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Flameheart will continue taunting you with the same taunts from the previous sections. The correct combination for the Puzzle is King Flame Heart. The third Lever is underwater in the pool. The room leads into a narrow passage with spinning Fire Traps. The Journal is placed on a pile of skulls in the trap room after the first Skeleton room. These only set you on Fire.

What a contemptible little man. The Skeleton Rooms are all large cave openings with different Traps in the middle.

Below is the Walkthrough with an image Gallery of the third Pathway.

Right after the first spikes retract, run down the hall and hide in the alcove to the right between two wood beams.

The next part has Caged Skeletons with Skull carvings that you need to use together to light the Torches. Pull that lever and you'll find there's a secret entrance. On a ledge to the left is Stitcher Jim who tries to open the Chest of Rage to destroy the souls inside, and join Flameheart's circle of trust after his show of devout commitment.

These rooms also have an Ammo Chest and Barrels with Food or Firebombs.

The opposite end of the room has a door with two burning Skeleton Glyphs (FLAME and HEART).

Near the end of the path is a rock with a Journal. You can see a platform with a Ladder on it ahead. The Skeleton Rooms are all large cave openings with different Traps in the middle. Not that I knew his name at the time, of course. This is an unique Chest of Rage that acts identically to regular Chests of Rage, but has the emblem of the Blackwyche on it. Make him think I've turned over a new leaf. The third (Red) Doorway leads to the Path of the Burning Heart, designated by the HEART Skeleton Glyph. Players will have to solve a small block puzzle at the Shrine to uncover a Mysterious Key and further notes as to the potential whereabouts of the resurrected Flameheart.

Still, to gather all commendations for Heart of Fire, you'll need to personally see each pathway yourself so you're better off sticking together and facing the incoming dangers as a team.

Stories of a returning enemy and a dark ritual have begun to spread across the Sea of Thieves, and a pirate crew have recently gone missing.

If you don't have any Firebombs, you can find some in the Barrels by the lake. The Take the Chest and continue in the next room.

Players are tasked with navigating the underwater tunnels, rooms with boiling hot lava and treacherous traps and puzzles to catch Stitcher Jim and put an end to his machinations. The second room has a couple of Barrels with Food and a Pulley door leading into a Skeleton Room. Two stone skulls hidden in the room need to be lit with bombs to leave. She'll get hers soon enough. Stay safe, but also don't fret if you fail. The end of the room has a Pulley door. Letting go of the pulley will sink the rocks, so act quickly!

Each of the doors can be opened by throwing a firebomb at the corresponding skeleton rock carvings.

The next room has a plankway above a pool of water with Swinging Spike and Flame Traps to stop you.

Should you die, you'll not respawn on your ship, but usually just a moment away from where you were before. A door will be blocking the path, requiring firebombs or the chest of rage to power it up. A dark ritual threatens to consume the souls of a proud and noble crew…. No matter how many pirate pals he brings along, they’ll never make it through to me in time. It should be most amusing... No-one will ever know how you died in here. All Hail Captain Flameheart!

Players can use the Mermaid Statue to return to their Ship.

The Skullface will open the door on the side. I now serve a new master; King Flameheart! Each of the pathways is opened up by throwing a Firebomb into a Skull carving in the wall.

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