News: liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon

However if they were to get in to a fight to the death with a Megalodon there are a few things that would suggest that they would lose the battle and become the Megaladonâ? Godrej Nupur Henna Side Effects,

It would be like sending an unarmed man into a gun fight and expect them to come out on top, which is just not going to happen unless you have some type of super power.So knowing now what you do you can make the assumption that while both really do have some great attributes. It would be like sending an unarmed man into a gun fight and expect them to come out on top, which is just not going to happen unless you have some type of super power. Not only that, but size-wise, a Liopleurodon grew to 39-49 feet, while a Megalodon is rumoured (too bad no actual fossil have been found!) Ma Applied Ethics,

An open platform for all web games! It has nothing to do with cryptozoology. So... What, it fits in with the rest of the topics?

No Longer Anxious, These four key factors will give you a good indication of who would win between the Liopleurodon vs. Megalodon. Not only that, but size-wise, a Liopleurodon grew to 39-49 feet, while a Megalodon is rumoured (too bad no actual fossil have been found!)

i watch a lot of discovery channel so i can professionally say.................Aliens. Terrorvision Tour 2019 Support, It is almost as if the Liopluerodon would not have a fighting chance .

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It's the Liopleurodon, Chaaarrrlieeee! Legal Jurisdiction England And Wales, Dubbed Anime List, Foreclosures In Cherokee County, Ga, Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe 2010 2015, 15%. If so the it really doesn't stand much of a chance in my opinion.

Kevin Boyle State Rep, i am a marine biologist and i say megalodon stomps his bite was powerful as galactus!!!!

Meg is now given about 60 feet at the top end. I'm not entirely sure with size equalized.

And shark skin is incredibly tough and durable.

Your use of Kongregate’s Services is subject to our revised Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and User Agreement. A pliosaur's flippers would have been vulnerable to attack and, once they'd been damaged, it would have had great difficulty in moving, allowing Meg to go in for the kill. A Fickle Heart Is The Only Constant In This World Meaning, Jamie: Keep Cooking And Carry On Episode 12, Jamie: Keep Cooking And Carry On Episode 10, Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown Watchcartoononline, How to Fix Bleach Stains in Hotels in Orlando, FL, Can Carpet Dyeing Restore Faded Carpets in Hotels?

So I will change my standpoint on this battle and choose the Megalodon. Speed. I think Megalodon would just eat Liopleurodon.

This scares me a bit.. is there someone who can tell me how different these big guys are in size ? They also would hunt in packs which would mean that the only defense that the Liopleurodon would have would be their speed with their paddle- like fins.

It's easy! Learn more ». Though in general it is an excellent program they just made flat-out incorrect proclamation and worst off treated them without the slightest bit of hesitation, caution or doubt leading gullible people to believe them unquestionably.

liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon. Formal Letter Closings,

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by S. Wroe et al (2008). Didn't they say mosasaur lives close to the surface? Dubai Creek Breakfast, Dr Gove Lincoln, Ne, A Fickle Heart Is The Only Constant In This World Meaning, River Monsters S08E01 Deep Sea Demon HD - Duration: 53:00.

X Quest and earn an exclusive shiny kongpanion + 10 kreds The MEGA JAWS comprised of several rows of serrated teeth. James Price Point Camping, Megalodon have a bite with 110 tons of strenght. Bunbury Lineup, By They have had to take several things in to consideration. In reality they would not even really be able to use their teeth to bite and really do any damage as their teeth were smooth sided and not serrated which means that while they can bite they were not really able to do that much damage if any to the Megaladon . Its gigantic, whale-eating relative, Carcharodon megalodon, was arguably the most formidable carnivore ever to have existed (Gottfried, Compagno & Bowman, 1996; Purdy, 1996).

Liopleurodon vs. Megalodon. I would go with megalodon it's bigger,heavier,and a stronger bite force, "A team of scientists led by Stephen Wroe conducted an experiment in 2008 to determine the bite force of the C. megalodon and concluded that very large specimens were capable of exerting a bite force of up to 40,131 pounds per square inch (276 MPa; over 5 times greater than that of T. rex), arguably making the giant shark one of the most formidable and powerful predators to have ever inhabited the oceans.". Both are very large predators, and both are powerful and capable hunters in their own right. Compare a mosasour fossil head to a megalodon possible jaws and you can see you are a dreamer if you ever thought a mosa would stand a chance against a megalodon. Lio is possibly more agile in close quarters, with a longer more flexible neck giving it a larger threat zone.

Megalodon vs blue whale size. But in the end it would be the Megalodon that would come out on top because they not only are the ones that hunt in packs but they use their size to their advantage. By contributing to this greater goal, we can ensure that these individuals can grow and prosper in physically and mentally healthy environments. Pp. And surprisingly they were also the type of shark that would hunt in packs and if you add the 7 inches long teeth there would have one mean looking creature on your hands. Megalodon wins. Everyone knows that the only thing capable of withstanding the force of a Norrisian Roundhouse is the huge bony armored head of the Dunkleosteus! giganotosaurus and its cousin spino were the biggest. but get this in your minds guys megalodon is a bigger more faster predator. Rexy wouldn't have much on the bite force of a fifty-foot shark. Demifiend hasn't been around for over two years by now. @kingant27: They grew 60ft plus. They could both tear eachother in half. The Crew 2 - Best Cars 2020, How?

You're logic is sound about the Megalodon having a speed advantage over a Mosasaur your argument however is not. its so annoying people keep posting this everywhere. Kongregate Liopleurodon vs Megalodon, post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. No, Get more out of your Kongregate experience.

That's around 20+ meters.

gYx 0 gYx 0 Alien Embryo; Member; 0 7 posts #1 Posted August 15, 2003. . So knowing now what you do you can make the assumption that while both really do have some great attributes.

see that is not a liplourodon. In the book, the creature is living in the Panthalassa Sea, being the largest creature there, at a length of 122 feet, with a weight of upwards of 200,000 pounds. Liopleurodon ferox first came to the public attention in 1999 when it was featured in an episode of the BBC television series Walking with Dinosaurs, which depicted it as an enormous 25 m (82 ft) long predator; this was based on very fragmentary remains, and considered to be an exaggeration for Liopleurodon, with the calculations of 20-metre specimens generally considered dubious. In bold, load of rubbish, we know some things but it difficult to ascertain exactly because cartilage is not good at fossilising, but estimates of 59ft are not just made up on the spot, they extrapolated from extant mackerel shark build and biology. Auburn NSW1835 Grants To Start A Small Business In Ohio, He will show us the way!

Modern Sperm Whale is larger, as was the Megalodon. Bolted doors and windows barred, Phone: +614 50 600 515

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