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Prior to joining JHR, Benard worked for the Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) since July 2010, starting as a radio producer and rising over the years to the position of Senior Programmes Officer. He has worked as a Digital Investigations Editor at Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), and as an editor and journalist at 7iber e-magazine, and as a freelance Investigative Journalist in the Investigative Journalism Unit at The prime ministerial contender looked collegiate-casual in Levis and a hoodie. I remember being in Baghdad in 2005 when an Irish reporter was abducted. The infantry are the best PR the military’s ever had. Under Ben’s leadership, JHR worked across 15 different countries in sub-Saharan Africa and built one of Canada’s strongest student leadership networks. In December 2010, Prince won the Prix JDH (JHR Award). Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, 800 East Broadway Karolina is very happy to be joining the JHR team. I can confirm they hopped on a double-decker bus to take a tour of the city, zipping around Queen's Park, swooshing through Chinatown, getting an eyeful of the CN Tower. It’s the same when you’re in a war zone, where something happens and you’re on the phone to the network right away, but you have very little information about immediate events. JHR’s list of international trainers includes CTV news host Lisa LaFlamme, former Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke and former Globe and Mail editor John Stackhouse. on Why is ‘aid’ money spent on propaganda inside Canada? Aicha enjoys doing research and her work centers around gender mainstreaming in development policies and the interplay between the rule of law and development in sub-Saharan Africa.

And he has trained different journalists, civil society organization members and members of the public on effective communication and media interaction especially on health. Jennifer Jones . New Vision United Church (24 Main St W) Through his work in the field, he learned the power of words to educate entire communities on their rights. Québec’s not a counterweight to US dominance of Haiti, Canada’s relationship to China rooted in century of imperial violence, Israel lobby’s racist attacks against Left-wing Toronto restaurant, Foreign policy nationalism must be named and challenged, Israel lobby seeks to bankrupt progressive, pro-Palestinian restaurant, Jewish Defence League attacks pro-Palestine restaurant, New UN ambassador Bob Rae pushes pro-US, militarist and anti-Palestinian positions, White supremacist intelligence alliance pushes China hostage standoff. Stories like Haleb’s are sobering reminders of the deeply entrenched forces that make JHR’s work so necessary. In Syria, there are very few independent eyes on the ground. We can’t back away, but I understand the fear. To review this information or withdraw your consent please consult the. You started out writing copy for a local TV station, a background not all broadcasters share. Regina Peace Council, April 7, 7 pm, Winnipeg

JHR is very pleased to have Nabin on the team! Those guys educated me, they teased me, they protected me. As an internationally-recognized academic and activist, he has delivered papers and talks on topics related to activism, development, human rights, peace, reconstruction and conflict resolution in Canada, Republic of Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Germany, Portugal and the United States of America. Ben has received many national and international awards for his work, including Canada’s Top 40 under 40 Award, the Action Canada Fellowship and the Queen’s University Alumni Humanitarian Award.

Chad has worked with governments and political leaders around the globe, namely in: Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Georgia, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Pakistan, Serbia, Trinidad & Tobago and Ukraine. Through an array of different programs tailored the suit each country’s media landscape, JHR has helped to provide journalists, media managers and journalism students with the training they need to cover pressing human rights issues in their communities. Benard has worked with wide-ranging media and human rights stakeholders including government representatives, INGOs and CSOs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. for five years. Lorde, who the night before had thrilled revelers at the MMVAs, and all but raised the dead with her on-stage act on Queen Street. RL sent Canadian (mostly Québec) journalists to “train” their Haitian reporters for a month. His experiences come from working for both print and broadcast media. Sammy is a bachelor degree holder in communication and public relations from the University of Nairobi. Rameen was always against injustice and it’s a principle that she carries throughout life. For example, “Find Out How Canada is Back!” was the title of Journalists for Human Rights’ (JHR) Night for Rights fundraiser at the start of October. Growing up in Sierra Leone, Mustapha saw first-hand how misinformation – or a lack of information – was used to fuel the war in his country. When you’re with them in an armoured tank, it’s about as close to being trapped in a hockey bag as you could ever want to be. Sammy started working as a journalist in 2001 at the Kenya broadcasting corporation and one of the programs that he did for the English service was “A stitch in time” a weekly HIV show that helped him interact with different people working in the HIV field and it’s co-related ailments that included TB. She was a columnist and US correspondent for Canadian Business, as well as a member of the editorial. Lorde when she made a pretty particular excursion with her parents during their visit to Toronto last weekend for the MuchMusic Video Awards. In this role, he helped educate youth on South African history before and during apartheid with specific focus on the role that Nelson Mandela played in the struggle against apartheid. Today, JHR works in Jordan, Syria, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and within Indigenous communities across Canada. * The She and her bangs, like And ultimately, I can’t say things that I don’t know for sure. “I couldn’t agree more! Mustapha’s stories have appeared on several international media outlets like the Guardian in the UK, Inter Press Service and the New Internationalist.

I always think of my sisters, who work in other fields. Justin Trudeau. During that period, JHR grew into Canada’s largest international media development organization. … RL journalists would likely return home from Haiti armed with newly implanted political biases that could then be spread liberally among their colleagues in the media and hence to the broader Canadian public. He has previously served the boards of the Canadian Club of Toronto, the Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy, Save The Children and the Kosova Democratic Institute. So proud of Michael @TorStarEditor and @jhrnews ! How does that relationship with language factor into your work? ISIS has co-opted a peaceful message. In addition to the millions of dollars put up for JHR’s international media initiatives, Canada’s aid agency has doled out tens of millions of dollars on other media projects broadly aligned with its “development” outlook. They slept in their newsrooms, because it wasn’t safe to go home at night.

JHR goes to countries where “freedom of the press” is really just an expression. He handled all aspects related to the Center’s projects, from securing funds to implementing the project, including preparing various types of reports and communicating with partners, beneficiaries and donors. Lawyer, Olympic Gold Medalist (2014) Curling. For many news organizations, there’s a push to “get there first.” How do you balance that pressure with the need to be accurate? She has a bachelor of film production from Ryerson University and is currently living in Thunder Bay, ON. © 2020 Reader’s Digest Magazines Ltd. - All rights reserved, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), This site uses “cookies” for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. As chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News, the country’s most-watched national newscast, the veteran journalist is tasked with relating the events of the day while making sure the information she’s sharing is accurate and accessible. It was “quite the reaction,” the two-time Oscar nominee said with a laugh. What we give them is much more than the headline-it’s context, the meat of the story. They saved me on several occasions. The kiss! Since he was a kid, he dreamed of becoming a journalist. As part of the interaction in TB, Sammy has been working with different organizations to improve communication and relations with editors to improve reporting of TB and to follow up on commitments that were made by President Uhuru Kenyatta during the UN Nation’s General Assembly in 2018 to reduce TB deaths in Kenya. The DRC program supports reporters and journalism students in making radio and TV documentaries.

U.S. election: Did the polls get this election ‘wrong’? “Bardot,” I verified, after which she told me how fabulously absurd it had been to debut the style recently on Instagram. Toronto Star editor-in-chief Michael Cooke laid on the woman who fronts Canada's biggest newscast, Lisa LaFlamme. I couldn’t handle the racism being thrown at me through Twitter.

Her major subjects were Sociology & Rural Economics. No winner has been declared in the 2020 U.S. election. Filed under A Propaganda System, Left Right, Tagged as Alternatives, AlterPresse, CIDA, J-Source, JHR, John Stackhouse, Marie-Claude Bibeau, Michael Cooke, (Due to Covid 19 all events are postponed until further notice), March 17, 7 pm, Hamilton That’s my job: I’m there for the viewer, to expose what isn’t quite right. During that time, I make my conference call to discuss stories with our writers and the assignment desk. Michael Cooke was appointed Editor of the Toronto Star in 2009. The keynote speaker at the Toronto Hilton was Minister of International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau. No winner yet in U.S. election, but Trump claims victory as Biden waits for final tally. Why? Social media is a big part of how we consume news these days-we’re constantly flooded with information. In those days, if you were lucky, they’d kidnap you for 48 hours, then drop you off in the middle of the night on some street. As she puts it: “A camera is more threatening to the regime than a weapon.”, READ MORE: During the nine years, he organized community discourses on gender and energy, peace and security, gender and entrepreneurship, reproductive health, gender and governance, and gender based violence among others. During the 2007 Québec Social Forum AlterPresse editor Rene Colbert told me there was no coup in 2004 since Aristide was never elected (not even the George W. Bush administration made this absurd claim). Which feeds a vicious cycle of racism and Islamophobia that extremists then use to justify their own actions.It sure does. Lisa LaFlamme . I know it’s there, but I don’t need it on my cellphone. Jennifer Jones Olympic Gold Medalist (2014) Chuck Currie. Au is responsible for developing, managing and delivering legal content and current awareness to ensure that both lawyers and clients have the benefit of the firm’s collective legal expertise and the latest in legal and industry developments. Relationships are built over time, and after 27 years in the business, it means everything. Moro Siaka souhaite mieux contribuer au respect des droits humains, à la promotion de la démocratie dans son pays où la paix, la sécurité, la protection des personnes, les droits humains, la démocratie sont actuellement des plus grands défis à relever.

Michael Cooke . And now, with ISIS and the radicalized disenfranchised, you have no idea where the threat is coming from. Rather than reflect the thrust of this country’s foreign policy the “Canada is Back” theme is a sop to a government that’s provided JHR with millions of dollars. Josh Groban, David Byrne, Brent Carver and Steven Page.

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