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The music career of Donald “Lavish D” Oliver was rocked by a different kind of beat on June 26—the kind a gavel makes when it punctuates a six-year prison sentence.

I don’t have to do all these things. In response to a question from Masuda, Rinehart confirmed that Oliver never wavered from his stance that he knew nothing about the gun. When asked how he felt about the shoutout, Mozzy says, “I mean, he’s like a God in our world, as far as entertainment and music is concerned. Yeah, Oliver said: Get your money, but avoid the drama. His swagger and mannerisms are undeniably northern California — Sacramento, specifically. From an early age, Mozzy was surrounded by gang culture. Co-defendant Young sat in the seat closest to where the gun was hidden, though both men exited on Young’s side. To understand the role Lavish D’s music played in his prosecution, consider the testimony of Detective Joseph Ellis, a gang expert with the Sacramento Police Department. EXCLUSIVE: CML Lavish D on How He Started Selling Drugs, Catching First Gun Case at 18 VladTV DISCLAIMER: THIS SITE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY – HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTICE, THE SITE AT NIGGA.COM DOES NOT CONDONE OR PROMOTE ANY VIOLENCE OR ANY VIOLATION OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT NOR ANY DISPLAY OF THREAT TO SOCIETY, WHATSOEVER. Oak Park is saturated with crime and gang violence and ran by Blood sets like 4th Ave., 33rd, Ride Zilla and Underworld Zilla. “lavish d” 1000 VIDEOS.

At age 2, he moved in with his grandmother, Branda Patterson, because his father was in prison for robbery and drug possession and his mother was addicted to crack cocaine. [WSHH Heatseekers Submitted], Trife Heffner x D-Kno Money - Big Queens [D-Know Money Media Submitted], King Ace - D'General/Kingside [Unsigned Artist]. Getting to this point, however, has not been easy. Uploaded March 18, 2014 D-Lo - Top Down Feat. “I was fuckin’ with the murder rate [of Chicago], the deaths, the stories, the headlines attached to the music,” he says.

272,577 Comment Count. Mozzy attended local high schools like Kit Carson and Sacramento High. By all accounts, it was a clumsy beat-down, with surveillance video showing multiple guys lunging at Smith and mostly hitting walls or themselves. They wanna know why I would do something like that. Being a gang member was considered normal. “It inspired me to go hard. Mozzy’s grandmother raised him on 4th Ave. in the historically black neighborhood of Oak Park, in Sacramento, California. To learn more about Mike and his books, visit, where you can subscribe to his blog. And soon after that, Messy Mary was on Instagram, teasing his followers that he had big news coming, then flashed a shirt he was wearing that had the Mozzy logo on it. Cali Coast Ent. Lavish D video’d the attack and uploaded it to YouTube (where it can still be viewed today). Yung Bans, D Savage & Tracy - Young Scooter, Taylor M.A.D.E Feat. Asked for his take on Lavish’s music prospects, D’Vill said the rapper was building the required buzz to be known outside of Sacramento. Before you knew it, Mozzy posted a video where he was putting a Mozzy chain on Messy Mary, and in mid-December, the two dropped their 10-song collaborative album, Chow Time. “But after the rollout and I see that shit, I was like, this is crazy. School Fight: Principal Gets Rock'D By Student! Fans were shocked. The brand new Jenna Clifford Green Floral range makes Christmas gifting easy!

“In the back of my mind, I felt guilty,” he says as he reflects on the death of his fallen friend. Twin Cities been bumping Mozzy.

Mozzy decided if he wanted to stay out of prison, he’d have to stop living the way he had been. The album is classic Mozzy, where he takes you on a journey through gang life, drugs, lost “family” members, and the pain that comes with it all. Sauce Walka - D.A.M.N, Buck Bundles Feat. Thoughts? Ellis testified that, a few days prior to Smith’s mall visit, a video by Bay Area rapper Philthy Rich insinuated “that members of the Oak Park Bloods were responsible for the homicides of two different Starz gang members.”. Evan Cristo [Unsigned Artist].

Willy NorthPole Freestyle On Hip Hop Nation Shade 45.

It’s the result of a whole t of blood, sweat, and tears.

“I don’t think he realized the impact that he had while he was out, but he realizes it now.”, When they got to the end of their time, D’Vill asked whether Oliver had a message for the young boys and men who emulated him. He related to the way it reflected what was going on in his neighborhood.

Still, he never threw a punch. “I was doing that shit because of my cousins, my big brothers, my uncles, my aunties. “I was 4, throwing up 4th Ave. Mozzy was born Timothy Patterson on June 24, 1987. You up there, you talkin’ tough. According to official reports, Antonie Wortham provided the following statement: “On the day C-Bo’s video shoot was shot up I was at Que Mozzy’s house on Seneca. They put niggas’ names in raps, niggas who just got smothered. “I wasn’t really riding around just slappin’ hella Chicago drill music, but I was on the Internet surfing, looking at all the murders that occurred, this rapper getting killed, this nigga getting stabbed. Your email address will not be published. So now I got a whole newfound respect, you feel me, for just the whole camp over there, the whole team,” he explains of Top Dawg Entertainment’s (Lamar’s label) endorsement. Understanding and grasping the differences between the different types of dinnerware, from formal settings for elegant dinner parties.

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