News: lauren lake's paternity court season 7, episode 118

A Kentucky dated a woman he met in church and gave her twins his last name, but he's now in court to find out if he is their biological father. Lauren Lake's Paternity Court (2013– ) Episode #7.118 .

Hall Vs Richards Man Claims Woman was Thirsty for Him, Casey Vs Hatfill Baby-sitting Side Bae in Question, Benskin Vs Haskett Man Jailed for Avoiding Child Support, Ramos Vs Edwards Ex-Fiance's Relative May Be True Father, Hanes Vs Manning Dumped to Get Back with Her Ex, Walker Vs Devost Man in Court to Prove He Is the Father, Van Metre Vs Watkins Boyfriend Caught Girlfriend Cheating in a Car, Woods Vs James Potential Father Proposed with Chicken Nuggets, Richardson Vs Robbins Woman Married While Dating Other Man, Dark Vs Bailey Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating, Hardy Vs Lynn Woman Finds Mother's Ex-Lovers to Find True Father, Watts Vs Sherrill Woman Tragically Lost Both Sons, Boyd Vs Henderson Man Claimed Paternity as a Joke, Hicks Vs Smith Woman's Own Family Accuses Her of Cheating, Miles Vs Turner Man Tries to Claim Paternity 37 Years Later, Robinson & Palmer Vs Rollins Man Says '1000% Sure' He's Not the Father, Calhoun Vs Proutt Situationship Resulted in Baby, Luper Vs Downs Fraternal Twins Fathered by Two Different Men, Parmer Vs Ross Woman Openly Admits to Cheating, Moody Vs Brackins Mother Torn Between Two Men, Johnson Vs Rice Mother Ghosted on Previous DNA Tests, Weir Vs Wilson My Gay Best Friend Got Me Pregnant, Payne Vs Yates Potential Father Tracked Down Through Social Media, Garrett Vs Boyer Man Says He Has Zero Spiritual Energy with this Child, McCrary Vs Goodson Married Man Tried to Make Other Relationship Serious, Hernandez Vs Hernandez Woman Married Man 10 Years Younger, Fye Vs Hennie Oval Shaped Head v. Block Shaped Head Genetics, Beversdorf Vs James Died of a Heart Attack, But Was He the Father, Bronson Vs Roberts. A Georgia woman accuses an Alabama man of fathering her three-month-old son, but he claims she was also sleeping with another man. After receiving a message from a former lover, a man waits to find out if he fathered a daughter. Join Lauren Lake for new Paternity Court podcast episodes dropping every weekday wherever you get your podcasts! Listen wherever you get your podcasts! A man contests the paternity of his girlfriend's baby girl and claims he can only produce male children. S7, Ep119. We've got you covered with all the tricks and treats for your Halloween!

A hook-up between a hotel guest and a housekeeper leads to doubt about the paternity of a baby boy. A woman is determined to prove that her childhood friend is the father of her five-month-old son. An ex-marine is convinced he is not the biological father of his wife's two-month-old son due to her scandalous cheating. A marriage is on the line because a husband believes another man fathered his wife's unborn child.

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A Kansas man doubts fathering his wife's one-month-old son due to health issues and Judge Lake calls on Dr. Jameelah Gater for her medical expertise. If you can answer this, you might be an expert witness for Paternity Court!

A woman is certain her fiancé is the biological father of her daughter after a one-night stand two years ago, but he believes someone else is her child's father. ... Watkins v Washington February 7, 2020. The mother of an eight-month-old boy looks to prove to her ex-boyfriend and his new fiancée that he is undoubtedly the biological father of her son.

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