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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He played most of his strikes with a very open stance. ?” Lee, didn’t skip a beat and said, “Yeah, if this one doesn’t work, I don’t know what the hell I’ll do.” Hubie warned the crowd saying, “If there are any Claudias here, you better get the hell out!” Uproarious laughter ensued. Tommy Bolt the great American Professional, Millions of golfers spend their entire golfing life playing golf to a standard which "to them" is un, Almost all books on golf instruction have one thing in common, they all attempt to teach students of, Many people when first taking up golf think that becoming a good striker of the golf ball is the ans. “Hubie” asked about Lee’s new bride, saying he heard she was named Claudia. So it has to be one of the best.”.

Copyright © 2020 Body Power Swing Limited. Things such as that firm lead wrist, hitting shots lower by standing closer to the ball, paying attention to little things like ball position and grip pressure – he tried to relax his grip slightly as he started his backswing – were the backbone of the Merry Mex's game. For now, let’s just watch as Lee Trevino recommends a flatter swing, magazine caution, and keeping it in the fairway. Open your stance, and play golf. Mediate holed out from the fairway in three rounds and made a hole-in-one in the other using Trevino's tips for the wedge shot. Application has been deleted. In fact, most of the questions I have received about the Open Stance have revolved around BP. In my book Body Power Golf Swing I will show you a simple repeatable golf swing that will enable you to hit the ball time after time with more power and accuracy. When watching a golf swing being performed by the world's greatest g, Golfers who play off high handicaps, frequently mishit their tee shots. “Give me an action like Trevino’s anytime .It may not look like poetry in motion but it sure does work.”, GENE LITTLER All rights reserved. Required fields are marked *, Unable to display Facebook posts.Show errorfunction cffShowError() { document.getElementById("cff-error-reason").style.display = "block"; document.getElementById("cff-show-error").style.display = "none"; }, Why is the golf swing so difficult for recreation and club golfers to master? This stance made the ball start out to his left then curve back to the right with relentless accuracy. Lee Trevino joined the U.S.A. Professional Tour Circuit after spending his earlier years as a driving range Professional.

He established himself as one of the worlds top golfers winning many tournaments and also several Majors. Be sure your club hits the ball before it hits the ground; you should take a divot after – not before – you hit the ball. Trevino was revered for his ability to consistently hit the ball at the same trajectory, which made his distance control extremely accurate, but he also had trouble hitting high shots, so he only gripped down on chips and pitches – and never on any club longer than a 9-iron. Probably because my subscribers have an awareness of cause and effect in the golf swing. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. As with most Trevino swings, you want to keep your lead wrist firm.

All-time golf great Lee Trevino used an open stance regularly, as does 2010 PGA Championship runner-up Bubba Watson. Lee Trevino joined the U.S.A. Professional Tour Circuit after spending his earlier years as a driving range Professional. And, by the way, Lee Trevino set up open. Take the word of his contemporaries, who also played with Ben Hogan and watched Moe Norman hit range balls. As with most Trevino swings, you want to keep your lead wrist firm. Opens, two British Opens and two PGA Championships. He played most of his strikes with a very open stance. However, in his defense and by his own admission, he was a blocker.

John Wright – Founder The Open Stance Academy

What made Lee unusual was his very distinctive golf swing. This week I would l, During the 1900s, a big hitting professional called George Bayer was judged to be the longest driver, At a previous golf club where I was a member, an elderly gentleman, who still on occasion manage, Quotes from famous golfers and a young lady. Many have had lessons from teach, Conditioned habits are a major factor in preventing people learning new ideas.

As for who Lee Trevino is, I will get right to the point. What PGA Golfer Is Known as 'The Grinder'? What made Lee unusual was his very distinctive golf swing.

There is no magi, I read a story about the great Ben Hogan and don't know whether the tale was based on fact or apocry, The reason the golf swing is so difficult to repeat, is because it involves far more body movement t, The previous blog mentioned golfers who were powerful strikers of the golf ball. He is the author of the instructional golf book "Ruthless Putting" and edited a collection of swashbuckling novels. I, Millions of golfers spend their entire life playing golf badly. It doesn't matter whether you talk full swing or short game, Trevino almost always recommends keeping your lead wrist firm. The unusual techniques he used when hitting shots were developed on the hard fairways and windy conditions in Texas, where he learned to play.

Lee Trevino is the greatest ball-striker who ever lived. These video show how clever we can be in explaining different ways to think about our golf swings. SAM SNEAD Body Power Swing is a registered trademark ®. Golf Digest: 10 Rules for Hitting All the Shots, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your Short Game; Jim McLean, Privacy Notice / Your California Privacy Rights. Leave the ball in its normal position in your stance, but open your stance and stand closer to the ball in order to use a very steep, downward stroke. Too many swing faults are caused by flipping your wrists at impact. He established himself as one of the worlds top golfers winning many tournaments and also several Majors. North Carolina native Mike Southern has been writing since 1979. It eliminates any extra wrist motion so that you'll hit the ball more consistently. With Body Power Swing YOU could be shooting in the 70s whether your're 16 or 60, February 21, 2015 By Bill Lawson Leave a Comment. The burning wedge comes in low, hits the green with a lot of backspin, takes a couple of hops and either stops almost in its tracks or spins back slightly. I watched Mr. Trevino at the 1985 US Open, where he was paired with Hubert Green. Here is what three of Lee’s illustrious fellow competitors had to say about his golf swing. This is one of the reaso, Following the Open and the US PGA Championship, it again became clear at the Majors, that no matter, Instead of golf instruction here are a few words of wisdom from some famous people. On the short shots, control is important, but choking down on the grip prevents you from hitting the ball as high. You can clearly see Lee Trevino's firm lead wrist as he chips from the rough. Lee said, “This is number three.”. But, don’t take my word for it. Rocco Mediate won the PGA Tour's Open in 2010 after a lesson from Trevino. Although his swing was often ridiculed, no one could attack pins like Lee Trevino. That firmer lead wrist helps you play a slight fade, which was Trevino's preferred shot. This imaginatively named shot, also called a check wedge, is the trademark Trevino shot. Your email address will not be published. And, by the way, Lee Trevino set up open. What PGA Player Won Twice in 1980 After Not. “Trevino doesn’t look like much, but he has a fine golf swing because he does the same thing every time”.

This website uses cookies. “Trevino doesn’t have a classic looking golf swing, but it works. Your email address will not be published. That rule of thumb won him six major championships against legends such as Hale Irwin, Ben Crenshaw, Raymond Floyd and Jack Nicklaus, so it's probably a good rule to follow. Perhaps because he was never a long hitter, Trevino preferred to make all shots except chips and pitches with the full shaft. Trevino turned pro in 1960 and won 29 tournaments during his PGA Tour career, including six majors – two U.S. For players struggling to chip better, Trevino recommends practicing with two or three thick rubber bands to hold your club's grip against your lead wrist. (That's the left wrist for a right-handed player.)

If you are g, It is possible to take several strokes off your handicap without making any changes to your golf s, In earlier blogs I have mentioned playing with a narrow stance and playing with a wide stance. Why Tour Players’ Heads Move “Down” Through Impact, Steepen Impact/Flatten Swing With an Open Stance. He didn’t hit it far, but he did hit his ball straight down the middle, so to speak. Lee’s swing was not especially flat. Trevino's game was built around simple things – fundamentals that didn't require a lot of fussing. Southern was trained in electronics at Forsyth Technical Community College and is also an occasional woodworker.

Required fields are marked *. All these famous golfers were confirming a golf swing does not have to look text book perfect to work well. Take the word of his contemporaries, who also played with Ben Hogan and watched Moe Norman hit range balls.

If anyone doesn’t know who Mr. Trevino is, I’ll explain later. His overriding rule was "the easiest shot is the best shot." Many pros looking for an edge study the approach of the "Merry Mex," and his tips are usually simple enough that a weekend player can learn them quickly.

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