-train well suited for high-rpm operation.

While reducing the torsional and flexural stiffneses somewhat, the use of a separable body was welcomed by the automotive insurance industry as it greatly reduced the complexity and cost of making repairs to the vehicle.

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