News: lefty voice lines

Where’d she go? This article possibly contains spoilers on the game or characters/mechanics involved in the game! Using the music box is the only way to deal with it, use it wisely. Yes He also doesn't care about dying, in fact, he seems like he's looking forward to it, just like Henry, who killed himself in the novel. You’re screwed.

It was just a couple of seconds off till the next hour, too... oh well...”, “Huh. Lefty's icon on the animatronic selection. Lefty is the animatronic with the highest liabity risk in the entire game. Voiced By: End cinematic voice (No picture) This is Henry. $5 Lefty's previous Jumpscare in the Office.

His upper head looks similar to Toy Freddy's, but his lower jaw is separated and connected with metal rods to the upper part.

That was even easier than I thought it would be!”. Lefty, unlike the other animatronics, has a mysterious demeanor when dealing with the night guard during the night shift. Lefty slightly tilting his head towards the player in the Salvage Room. ☀ the internet is kinda right but eh they still debate. He is also a member of the Rockstar Assemble, a band including 'Rockstar' versions of Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Freddy. In the Insanity ending, blueprints are shown for the L.ure E.capsulate F.use T.ransport E.xtract (LEFTE) The resulting acronym is one letter off of Lefty, plus the picture given with that text looks just like Lefty. Though, if looked at, the Puppet's shoulders do not have any stripes while the one in Lefty has stripes on his shoulders.

Along with Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy, and Michael Afton were all burned in the fire and setting them free.

If one looks closely, they can see the Puppet inside of Lefty, which features on a secret death screen. Lefty's rebranded jumpscare from the office., On one of the rare screens of FFPS, you can see the arm of the puppet inside the Lefty's suit therefore saying that it encapsulated puppet/marionette, henrys deceased daughter charlotte emily, Lefty is the only animatronic you don't see burning (not counting Henry and Michael because they are humans), Henry has a special dialogue, and the longest, for her during the completion ending: ". As it would turn out, Lefty is also a haunted animatronic, though not in the traditional sense. In the Insanity ending, blueprints for Lefty which revealed that it was made to trap the Puppet. His upper head looks similar to Toy Freddy's, but his lower jaw is separated and connected with metal rods to the upper part. Oh wait, make that eleven... giggle”, “Face it, buddy. Role: He holds his gold microphone in his left hand, fitting the name "Lefty". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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